Opinion Post: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I figured I created this blog to entertain and speak my mind so why not take the opportunity to express my opinions. Life is so much bigger than the drama that is going on but I still wanted to shed some light on a few things. Lately I have been so disgusted with the way that celebrities are being treated by fans. It seems like people are forgetting that they are human beings. You aren’t owed anything, they don’t owe you anything. They are there to make music, and they go way beyond what they need to do by following people on twitter, stopping for pictures, and meeting fans. In my opinion these things are a privilege. Back in the day there was no such thing as meet and greets, and autograph was enough to satisfy any fan. Now it seems that all everyone wants is a picture with the person no matter what it takes. I hear constant stories of intense stalking, being rude, mobbing, complaining, being violent just to get the chance to get a picture with a celebrity. Also disclaimer I know it may sound like I’m jealous but in these instances I am not. I will admit if I was in the same situation I would love to have a picture with a celebrity or meet them where I know they will be. However, I would never push anyone, mob them, hurt them, or do whatever it took to get that chance.

Think of One Direction for instance, they are so fan oriented that it’s amazing, but at the same time it makes everyone crazy. There are accounts that give out their hotel information and whereabouts, there are people who track their flights (I’m not naming names and its a great opportunity I’m sure but it just goes beyond their privacy in my opinion), and there are people who have to get a picture with them every single time they are remotely close. After the AMA’s the boys flew from LAX to Australia. In addition to the intrusive paparazzi which is an issue in itself, the boys were swarmed by girls as they tried to make it to their flights. There are pictures where people are grabbing onto their bodies trying to get them to stop, people standing directly in front of them blocking their way, and people just shoving their phones in their faces. Let’s keep in mind these boys are just trying to get to their flight so they can do their scheduled appearances. It’s instances like these that help them make the decision to not offer M&Gs on their tours.

It’s not only One Direction, this happens to almost everyone that flies into JFK. It’s always the same people too, and you can see how it makes the celebrity feel. They always have a blank expression or unhappy face. Think about it, if you were on your way to a flight would you want to be bombarded the whole way there. Let alone would you have enough time. They stop for a picture but not with everyone and there are complaints. They don’t stop for any fans and its world war three. Damned if you, damned if you don’t. I was just appalled hearing all the stories this year about how when One Direction was in NYC they stayed in five separate hotels. That is insane, the fact that they have to stay separate to break up the mass of fans into five masses to make it more manageable. I’m not saying it’s wrong to wait outside in hopes that you will see them. I’m saying the problem arises when everyone gets rude and rowdy and makes it a safety hazard. I’m sure people will argue that it all comes with territory of being famous but why does it have to be. Why can’t people be patient and nice and respectful. A selfie is great but not if you are shoving your phone in their face. Wouldn’t you rather ask politely, make a bit of small talk, and be remembered as a respectful fan?

I just feel that most celebrities go above and beyond for their fans and its rude when people take advantage of it. Niall couldn’t even enjoy his day in Oz because he couldn’t leave the building. I understand that they don’t have meet and greets and that they haven’t been in that country for a while, but if security asks you nicely to leave, you should respect his wishes. Why would you want to be responsible for Niall being upset? Like on the ARIA’s red carpet for instance. I heard so many negative things about Liam. There is a vine of him taking pictures with fans and in between the smiles he has no emotion and hands back the phone. I can imagine how this would look, but does anyone take the time to see the other side of it. As the member who follows the most fans on Twitter, Liam bends over backwards for fans. While it may look like he was annoyed, to me it looks like he is trying to get in as many pictures as he can so he was moving very fast. But of course, everyone had to make a big deal of it.

Last but not least is the fan who decided to grab Harry’s arm to get his attention. If you look at the pictures, you can see how hurt he was. These are supposed to be fans yet they are treating them like property. Yes, its the beautiful Harry Styles, but what gives you the right to grab him just for a picture? I was so disgusted seeing these pictures. How could you possibly hurt them just for the chance to get a picture. This is why we can’t have nice things.

To end on a more positive note, there is however a light at the end of the tunnel. Amongst all the mobbing, there are some fans that get it. Like this girl for instance who tells the fans to be gentle with Zayn because he is jesus christ. I just feel that if people were more respectful, much more could be accomplished and it wouldn’t give fangirls such a bad name.


