October Highlights

As October draws to a close, I figured I would share some of the awesome things that happened this October

Well the month started with the abstastic Flaunt magazine photo shoot where Nick showed off his body and his goods. Nick used to be so shy about showing his body that he used to wear a towel or a shirt near the pool so the paps wouldn’t capture anything. Then he kind of evolved and posted a shirtless photo on Instagram which gave me life. I was at work at the time and I took an early break because I was sobbing uncontrollably. At that time it had only been a week after I had seen them in concert and met them so it was just really emotional. Flash forward two years and now he has become this man who just grabs his dick and goes around shirtless. I would blame his douchey attitude on his girlfriend and her influence but that is another story. I woke up that morning to see one picture and then in about ten minutes all the pictures had been released. I’ve always loved Nick and still think he is the sexiest thing on the planet so this photoshoot was a gift from God. it was super annoying when everyone was like “OMG Nick is so hot” and they probably can’t name two of his new songs but none the less it was a great way to start the month.

Sadly, October also meant the end of the Where We Are Tour. I was fortunate enough to see the tour twice and be about four feet away from the lads so WWA was such a huge part of my summer. Even when I wasn’t at a show, it was so much to fun to wake up and find HQ pictures of the boys from the tour. Seeing vines and videos was also so much fun. In a way it was like the end of the era because some of the songs they probably won’t even sing on tour ever again. Midnight Memories is my favorite album so far and I think this tour was absolutely perfect. From the special Better Than Words crotch grabs, to Harry being a whale, to Zayn hitting insane high notes and just the general fun they all have onstage. Due to the wonders of technology, someone made a livestream of the show so the whole fandom jumped on Twitter to freak out and cry one last time. I was texting Leah (abostonbelle.wordpress.com) the whole time and our conversation is something I never will forget. RIP WWA 😦

Nick Jonas went on tour in October and I was fortunate enough to see him in Boston at the Wilbur theater. I love the kid but he always mumbles so I couldn’t exactly hear any of this new songs. Regardless Leah and I had such an amazing time making fools of ourselves. The crowd wasn’t into it much and would only just record and take photos. I decided since I was basically in the middle that I would just go crazy and dance and show him I was having fun. This resulted in a ton of eye contact and laughing. Highlights were definitely when he sang Chains, Numb, and of course Jealous. It was such a fun night!

Kingdom, the show Nick Jonas has been promoting like crazy also premiered in October. Nick plays a UFC fighter who is the son of the gym owner. The gym is dealing with financial struggles and is trying its hardest to find new talent. There is an interesting love triangle and many intense dramatic scenes. I’m sure people have their opinions about Nick’s acting but I have to admit he is amazing on this show. In the past I have had trouble not seeing him as the character and only as Nick Jonas. On Kingdom he is no longer the teen heartthrob Nick but has transformed into Nate. The show is on DirectTV so I end up finding links to watch it online. If you can find it I definitely recommend watching it!

On October 11th, for one weekend only, One Direction released a Where We Are Tour concert movie. Much to my disappointment they removed some of my favorite songs from the setlist. I was heartbroken to see they had gotten rid of Moments, Kiss You, Better Than Words, Strong, and Rock Me. I think those are some of the best songs live and some of the most memorable from tour. Rumor has it that on the DVD they will be selling they will include all of the songs. I guess because of the exclusive interview they had to cut some tracks but it was still an amazing movie. The audience did this amazing fan project during the song Right Now that was breath taking. Also they boys all played up to the camera so when you were least expecting it you would get a lovely close up and some eye contact.

Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out the woods? In October, Taylor dropped this single on iTunes and it was the first taste we would get of her new album. She had previously done an interview with Rolling Stone where she revealed the song was about none other than Mr. Styles. This song brought me to tears when it released because of the beautiful love story it tells. I can’t get over the part where they move the furniture to dance and when he hit the brakes too soon and they cried all night till the sun came up and omg I just love this song.

One Direction Announced tour!!!!! Out of the blue the boys announced a tour that goes to the UK and USA. The goal of this tour I guess is to go to stadiums that they didn’t go to on WWA. Doesn’t matter to me because they are going to Gillette Stadium September 12th and its the last day of the tour!!!! Literally had a panic attack because I need to be at the last show. Since the boys did 3 dates last summer, its hard to predict what they will announce for more dates and when they will go onsale. Stay tuned because tickets go onsale tomorrow and I’ll most likely make a post about the thought process when buying tickets. Wish me luck!!!