Night Changes Music Video Reaction

In 2011 it was Caroline Flack, in 2012 it was Taylor Swift, in 2013 it was Kendall Jenner, and now in 2014 it’s you! That’s right! You get to be Harry’s legendary winter girlfriend of the year!!! The impossible has happened and One Direction have made us the fans, the leading lady in their music video. In a new innovative approach, the boys went on dates with a camera in order to make it appear as if we are on the date with them including giving us looks, holding out hands, and touching our faces. For their newest single Night Changes, we get to capture their attention for a lovely date night, or so we thought. Judging by the title and if you have heard the song, you might be able to tell just how this one ends. Building up to the video release, a little sneak peak from each date was released. We got a taste of going to dinner with Zayn, going to an amusement park with Liam, going ice skating with Harry, taking a scenic drive with Louis and cuddling at home with Niall. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to do that?

The music video starts off with Gods most beautiful creation Zayn Malik walking you through a restaurant. Every time I watch it I forget how to breathe. He is just so painstakingly gorgeous with his slick backed hair and glorious facial hair. Zayn also has this insane sparkle in his eyes that I just can’t even handle. We get to see his connections as he takes us through the kitchen and introduces us to the owner. We then sit and our table and for a brief second when you glance at the menu, you can see Vas Happening. Literally one of my favorite touches to the video considering that it’s Zayn’s catchphrase back when he had more of a personality in the early days. He looks so dapper in his suit and for that moment nothing else matters. The date continues and Zayn serenades you with his verse as you toast your wine to your night, have a bite of his spaghetti and then have him wipe your face when you have a spot. How fricken adorable!! To be honest I think Zayn has one of the best dates in the video. Perrie is one lucky lady. It is just oozing with romance and if I was the whole video of Zayn’s date I wouldn’t even be mad. I imagine us talking about everything under the sun from each of his tattoos to why I hate my major most of the time. It’s a beautiful romantic date.

Next we have Mr. Payne who takes us to the fair. Amusement parks are my ultimate date destination so I was all for it. Liam looks so adorable in his plaid shirt, tan overcoat, and red scarf that he later adorns you with to keep you warm. Liam also spends his millions in buying you a candy apple, taking a selfie with you, and then winning you the biggest teddy bear at the carnival game. He also holds your hand and drags you on rides you are too afraid to ride. I always see pictures of Liam and Sophia at amusement parks and her faces on the rides are always priceless. Such a cute idea and it fits his personality perfectly.


Changing location we have Harold who takes you ice skating! You meet him in the shoe locker as he already has your shoes picked out and then he laces them up for you. Literally you could stick your leg under the computer and it looks just like he is tying it. Then he skated around all seductively and sings the chorus as he holds you hand, makes you laugh with his moves, and can’t stop smiling. I know I am biased but this was my favorite part of the video because it looked like he was having so much fun. I mean yeah it’s cheesy that he is holding your hand and whatnot but he is such a funny skater and I always imagined him as the guy to purposely look stupid just to hear you laugh. He also looks adorable in his black over coat and scarf. The ideal winter Harry.


Next we have Louis who likes to show off his Hot Wheels. Literally that car looked like a hot wheel it was unreal and my favorite color. You know how I have been feeling about Louis lately looking gorgeous as ever. He had his hair all quaffed and he stares at you in the rear view mirror as you take in the sights of your scenic drive. He has on a tan trench coat and some fit trousers and kills you with his baby blues. You drive to a park where you hold hands and walk around. They barely showed any of Louis date which I thought was rude. I would have liked to see more of what we did together cause what they show seemed pretty boring.



Last but not least is the Irish wonder Niall Horan. In his cozy holiday sweater ready with a warm cup of hot chocolate for you as you enjoy a night in. Niall plays the guitar for you while he sings his verse along with playing Monopoly and Jenga. I would love a night in playing board games with Niall. He also has an adorable dog which just magnifies his cuteness by 10000%. His part was the most adorable because it was so relaxed bf he wouldn’t stop smiling and laughing with you. Niall is just an adorable potato so his cozy date was perfect. I loved how he took charge of the night and just wanted to make me laugh and hang out.