Aside from all the fangirl happenings, a very important life event also occurred. I became a great grand big to the best GG out there! The reveal was one for the history books. To reveal themselves to their littles the bigs were supposed to jump out of boxes. My grand little on the other hand, didn’t exactly make it out of the box and ended up on the floor which was so entertaining I almost peed my pants. She is so much fun to be around and we share an obsession for Nick Jonas making it perfect. I can’t wait to get to know her better and have an amazing year with my sorority family!

Left to right: (Me, My little, My grand little, My great grand little)

The final things that happened in October was the release of 1989 which you can read all about here, the Steal My Girl video which you can read about Here, and I started this blog!! Thank you so much to everyone who has read so fa! All I can hope is that you will be entertained. Hope you all had a great October and will have a Happy Halloween!!


Give Me a New Family

I got caught up in homework and I’m really trying to post daily so I figured I would do this YouTube tag and let you know more about my love for YouTubers. Don’t worry though, I have a lot of grand ideas coming.

Mom: Sprinkle of Glitter: Louise.

I just love seeing how great of a mom she is to Darcy. I feel that she would be very nurturing and caring but loads and loads of fun! She also has great advice and a warm personality that I would feel comfortable going to her for anything.

Dad: Joey Graceffa

Haha I think this means real Dad not a ‘Daddy.’ I don’t know many older YouTubers but not considering age, I think Joey Graceffa would be a really fun dad. He is very youthful yet grown up and he would get along great with Louise.

Brother: Joe Sugg.

He’s so funny and a great brother to Zoella so I feel like he would be a great brother to me. I could see myself being able to talk to him about anything and be featured in his videos. I would hate if he pranked me like he likes to do to his roommate Caspar but we would have so much sibling fun.

Sister: Zoella

Zoe is full of so much love and girly advice. I want to be her and have her life so badly. I think she would be so amazing as an older sister who can give me guidance and what not. I feel like we would have so many fun moments and such a great bond. She loves Disney and One Direction and she is such a great role model.  UGH I JUST LOVE ZOE!!

Cousin:Ricky, Kian, JC

WHO SAYS YOU HAVE TO ONLY HAVE ONE COUSIN. Most people don’t so if I’m making my ideal Youtube family I want all of them. It would be so much fun to be cousins with Ricky, Kian, and JC because they are just balls of energy.

Aunt: Grace Helbig

Grace is so quirky and awkward and entertaining yet full of wisdom and advice that I think she would be a fun Aunt.

Uncle: Tyler Oakley


The most perfect human to be a fun uncle. Tyler seems like a great person to just talk to and hang out with and we can just blab all about pop culture and our favorites.

Twin: ThatsoJack

The video I linked below is literally me… We could just talk about one direction and hang out all the time. I find that most of the things he tweets about being lazy and what not are things I would say so he would be my twin. Also have been called the female Thatsojack

Partner: Connor Franta

I think he would be a great boyfriend because he is very caring and loving and intelligent. I really enjoy his videos and his serious/hilarious moods.

If you aren’t interested in YouTube or haven’t given it a try, I recommend watching the videos I randomly selected to get an idea of who they are. I never thought I would enjoy YouTube as much as I do but I’m so glad I have gotten into it.

Return of the Jemi

jemi-baby (2)

Wouldn’t Change a Thing could not be any more perfect to describe the past events. It’s happened again and even though I had a warning in advance this time I was still not prepared for what went down on that stage. At Demi Lovato’s show at the Barclays in Brooklyn, Joe Jonas and Demi reunited on stage to sing their famous duet. A duet they haven’t sung on stage together since 2010 (you could imagine the emotional wreck I was), Demi had tweeted to Joe about joining her for the concert and he later replied it would be a good idea.

This sent the whole fandom through a frenzy because we love seeing Joe and Demi sing together like a fat kid loves cake. They reunited on stage to sing the Camp Rock 2 duet Wouldn’t Change a Thing and hearts melted everywhere. They previously reunited on this same tour to sing This is Me which brought their friendship back on everyone’s radar. Countless tweets and tumblr posts all about what we have grown to call “Jemi.” Below is the video of the performance.

Sorry for the screaming in the video, but it still managed to bring me to tears.

Here’s the original for even more nostalgia, and if you like both Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 are on Netflix 🙂

Obviously since the Jonas Breakup not much has been heard from Joe. I only get confirmation that he is still alive through his hilarious Instagram posts, his snapchat stories, and his DJ gigs here and there. More like anywhere but where I am which makes it very aggravating because who wouldn’t want to party with Joe Jonas lets be real!! Demi on the other hand, has been all over the place! I see her on my TV for drunk driving commercials, she is always changing her hair, and for the past few months she has been on tour. This tour from what I have heard and seen is very similar to the last tour she went on earlier in the year, except this time shes not inviting Nick onstage, she’s inviting Joe.