Do you ever find it crazy just how fast the night changes? Cause these dates go from 100-0 extremely fast. Let’s start with Zayn. While falling in love with him over dinner, an angry man appears and starts yelling at you. Gasp! Could it be you have cheated on this man by going on a date with Zayn. Just when you are worried you got found out and Zayn will be upset, the angry asshole has the audacity to pour water on his gorgeous hair and even dump the plate on his head. Zayn is looking at me like “who is this guy” and then things get physical as he picks Zayn up from his seat. At this point I’m screaming at the screen, “ZAYN I DON’T EVEN KNOW THIS GUY WHAT IS HE DOING I LOVE YOU AND NO ONE ELSE THIS ISN’T FAIR!!” Maybe not that dramatic but you get the idea, the asshole then drags me out of the restaurant as I leave a sopping wet Zayn at the table.

Next we have Liam who ruined my favorite hat. While on the ride he starts giving me looks indicating he isn’t feeling that well. At this point I’m kinda annoyed with him because he dragged me on this ride…and now he’s the one getting sick. He gets off and starts walking all funny covering his mouth. At this point I’m yelling at my screen telling his to find a trash but he just grabs my hat and empties the contents of his stomach. Thank god the video doesn’t actually show it because that’s just disgusting.


Harry and I are ice skating and he witnesses a couple doing this insane ice skating move. He then in the most adorable part of the video motions to you “we can do that!” I’m literally begging him to stay away from me because while I admire his ambition there is no way this is gonna end well. Instead of skating far away I guess I just stand there cause he skates at me, attempts to lift me, loses his balance and we both fall on the rink. At this point I thought I was okay but I see my gorgeous curly haired date is in pain clutching on to his shoulder. Next scene is a shot of my foot all bandaged up! He sprained my ankle like really??? I mean he kept apologizing and gave the EMT the most “over it” look but still he better pay for this. Good thing what I had planned for the night doesn’t require any standing up *wink wink*




If it wasn’t worse enough that 3/5 of my nights have gone sour, it’s time for Louis to fuck up. We have all seen his horrible driving. Going from too slow in What Makes You Beautiful, breaking the car in Live While Were Young, and reckless fake driving in Kiss You, it finally caught up with him. After being pulled over for speeding, Louis decides to makes jokes with cop who then arrests him because it obviously wasn’t funny. I didn’t think that this was a good way to ruin the date. It would have been cooler if he stole the car. Like watching it there was no reason for him to be arrested with what he did. Anyway, he leaves in a cop car leaving you all alone. As an American I don’t know how to drive this super expensive car on the opposite side of the road so I’m basically stranded.


Lastly we have Niall who is too adorable to really make me mad. While tending to the fireplace to keep us warm and cozy, Niall lights his sweater on fire. In the process of grabbing something to put it out, he spills the juice on my dress. First off why would he use a towel to put it out, he should have just used the juice or at least have a fire extinguisher handy. Can’t even be mad at him because he was doing something adorable when it happened. Picture that scene in Frozen when Olaf touches the fire and that was literally Niall. Such a cutie.


In conclusion, I am obsessed with this video. I watch it every morning and every night and about three times during the day. Keep in mind I’m on Thanksgiving Break so its not like I have anything better to do. I like how they know what we want. Just like how Steal My Girl had no love interests, they decide to make us the love interest. The reaction I have seen on twitter has been nothing but positive. I think it was such a creative idea and I only wish the dates ended a bit differently even after the incidents. Overall great video, no date will ever compare and it allows my imagination to run wild! If I had to rank the dates it would be Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis. Only cause I could have fun in the hospital with Harry, I can always break up with the angry dude and be with Zayn, Niall got my dress wet meaning I would have to get naked, I don’t know what I would do with Liam, probably nurse him back to health, and I guess I’d use the money Harry gives me from my injury to go bail Louis’s ass out of jail. Happy Tunesday!

An AMAzayn Night: When the Brits took over the American Music Awards

Last night marked the 42nd annual American Music Awards! It was a great night for the music industry as America awarded our favorite artists from 2013 to now. Amongst all the tweeting and texting, I managed to jot down a few notes about my opinion of the show. Keep in mind that I really only watched it for One Direction and Taylor Swift..and okay maybe I wasn’t too upset to have to listen to 5 Seconds of Summer (still can’t decide how I feel about them but I love their album so yeah that’s where I am at). So here is my review of the show highlighting the greatest moments of the night.

Taylor’s Performance of Blank Space

I could not think of a more perfect way to open the show. America has been loving this song for weeks now, always maintaining it’s number one spot on the iTunes chart. I was so curious to see what kind of performance she would do since the music video made such a splash. Also I was extremely excited to see her perform it for the very first time. I already have my tickets to the 1989 tour and it was the perfect hype for what I’m in store for this summer. I knew Taylor would deliver and she definitely did. I am all for how she is embracing the thought that people think she is insane and making fun of herself. While the vocals weren’t the best I felt like I was watching a scene from a musical and she waltzed from set to set burning roses and breaking boys hearts one by one. It was one of my favorite performances of the night. Her acting was impeccable each time she made the face for being insane. All hail Queen Tay and her live performances.


One Direction wins Best Pop/Rock Group

What a great way to kick off the night with the boys winning the very first award. It’s sad to say but at this point I just always assume they will win. The best part was seeing everyone’s reaction on twitter. The AMA’s went from 0 to 1000 just like that. I missed the Red Carpet interviews so I had yet to see what they were wearing. Let’s just say I was rolling on the floor laughing. I wonder if they have a game going called “Let’s not tell Niall what we are wearing” cause everyone looked so dapper and suave and here is Niall in a skull T-shirt. I mean yeah his T-shirt is over $300 but it wish they would have told him they were gonna be a bit more dressed up. Going off of that Zayn’s hair was pure perfection. I have been loving his longer hair making him look like Flynn Rider or Aladdin and the way Lou styled it was perfection. Louis also had quite the hairdo channeling Danny Zuko with his twist in the middle. Louis has been looking so good recently, a huge improvement from his look in the You and I video. It must be his tan or his clean shaven face but I can’t stop talking about how handsome he looks at this moment. Liam always dresses well. I loved the cheetah print shirt to add a pop of color to their all black ensemble. When it comes to dressing formal Liam always has the perfect suit. And last but not least we have the mess that is Harry Styles…this kid I swear to God will be the death of me. First of all his hat had a feather in it…like okay. Second, he is wearing cheetah print boots. His hair was another story all beautiful and curly hanging under his hat. Then his outfit was just strange with his shirt and jacket and it worked but it didn’t. I was just happy his shirt was buttoned because I don’t think his tattooed cleavage would have been appropriate. They jumped from their seats and pulled into a group hug, knowing that’s our favorite part anytime they win anything. Anyway, the boys won the award and of course thanked the fans and most importantly Liam said America is like their second home which just made me swoon, scream, and cry at the same time.

When Pitbull was no where to be seen or heard

Pitbull was the absolute worst host to ever host an award show. I wanted to claw my eyes out every time he was on the screen. This goes more beyond the fact that he isn’t attractive and looked like Humpty Dumpty in a suit. He had absolutely no material. All he would ever mention was the fact that he is Latino and speaking Spanish gives the channel more views and blah blah blah. No one was laughing at his jokes and he was just a horrible choice who had nothing good to say. I don’t even know any Pitbull fans, my entire timeline was full of hate for him and begging for him to get off the stage. So it was a major highlight of the show whenever he wasn’t involved.

The Performances

While I really didn’t care for most of the people who performed, I have to admit they were still good live performances. Some that I remember include Selena Gomez heart wrenching break up song that brought Taylor to tears. It was a very sad song and you could feel the emotion and sadness in her voice. In my opinion its a song about how she is sad she is broken up with Beiber and how she wishes she had stayed with Nick Jonas (Kidding obvi the song has nothing to do with Nick but hey he was there in the audience so it was just a random thought). I wasn’t a huge fan of the weird images behind her like the crying eye and whatnot but I loved when they had the animated angel wings it was so beautiful. Her dress was stunning if I could wear that to my Formal I would in a heartbeat.

I also really enjoyed the 5 Seconds of Summer performance. I was upset that they didn’t perform their own original song and were stuck with a cover song instead but you could tell the audience was loving it. I really like their music but I’m not about to go spend my money and time on them I don’t think I could afford to have any more idols in my life. However, they did a great job performing and I imagine this was Niall in the audience. Niall is their biggest fan so I’m pretty sure he was in the aisles going crazy to their performance.

Other noteable mentions include Iggy, Lorde, Fergie, Ariana, and Bang Bang. There were more performances than awards which was weird but for music awards I guess it makes sense. I just felt like I was watching a concert especially when the credits showed about 20 awards they didn’t present during the show.