For me this was such a great thing to see because when loving the Jonas Brothers  I also loved and still love Demi. I cried, screamed, texted and tweeted the minute I found out the duet had happened. I was flooded with all the Jemi moments and memories. Its also amazing to see Joe back on stage again. He is a born performer and I truly hope he will do some sort of solo project. Although we all have to admit the first Camp Rock isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, it was amazing to see the friendship that developed between Demi and the brothers to the point they asked her to come on tour with them twice! I will never forget how amazing the Camp Rock 2 tour was and getting to hear them sing together. Also who could forget when Joe and Demi actually dated!! Joe may have revealed in his tell all that this relationship wasn’t as real as it appeared to be., however, it was like crack for us Jonas fans. We spent so much time wishing they would date after seeing them in the two movies and seeing the chemistry they shared. Lets take a walk down Jemi memory lane

The Kids Choice Awards

Make A Wave music video and performance

When they went to Disneyland


And who could ever forget the time they graced the cover of Teen Vogue

Long Live the Friendship that is Jemi!



Tunesday: Do the Shuffle

Title is not a typo! I’m introducing a new part of my blog!! Tuesdays will be all about music! Today I figured since we are still getting to know each other, I would show a bit of who I am through my music. 20 songs on shuffle and explain why I have them! Cause lets be honest, some of us have some weird shit in our iTunes. No hiding, no skipping, a true sample of my musical favorites. Get ready for some cringeworthy things.

1. Drive-Jonas Brothers. This song is from the Jonas LA cd. Not to be cliche but I love to play this song in the car and rock out. Its no mystery why its in my iTunes…Jobros are life

2. Before He Cheats-Carrie Underwood. This song is probably one of the 10 country songs I have, its not my favorite genre but I like this song. Also great tune for when someone pissed you off and you plot revenge you will never carry out.

3. Your Anything-Taylor Swift. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Youtube to Mp3 converters and I would get every song that any of my favorites ever did. This song was on Taylor’s demo back in the day and its pretty cute.

4. Paranoid-Jonas Brothers. Who could forget this song! The first single off LVATT when Jobros were in their prime! I can’t even tell you how many times I have listened to this song and seen it live.

5. No Good Deed Wicked the Musical. I briefly mentioned I like musicals, Wicked is one of my favorites. I love the soundtrack so much cuz Idina has such a great voice! Wizard of Oz has always been a favorite of mine so naturally I loved Wicked.

6. Party in the USA-Pitch Perfect Soundtrack. Lets be real, Pitch Perfect was the movie of 2012! I could still quote the entire thing to this day. Party in the USA is already a fav of mine so of course I have the Pitch Perfect version!

7. I Don’t Miss You At All- Selena Gomez– Selena’s first cd was pretty good. I always hated how she became more popular then Demi because Selena was a great actress and Demi has one of the best voices ever. This song is pretty cute, but today I would probably skip it when listening to music.

8. Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani–  Who could forget that girl that taught us how to spell Banana’s?? I have some throwbacks in my music selection and this one is a treasure. I loved Gwen Stefani when she went solo! Brings back great childhood memories.

9. I Want-One Direction One of my absolute favorites off Up All Night. I don’t know what it is about this song but I love all their voices in this. Zayn kills it and Liam is sexy as fuck.

10. Back to December-Taylor Swift Classic Tswift singing about her man Taylor Lautner. What ever happened to him? Tan skin sweet smile gotta be him. Great ballad from Speak Now.

11. Stacy’s Mom-Fountains of Wayne– Such a classic!! This comes on at all the parties/hockey games and everyone goes nuts screaming it at the top of their lungs! Great tune

12. Fallin Down-Selena Gomez- Lol more Selena, this song was pretty good from what I remember, gotta support the Disney stars so its in my iTunes

13. Words, Words, Words-Bo Burnham Love this comedian! He has so many great satirical songs, so clever. I think i have two of his albums.

14. Start of Something New-High School Musical Fucking love this song and this movie and Zac Efron so yeah. Did anyone ever notice that Troy is like “oh I don’t sing” then basically turns into a shining star as soon as the music starts, okay bud.

15. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You-High School Musical DOUBLE HSM, this song is so great, I loved that the whole cast sang a song together just for the soundtrack. Ryan and Zac kill it and who doesn’t love Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.