One Direction wins Best Pop/Rock Album

Just like Donny Walhburg said, Boybands kick ass and are still kicking ass. One Direction took home their second award of the night with the best album for Midnight Memories. At this point I was bawling my eyes out because Midnight Memories is my favorite album of all time. Yes I know that Four just came out but I spent the past year obsessed with Midnight Memories constantly listening to it and seeing them perform the songs at least three times. I spent my summer listening to the album in the car everyday to and from work and I just can’t express just how much I love it. In my opinion they deserved this award because of how well the album did. Harry took over the thank you speech for this one which was entertaining because he is not the most eloquent speaker. He made sure to give his thanks to the fans and everyone that bought the album and everyone. Also important to mention is that the boys kind of dressed down and changed their outfits at this point to make Niall not stand out as much. Rumor has it that they were in the front row tripping people but then they moved them but their wasn’t much proof so I didn’t believe it but it definitely sounds like something they would do. More awards means more group hugs!

5 Seconds of Summer wins Best New Artist

I think that these awards were partially fan voted so I had a feeling that they would win this awards. I really enjoyed seeing how happy they were that they won. You could tell they really didn’t expect to win it. Michael was so happy and Callum just didn’t know what to with himself. They had a cute little speech and their outfits were so casual but I guess that’s their style. I don’t think I have ever seen them dressed up. Not much to say here but it was a highlight of the night considering they won their first ever AMA. Let’s also keep in mind that Taylor Swift is the only American to actually win an award last night. Between 1D, Iggy, and 5sos they are all foreign.

Night Changes Performance

Okay this is probably gonna be a long one. I am obsessed with this song. I don’t know what it is but it’s all I ever want to listen to. I find myself always playing it, watching the video, or just randomly singing it. I was not at all prepared for what I was about to see. During the performance the camera never left their gorgeous faces, filming each boy up close as they sang their solos and verses. The vocals were absolutely amazing. I truly love when people have the nerve to say they can’t sing even after hearing them live. There was no backing track, no lip syncing, it was all them singing their hearts out. The song starts with Zayn and he stares into your soul with his big brown eyes and you can’t help but look at his glorious cheek bones, facial hair, and of course that one piece of hair cascading down his forehead. If his looks aren’t enough his voice will make anyone melt. He also stole the show, trending Worldwide as “Zayne” as all the people who don’t care for One Direction commented on his Godly beauty. Religious views: Zayn Malik. Liam takes the next verse and he gives you those puppy dog eyes and that look of love he always has when he sings slow songs. I loved how up close and personal we got to get, getting to just enjoy their voices and the no frills performance. The only frills being the gold accents on their outfits and the overgrown grass behind them. Harry took the chorus doing everything possible to avoid eye contact with the camera knowing there would be numerous casualties if he ever so much as glanced into the camera lens. He sounded incredible like always. Louis gave the camera his smolder as he sang his verse. He sounded incredible too. People always say he is a weak singer but I thought his part was very strong. They all delivered when it came to singing into the camera. Niall was next with his baby blues and adorable smile as he sang his verse, what cute boy. Then Harry did the chorus again and Zayn did his heavenly solo, the room was absolutely silent it was amazing. I could not get over how perfect they sounded. It was my favorite performance of the song yet.

Taylor wins the Dick Clark Award

What do you do when you win every possible award but you are still so amazing, you make up a new award for you to win. Let’s be real, Taylor is slaying the game. Her album has been out for almost a month and its still the most talked about and number one on iTunes. She took everyone aback with her listening parties, giving gifts to fans, and even visiting them at their homes. She is just perfect in every way and I completely agree that she deserves this award of excellence. I love Taylor so much and I was borderline crying when they showed her little montage about all her success and what a great person she is. Her speech was incredible and you can tell she is still humbled every time she wins. I also loved how she was with her best friends before winning the award. Just so proud of Taylor and everything she has to offer. Also quick side note I hate how her moment had to be turned into something about Harry. That everyone was looking for his reaction or for him to do something and that people were surprised he was respectful. Of course he was respectful…why would anyone think he would even do something. Yeah they dated but they are on good terms as far as I know so it shouldn’t have been a big deal. However, I think it was hysterical they played Out of the Woods for her to accept it because its known its about him and they are both there together but he wouldn’t do anything because of it.

One Direction wins Artist of the Year

They won at the beginning and they won at end. Taking home three out of three and winning against Beyonce, the boys took home Artist of the Year. In my opinion they deserved it and if it is fan voted then absolutely. The fandom works so hard when it comes to voting and supporting and most Beyonce fans don’t. Also she wasn’t at the awards so it was kinda known that the boys would win it. Regardless I was extremely nervous for them because they were nominated against some greats. It was the perfect way to end the night, one more group hug, one more speech, and just seeing them realize just how much their fans love them and how much they slayed the past year. I’m so proud of them and I hope they are proud of themselves. We did it! 1D3peat!

Fandom hug we all survived

FOUR: A Track By Track Album Review

For One Direction fans, Four can mean many things, from the number of Harry’s nipples to the number of years we have been loving devoted fans. As of 2014, One Direction has been together for FOUR Years! Wow how the time has flown! Seems like just yesterday they were put together almost naming the band Unique Selling Point. Flash forward four years and here we are. The boys have released their fourth album respectably called FOUR in honor of their four years of accomplishments. Its been just under a week since its been released and I finally have found it within myself to let the album consume me and share all my raw thoughts and emotions with you. So without further adieu, here is my track by track reaction to the legendary album FOUR.

1. Steal My Girl– By now I’m sure we have all heard this song or watched the music video at least 20300238408 times. I think this song is a great way to start the album. It lets you know that their sound has changed but at the end of the day they are still the band we love. I love how they gave each of the boys a part of the song. It’s much nicer having them all sing their own parts instead of background harmonies while only a few get to experience the spotlight. This song came out way before the album and has been on repeat I can’t even tell you how many times. I think the message of the song is so adorable about how much they love this girl and never want to share her with the world. Lyrically its beautiful about how long they have been dating this girl and how close they have grown. “The sun doesn’t shine the world doesn’t turn” must be some special lady. Highlights include Zayn’s epic high note, Louis and Liam’s gentle “alright” and of course Harry’s solo. This song also works well acoustic and I am pumped to hear it on tour.

Favorite Line: And I’m never gonna let another take her love from me now. ( I love to scream this part loudly whenever I hear the song)

2. Ready to Run– I know what you are thinking and to answer your question this song is not in Tarzan. It has a very Phil Collins Disney Movie kind of feel but its so much more than that! I love how different this song sounds with its emphasis on guitar. I would say that its similar to the sound of Mumford and Sons which is a sound One Direction typically wouldn’t be categorized under. This album is all about breaking the stereotype and I’m all for it. The chorus to this song is just epic; another song I love the scream at the top of my lungs. My favorite part has to be the super long note Zayn does. I swear the heavens open up whenever he sings. I’m not gonna lie and say the song makes sense. Its a great song but it takes a few listens to grasp what they are saying. I wanna get lost in the dark of the night with them, sounds like fun. I can’t get over the guitar in the chorus, it just makes the whole track. READY TO RUN INTO THEIR ARMS TO ESCAPE FROM MY LIFE.

Favorite Line: There’s a future in a my life I can’t foresee (Literally me freaking the fuck out about my future after college and what to do the rest of my life)

3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go- One of two places, the freezer for some ice cream or a one direction concert. I think this is the song I am most excited to hear live. Especially since Zayn and Niall listed it as their favorite off the album. I love to scream this song at the top of my lungs. No lie I listened to it on repeat the day it was the new track with the pre order and I had no voice from screaming it all day. It’s one of my favorites on the album for sure. Zayn’s voice is perfect for the chorus and Harry kills his solo as always. Vocally the boys are amazing on this album. You can hear the huge difference and how much they have grown. Also this album has so much Louis!!! I feel he is always under appreciated on each album but he really owns this one. Niall too, they kill it in this song. So Where Do Broken Hearts Go? wherever these five idiots will take us.

Favorite Line: Are you sleeping baby by yourself, or are you giving it to someone else

4. 18– This song is just so damn adorable and has Ed Sheeran all over it. You can completely tell it is his track. Obsessed with how Niall says “chance” and Liam with “slow motion, motion, motion.” Again this song is dominated by Zayn and Louis which is so perfect because they have such soothing voices. Its not my favorite on the album because I would rather dance and rock out than cry about my lack of love life or how badly I want Zayn to press his hands to my cheeks but hey, its still a great song. Its gonna be amazing to hear this live and see the stadium light up with iPhone flashlights.