16. Rock Me (live version)-One Direction- I have this song for one reason and one reason only, the note that Zayn does after the chorus that he only does when they sing it live. This summer I was so close to them that I saw Zayn’s veins pop out when he hit the note. Literally died. The song itself is one of my favs I was so happy they played it at WWA. The tour movie DVD better have this song so I can listen to that note on repeat.

17. Sing!-Glee Cast I went through this phase the first two seasons of Glee where I would download every single song from the show. Basically the only reason this song is in my iTunes, It was the duet from the duet episode with Tina and Mike Chang.

18. I Wanna Go-Britney Spears ITS BRITNEY BITCH. Who could forget her comeback. Britney was my literal queen when I was a child. To the point that I was her for Halloween in a the red Oops I Did It Again jumpsuit so naturally I have some of her music.

19. Whip My Hair-Willow Smith Hop up out of bed turn my swag on, this song was such a jam. I think I got it cause my high school talent show did a dance to it that I had to watch everyday at rehearsals so naturally it grew on me. Also my sorority used the song in our dance for Greek Week about Disney Princesses so I guess it was good I already had it.

20. Red and Black/Do You Hear the People Sing-Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert – You can thank Nick Jonas for this one. After it was announced he would be in Les Mis in the UK, I became obsessed with the play and his version. It has become one of my favorite musicals. I love this song in particular because Nick is in it and it really brings together the plot of the show and the revolution.

1989 Reasons to Love Taylor Swift

Today is the day!! Taylor Swift’s album 1989 has dropped and I am loving it!! I just bought the album on iTunes so I figured I would share some of my thoughts on each of the new songs. Link to buy the album will be below but I recommend getting the Target edition with the extra three songs and the unique Polaroids with handwritten lyrics! I’ve also included the Hidden Messages that can be found in the lyric booklet.

1. Welcome to New York. I have to admit when I first bought it as a single it wasn’t my favorite. It’s a fun song to play when getting ready or traveling. Lyrically I don’t find it up to par with the rest of the album. However, Taylor mentioned this album is based on 80’s pop music and you can completely feel the influence in this track. The chorus is extremely repetitive which get super annoying.

Favorite Line: Took our broken hearts put them in a drawer

Hidden Message: We begin our story in New York

2. Blank Spaces. I love this song so much!!! The verses are kind of robotic but it completely works with the song. Such an easy song to sing along to and pick up right away.  One of my favorites on the album. I love how she talks about her dating past in the song and explains that it is still worth the risk. It makes sense because of course Taylor has been in the limelight about her love life and she basically is telling the person that this could go bad or it could go really well either way so why not. I think the references to being new money make the song about Harry. The album is kind of a progression of their relationship, this being when they first met and started something.

Favorite Line: Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed as a daydream

Hidden Message: There was once a girl known by everyone and no one

3. Style. Absolute favorite song on the album. If you were thinking that the title is a dead giveaway the song is about Harry then you are correct. The chorus is the best part of the song when she says Harry has a  “daydream look in his eye” and his “long hair slicked back white tshirt.” As a fan of Harry it is extremely easy to identify that is who she is talking about. The song is also about Style through the James Dean references and classic red lips. I could see it in a commercial for clothing, not just the Target commercial. This song revealed more about the relationship then we knew, like the reference to the boy cheating but still wanting the girl. Apparently Harry is a dangerous driver and their relationship was a never ending crash and burn. Nothing is better then when she screams TAKE ME HOME, no coincidence that it’s the title of One Direction’s second album right?

Favorite Line: You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye

Hidden Message: Her heart belonged to someone who couldn’t stay

4. Out of the Woods. Yet another song about her relationship with Harry but its the most beautiful and complimentary song. Once you get past the annoyingly repetitive chorus that engraves itself in your brain, the song is painfully adorable.  She doesn’t bash him at all, instead she highlights the fun memories of their relationship and explains how they ended things. This song made my heart melt because she painted a picture of a perfect boyfriend. Who wouldn’t want to move furniture and dance around with Harry? The subtle references are also adorable, “two paper airplanes” in reference to the necklace he gave her. The breakdown when she explains their night in the hospital is so touching. She mentions that he was crying and my friend and I couldn’t even handle it. Sidenote: I would love to see the Polaroid they took.

Favorite Line: To move the furniture so we could dance baby like we stood a chance

Hidden Message: They loved each other recklessly

5. All You Had to Do Was Stay. Okay by this point I was getting really sick and tired of the super repetitive chorus where she says the same line over and over. Regardless its a great dancing around your room song. She is continuing the story that she’s been telling since “Style” in that now she has let him go and he came crawling back but it’s too late for her. He had her and now that he’s let her go they just can’t get back again. The driving off the road reference along with him not wanting to commit allude to the fact this song may also be Harry.