Favorite Line: So kiss me where I lay down my hands pressed to your cheeks

5. Girl Almighty– First thought when the song started was Beach Boys/ Teen Beach Movie. Don’t ask me why but I picture the boys doing some crazy 60s dance moves to this song in swim trunks. I find that I am always singing this song when I least expect it. And although I try to keep my mind out of the gutter, I can’t help but laugh when I sing ” I get down on my knees for you” CAUSE LETS BE HONEST IF THEY WANTED ME ON MY KNEES TO WORSHIP THEM OR DO SOMETHING ELSE I TOTALLY WOULD. I honestly don’t understand the references they are making with ambulances and balloons but its a such a fun song I can’t help but love it. I’m in love with they way they all say “Girl Almighty” and the highest of high notes they hit. Let’s have another toast to the Girl Almighty! Drink Up!

Favorite Line: I get down on my knees for you

6. Fools Gold– Honestly this might be my least favorite only cause I was jamming to Girl Almighty and then we slowed things down when I still wanted to party. It sounds a lot like “Safe and Sound” from the Hunger Games. Also who the fuck would use them, that’s just not right. Like how dare you make them fall for you and use them and then they sing this depressing song. I have to admit I love all the nautical references and the sound is still pretty epic despite the slow pace. I can easily see the whole stadium waving their arms back and forth to the music. I know I was supposed to listen to the album for the songs but all I could think about was the live performance of them. Gonna be an amazing tour!!

Favorite Line: I’m the first to admit that I’m reckless

7. Night Changes– Second favorite on the album. The music video just came out and I literally died. Honestly I didn’t pay much attention to the song until they released the acoustic version. Harry in this song is just a magical dream. It really puts things into perspective about how much they have grown as we are reminded “we’re only getting older baby.” Everyone kills it on their vocals in this song and the harmonies and oooohs just make me want to melt. I am always singing this song during the lulls of the day and I honestly can’t get over it. Especially Liams ooohs and Zayn’s solo and Harry at the end with the key change. Basically I die every time I listen to it and pretend they are serenading me. Pathetic I know. Check back this Tuesday for my review of the Night Changes video!

Favorite Line: She’s falling doesn’t even know it yet

8. No Control– Perfect title considering I literally have no chill whenever this song comes on. I’m talking full on belting, jumping and headbanging. FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUM. Louis makes me so proud, he is literally this song, if there was no Louis in it I don’t think I would love it as much. And lets be real, who doesn’t love a song about sex with One Direction. I just can’t explain why I love this song so much but it brought me to tears the first time I heard it. Yes I listened to the leak…shoot me. Zayns solo also gives me life, especially when Louis solo follows it. GAHH I JUST LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH PLAY IT AT MY FUNERAL PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Favorite Line: The heat where you lay, I could stay right here and burn in it all day

9. Fireproof– This song was first released for free accompanied by the announcement about the new album and I lost my shit over both. This song means so much because it marked the beginning of the Four era. Really funny story by the way. I was having a dream and of course Harry was there cause lets be real he is in about 85% of my dreams. So in the dream I’m sleeping and Harry just got home and is getting into bed and he shakes me a bit and he tells me to check my phone with a huge smile on his face. I kid you not, I woke up from the dream and checked my phone, and in that second, LIAMS TWEET ABOUT THE NEW SONG BEING RELEASED FOR FREE CAME UP IN MY NOTIFICATIONS. Harry literally told me in my dream to wake up to check my phone and when I did it was the announcement of FIREPROOF. Getting off track but anyway, this song is such a great one to just relax and sway to. For some reason it reminds me of Here Comes the Sun with its easy listening. I love this song and everything it stands for. Love the vocals and love when the music cuts out and you hear their harmonies. Great track and now listening to the album it makes so much sense with the new sound.

Favorite Line: I roll and I roll till I change my luck

10. Spaces- OMG THIS SONG GIVES ME SO MANY EMOTIONS. I can’t get over the chorus of this song. Its the most perfect song for PCD because the boys leave America for the UK and the spaces between us get deeper and deeper and yeah its depressing. Its actually a really sad song and I don’t like when they are sad. I just really love the music in this one and how epic it makes everything sound. If you listen closely you can actually hear their hearts breaking as they pour out their emotions about the spaces. Zayn’s solo followed by the boys harmony of the chorus just stabs me in the heart repeatedly because of how beautiful they sound. Are they even human? Is it possible to have five beautiful human beings with voices of angels? Will we ever know?