Favorite Line: People like me are gone forever when you say goodbye

Hidden Message: They paid the price

6. Shake It Off. I remember when she first released this song and I had it on repeat for weeks!! I love to play this song when getting ready in the morning or getting pumped up for something. This song is amazing in that Taylor makes fun of herself. It’s all about saying later to the haters and being yourself. As she endures so much flack from the media, its great that she wrote this song to show that we don’t know her like we think. I find this song to be an anthem for anyone who puts you down; just forget about them and shake it off! Could the fella with the hella good hair be Harry?? While it seems like every song is turning out to be about him, in the 2 years Taylor took to write this album she really only dated Harry and the Kennedy.

Favorite Line: To the fella over there with the hella good hair won’t you come on over baby we could shake shake shake

Hidden Message: She danced to forget him

7. I Wish You Would. Anyone remember Jaylor? Well if you don’t it’s the lovely relationship between Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift. To me this song just screams that its about Joe, however, it could be any of her past lovers. The big give away are her references to 2am, and never hanging up the phone. Joe and Taylor’s relationship was all about the 27 second phone call where Joe allegedly broke up with her. He later stated that it was a short call cause Taylor hung up. In her song Last Kiss from Speak Now, she mentions that the phone lit up at 1:58 meaning they were broken up by 2am which the song makes reference too. Aside from the personal aspect, it’s a great song to listen to if you miss someone and wish they were still in your life.

*I wrote that little blurb before I found out the hidden message so at the time I thought it was Joe based on the proof.

Favorite Line: I wish you would know that I’ll never forget you as long as I live.

Hidden Message: He drove by her street each night

8. Bad Blood. This song is such a jam, I can easily picture it being played on the radio or at dances. It brings me back to the days of high school drama when the people you thought were your friends end up stabbing you in the back. Taylor talked about a song about a feud she has with a celebrity, later determined to be Katy Perry. The story behind it is that Katy Perry hired dancers for her tour from Taylor’s Red tour or something like that. I like how much anger is in the song, great for a day you get pissed at someone.

Favorite Line: Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes

Hidden Message: She made friends and enemies

9. Wildest Dreams. I think this is the fifth song about Harry on the album excluding the bonus songs. Taylor mentioned to Rolling Stone that five songs were about him so I guess it would make the most sense. Dead giveaway is “He’s so tall and handsome as hell, he’s so bad but he does it so well.” Harry is 6’2 and boy do we all know he is handsome as hell. I like the feel of this song, it kind of reminds me of “Young and Beautiful” by Lana from the Gatsby movie. It has a very sweet lullaby sound. Scandalous, his clothes are on your floor! Taylor isn’t one to usually talk about sex but hey why not do something new.

Favorite Line: You see me in hindsight tangled up with you all night

Hidden Message: He only saw her in his dreams

10. How You Get the Girl. This song is so upbeat and fun. With themes about falling in love and saying I Do’s it’s very similar to Taylor’s old songs. Judging by the message its about how Taylor was sucked in again when he decided to come back. I really like this song and found that I was playing it more and more after I finished the full album. Great tune to sing along to and just have a great time.

Favorite Line: With pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks

Hidden Message: Then one day he came back

11. This Love. One of the only slow songs on the pop infested album. Not one of my favorites but it does tie together the theme of the album. Now revealed by the hidden messages that I found on tumblr, since it is currently 11:47 as I’m writing this, revealed that all the songs on the album are about Harry and this is the part in which he did come back for her. This song is very echoey and haunting, similar to Safe and Sound. She also mentions Wildest Dreams again as she describes their love.

Favorite Line: This love left a permanent mark, this love is glowing in the dark

Hidden Message: Timing is a funny thing

12. I Know Places. This song has a very animalistic hunter vibe as she talks about foxes and chasing tails. Revealed by the hidden message, its assumed to be about hiding the relationship from everyone so they could be alone. Having a place to hide and not be found so they could just enjoy what they have together. This album says a lot about how the public played a big part in their break up and ultimate disaster of a relationship. She hits some pretty high notes and experiments with her voice in this song. My favorite line is another dead give away that the song is about Harry.

Favorite Line: In the dead of night your eyes so green

Hidden Message: And everyone was watching

13. Clean. Last but not least is this song about how she has cleansed herself from the relationship and now is a new person who is more self actualized. Basically its the details about how she dealt with the end of the relationship and how she felt like she was drowning. It’s a great ending song in the track list to kind of wrap up the twists and turns of her relationship and coming out alive. Good for you Tay, although dating Harry sounds like an actual dream excluding all the media pressures.

Favorite Line: The water filled my lungs, I screamed so loud nobody heard a thing

Hidden Message: She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything

OVERALL, I really enjoyed this album. I was nervous that it was going to be pop based but she has such a great balance and variety of sounds. The story makes sense as you listen to the album the whole way through but the actual music doesn’t flow as well as other albums have. I can’t wait to see these songs live, hear them on the radio, and see them as music videos. I had my suspicions that every song was basically about Harry or the same boy but I thought maybe I was just blinded by the idea that they dated. When they did date, I thought that it was mainly for publicity because from what the media captured, you never really saw any of this amazing romance they shared. I am floored with how amazing this album is and I’m so proud of Taylor for slaying the charts again. LINK TO BUY https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/1989/id907242701

Check out Leah’s less serious review!abostonbelle.wordpress.com!!

Steal My Girl Video Reaction

So on October 24th, 2014 the world was #blessed with yet another One Direction music video. Now if you haven’t been paying much attention, the boys are coming out with new music different from anything they have ever done before. Even the song itself displays a new sound for the boys with a great beat drop and a catchy tune. So here is my play by play comments and thoughts while watching this video. Links to watch the video and buy the song will be below.

The wonder that is Harry Styles emerges. Of course the first thought is “why on earth is Harry wearing that coat?” That coat I’m referring to is none other than an almost floor length cheetah print pimp Daddy coat. It’s  a really expensive designed coat perfect for the desert..NOT.  It makes no sense that Zayn and Liam have on light jackets, Louis and Niall are in t-shirts, and Harry is in a frickin coat! At the same time I can’t even complain cause he looks fine and beautiful as hell.

The best part by far was Zayn’s line “Maybe hes late.” With so much enthusiasm and passion it was definitely an Oscar worthy performance. DANNY DEVITO I LOVE YOUR WORK, was all that was running through my head when spoke and turned out to be the famous director they were waiting for.  I literally died when Louis sassed him by repeating “today.” Also loved the “and none for harry styles” moment when he wouldn’t let him answer his question. Keep in mind this all before the song even starts. They were given categories

Harry-Love (so much love for that boy)

Niall-Light (typical cause he is a ray of sunshine)

Liam-Power (cause he brings the Payne)

Louis-Danger (well duh hes the risk taker),

Zayn- Mystery (could not be any more perfect!!! Cause lets be real, after tour he goes into hibernation and its all “where’s zen?” the biggest mystery of all)

You gotta destroy your inhibitions, so what does Liam do..destroys balls of paint that spell out Inhibition. In reality they should really say MANAGEMENT cause that’s the real limitation in their life.

Zayn and the sumo wrestlers…they could literally eat him. We all known Zayn is the most gorgeous human being on the planet but the kid is a twig. He sings his verse while trying to keep the sumo wrestlers apart and we all fear for his life cause he is so tiny, at least I did. Adorable when he points at them for “love” and “son” and who could forget when he holds hands and does the worm with them. Can’t talk about Zayn in this vid without mentioning the headband..adorable and he’s starting to look like Flynn Rider which is literal perfection.

Niall comes in with his swag and does his tribal dance. Now that I think of it its probably a voodoo rain dance that doesn’t ever touch Zayn (don’t worry I’ll explain this later).  Lets keep in mind that Niall is the whitest guy ever. Poor kid had to wear SPF 100 and they throw him in with this tribe in hopes he will blend in and look natural. But the best of Niall is that he always has the time of his life. Especially the middle gif when he says “for sure” ugh! so adorable.


Who could forget the “squad” moments when they sing the chorus. Gotta love the Niam synchronized hand throw on the beat drop and the various close ups of the boys.

Next we got Liam, some call him Daddy, I don’t cause he follows me and god forbid I don’t want him to see that. He’s bouncing around on this bird cage and all I’m thinking about is the kid’s safety. Whose idea was it to put the cripple on top of this unstable structure??? We already know he is accident prone so lets just put him on this thing and hope it doesn’t fall. He looks so amazing in that jacket though and I love his solo. Note to self, wear jeans around Liam cause he always seems to sing about them.  GO GREASED LIGHTNING!

Here comes Louis with his monkey friend. Actually the most adorable thing ever. They get along so well and I can tell that Louis was having fun. I wonder though if Harry and the monkey fought over the banana supply, we all know that kid loves bananas. I DIED WHEN THE MONKEY GRABBED LOUIS HAND IT WAS THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!

And of course a casual circus just breaks out in the middle of the desert. Balloons flying, all the acts below as the boys sing the chorus. At this point in the video I was just trying to keep my cool cause I knew the solo was next. Now I had a real struggle with this solo because I wanted to believe it was Harry. He didn’t have any verses so it had to be him with the solo…but then some parts sounded like Zayn so I was beyond curious to see whose part it was.

Harry then emerges from the heavens with his solo and gives me all the WMYB feels as his hair blows in the wind and doesn’t give a fuck about the ballerinas behind him. (Btw i was a ballerina for 13 years so I was really upset I didn’t receive an invitation to do some basic steps in the background). But Harry’s solo is my favorite part of the song aside from Zayn’s high note so I really enjoyed this part of the video.

Zayn’s High Note, or all of Zayn’s high notes really, they just get to me. Like the other night I was listening to C’mon C’mon and started tearing up from his high note when its live. So I was beyond excited that they actually showed him hit it!! Also in love with the fact that Zayn is waterproof. He’s literally dancing in the rain completely dry. Who doesn’t love when the boys dance in the rain together??? Gave me LWWY feels all over again, especially Niall in his white tshirt. Harry with Danny Devito was hysterical cause he’s literally twice the size of him. The boys just look like they are having the time of their lives and that’s one of the main reasons I absolutely love them. You can always tell they are enjoying themselves and its fun to watch them have fun.

Final thoughts. The video was super entertaining. While it may not be the best lets just remember one thing. Instead of making a super romantic adorable video with five love interests about how much they love her, these idiots made a circus, paid no attention to any of the females, and just went crazy. They know what the fans want and its great! Overall favorite moments would have to be when Harry pretends to be a sumo wrestler, and when he does the same dance he did all of WWA  during Better Than Words that gave me life. Let me know your reactions in the comments!!!

Watch the Video here!

Buy the song here


Watch my friends reaction here!

The Fangirl Tag

Forgot to mention in my last post that my name is Shelley, once I figure out this blog site I’ll post a picture. I hate the feel of talking to an anon so I won’t do that for you. Here is the fangirl tag to get more of an idea!

1. Easily Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas

2. Currently obsessed with 3 things: The length of harry styles hair, the word Daddy (ugh I hate myself don’t ask), and obtaining VIP tixs to 1D


4. This is actually impossible, but I think Zayn Malik has a voice of a God, but a singer by themselves I guess I would say Demi…ugh now I feel bad for those I left out 😦

5. Z O E L L A Honorable mentions include: Louise, Joe Sugg, Alfie (fuck yes zalfie), tyler oakley, thatsojack, connor franta

6. It was actually a 92 Pro Fm (Rhode Island radio station) Birthday Bash! It had a ton of artists in one show. It was so long ago but I remember seeing Pink, Jessica Simpson, S Club 7, Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, Aaron Carter, Lionel Richie, and Shaggy at that concert.

7. Tie between Grease, and Singing in the Rain. Huge fan of musicals!

8. Favorite actor has got to be Zac Efron and actress is probably Jennifer Lawrence

9. Zac Efron, before Jobros I had his picture all over my room, and life size poster on my door. Also a huge fan of the blonde cutie Jeremy Sumpter from the live action Peter Pan movie #tbt

10. STORY OF MY LIFE, but it’s something I never understood because why would you make fun of something that makes someone else happy, like who the fuck are you? Also people say its childish but last time I checked all my idols are either older or same age as me.. so explain that.. #notbitter

11. Lol confession time, while I enjoy the PLL series as probably my favorite, The fanfic After, the wattpad one that uses Harry and not Hardin, is probably the best thing I have ever read. Or by default the Burning Up book lololololol

12. Jesus all these favorites. I really really enjoyed One Tree Hill, and you’ll learn I’m not a crier but more an internal crier but that show made me actually cry, which takes a lot. But some honorable mentions would be Boy Meets World, Full House, Friends, and of course JONAS

13. Brooke Davis, hands down no question

14. Well because of the breakup the Jonas fandom isn’t exactly together really but I totally love the 1D fandom. I refer to it as 1D AF and I think its so funny. I also love that many accounts are like over 18 people cause sometimes being a fangirl at 21 you don’t feel like anyone else is. So something I love is how easy it is to make friends and have a laugh.

15. The constant fighting and comparing. So not the drama! Everyone is entitled to their  own opinion. You wouldn’t like if someone insults your fave so why do it to someone else…I believe in keeping negative thoughts or “hate” to yourself because its just respectful.

16. I figure I owe it to you guys (lol does anyone even read this? lets just pretend :)) to be completely honest. There have been times when I have thought this…but that’s just cause I’m full of so much love! Also fun fact I have some pretty crazy fucking dreams, usually always about a celebrity… and there have been dreams when I did take a bullet for Nick Jonas..but yeah

17. Yeah I’m sure we all have. Sometimes its just not worth the fight or the drama. My family hasn’t exactly been supportive of it all which kinda hurts because it brings me joy and they should want their family member to be happy. But when I meet new people, I usually don’t mention any of it until I really get to know them. Especially when I first started college I only had one poster of Nick Jonas on my wall and didn’t say much about that. After I got closer with people and started getting to know them, I went full out on dorm decorations. I decided I wasn’t going to spend my life being something that I wasn’t. Being a fangirl is a part of me and its a part that I like about me. So erm basically (lol harry) I judge how comfortable or how accepting someone will be before I let them in on my secret.

18. YAAASSSSS on July 22, 2013 I met the Jonas Brothers. Literally the most memorable moment of my life. Also I have met Big Time Rush, and Honor Society back in the day.

19. I own about 6-7 Jonas Brothers shirts, 4-5 One Direction shirts, and 3 Taylor Swift shirts. I also am a sucker so I buy all the books, cds, perfumes, posters, notebooks, and anything else they endorse. I enjoy paying their bills its a pastime of mine.

20. Not my favorite but more like my most recent. My friend Leah and I watched the last WWA tour date live stream and texted each other about it. Lets just say it was a whole mess of caps lock and typos and it was hysterical. Also any favorite fangirl moment would be getting to see my idols in concert. Nothing else compares.

Hope you enjoyed this little Q and A

Obligatory Introductory Post (I Know its Long but its Worth It)

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up in the morning and decide it’s finally the day you are going to try something new? Welp, today is that day for me. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a long time now, but there is always the fear of will anyone care to read it? Is it even worth all the effort? I’ve decided to push all those fears aside and just go with it. I consider myself someone that leads a pretty normal life. I’m a 21 year old senior in a sorority studying accounting in college. Sounds pretty typical right? But I can speak for anyone that really knows me and tell you there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes…I’m one of those crazy obsessed fangirls. Shocker right? Well if you have seen my personal twitter and instagram then maybe not…  But anyway, as a senior I know I will one day have to leave it all behind, but why should I? Why should I be forced to lose interest in something that makes me insanely happy just because society thinks I need to grow up? And that’s when I thought of starting a blog. It could be my own personal way to still enjoy the things I do and express my thoughts. Also have to give a majority of the credit to my friend Leah who has been hounding me all week to start one. CHECK HERS OUT HERE! ALL ABOUT THAT PROMO http://abostonbelle.wordpress.com/!!!!!

Well now that I got that out of the way, here are the basics you should know and more of less what the content will be on this blog. It all started in 2008 when I woke up and decided that I was going to fall head over heels for the Jonas Brothers. I’m not even joking… I literally woke up, made the decision, and then went to the store to buy all their cds and millions of magazines to cover my walls in posters. And if you were wondering those posters are still up…I just don’t have the heart to take them down yet. That’s basically the day it all started, I was always interested in celebrities and pop culture, but on that day I truly became a fangirl and haven’t turned back since. I have no regrets with the decisions I have made and deep inside I know that they have made me into the person I am today and have given me so much happiness in my life that I could never show complete gratitude for. This is getting too wordy so here’s the low down: My obsessions include

-Jonas Brothers (my main bitches that broke my heart, Nick is bae)

-One Direction (not just Harry, lets get that straight)

-Taylor Swift (1989 leaked holy shit!!)

-Demi Lovato (Ugh the pipes on this girl)

-Disney (literally since birth if one thing defines my childhood its Disney VHS’s from the 90s)

-Youtubers (Zoella is my life goal, guess a blog is a good place to start)

-Phi Sigma Sigma (obsessed with my sorority and my sorority family shout out to LGR)

-One Tree Hill (Don’t say I never gave you anything)

-Gossip Girl (you know you love me, and you’ll love my blog)

-Reality Tv (Housewives, Big Brother, ANTM)

Basically I plan on sharing my emotions, opinions, freakouts and fangirl moments with you on the daily. So much happens in a day so most posts will be about things that happened the day before. Just a sneak peak, my next few posts will be the fangirl tag, reaction to Steal My Girl video, and maybe some track by track reactions to 1989. I hope you are excited to get to know me and take a look inside my brain! Welcome to my life!!