Favorite Line: Holding our secrets, leaving us speechless

11. Stockholm Syndrome– Let’s be honest, I’m almost 100% sure the title of this song had everyone scared shitless. I was expecting some sort of twisted fanfic kidnapping story but its actually such a cute play on words. I am obsessed with the 80’s Michael Jackson vibe it has. Its easy to tell that Harry was the writer on this track. Its such a different sound I never expected from One Direction but I am completely in love with it. Each of the boys have their standout moments in the song and it just makes me want to dance. However it always makes me want to laugh because of how Harry casually described it as a song about a nympho…you know casual. I would say its one of my favorites from the album. I just really digg the sound.

Favorite Line: But now together we’re alone and there’s no other place I’d ever wanna go

12. Clouds– SUCH AN EPIC SONG OMG I JUST WANT TO SCREAM THE WHOLE THING. The opening scream is just amazing and I had no idea what I was in for. I think its one of the most different. Honestly the boys did such a good job on this album with the balance of fast and slow and different songs. None of them sound the same and they each have their own distinct style. You can tell they are finally making the music that they want to be. The title to this song is kinda farfetched compared to the rest of the song. The background tracks in this song are just heavenly so I guess that has to do with Clouds right? At times it sounds like Mulan Rouge when they boys hit notes and they do this cool high notes thing in the middle. I’m just a jumble of thoughts for this one but I find if Night Changes isn’t stuck in my head that this one is.

Favorite Line: Well love is always, always changing

13. Change Your Ticket– I have only heard one song by the 1975 but I can just tell that this song fits right in with that style. I think lyrically this song might be my favorite. I like the story line of spending an amazing night with someone and wishing that they would stay with you. They could change my ticket anytime, in fact I would stay until they kicked me out and things got creepy. The beat to this is so fun that you can’t help but bob along. Its times like this when I wish I had a car cause I could just imagine how great of a roadtrip song this is. Also this song makes me think of Harry’s stupid dance moves that he would do onstage to this song.

Favorite Line: Watching you get dressed, messes with my head

14. Illusion– This is one of the deluxe tracks and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I know its written about Sophia which is really cute but I just don’t think its up to par with the rest of the album. It’s a really cute song about how he hopes she is happy and just how much he loves her and how its not fake. I like the screaming parts and I like Liam’s vocals in it. I think its so funny that people actually believed that Niall wrote this song about Liam’s girlfriend! That would be hysterical. This might be my least favorite but I feel bad saying that about any song…so lets just say its alright.

Favorite Line: I would never turn your heart into broken parts

15. Once in a Lifetime– This song sounds so much like the Beatles! I love the guitar and the vibe it gives. Although every time I go to sing it I jump to Zac Efron singing “Once in a lifetime means there’s no second chance..” but its a much slower and sweeter song than that. Its a very slow song with a ton of harmonies and really cute lyrics about someone they love. I will gladly be by your side One Direction, pick the time and place 🙂

Favorite Line: Not even the bad guys in the dark night could take it all away

16. Act my Age– Can we just talk about how “when I’m fat and old” are now One Direction lyrics. HOLY CRAP I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG AND I KNOW IT IS SO RIDICULOUS AND CRAZY BUT I CANT HELP IT. I straight up Irish jig to this while wishing the six of us were in a huddle drunkenly singly this at a bar… I am in love with the Irish/pirate/chanty influence and especially Harry’s solo. Its safe to say that one part of the song gives me life. I also love how they included Niall’s laugh in the track. When I first heard it  I couldn’t even believe it was a real thing. It sounded like a track they would make for shits a gigs that would never ever make it close to being on the album but alas its there and I find myself always wanting to listen to it. I am all for the message of being young forever no matter what happens in life. I love how the album got all sad about getting older and then it ends with this song saying “fuck it I’m still gonna Irish jig when I’m fat and old.” It really captures the spirit of the boys which is all I could ever ask for.


Favorite Line: When I can hardly walk and my hair is falling out, we’ll still stay out till morning

Overall I am fucking obsessed with this album. I am beyond pissed that my biggest assignments were due this week since its the week before break. Literally I had no time to listen to it as much as I would have liked with all the tests and group projects which is a huge bummer because I wanted to be 1DAF all of release week but you know school. So that’s also the reason I haven’t updated this blog in eons. But I am back! This is only the beginning! I have much more free time now and so much is happening that I can’t wait to post about. If you haven’t already go by the album!!!!


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Black Space Music Video Reaction

Happy Tunesday! Queen Taylor recently released her satirical dramatic music video for her hit single Blank Space. This video has been tweeted and posted about constantly so I figured I would share some of my thoughts watching it.

  • Wow thats a nice house, is it a castle
  • Aww her cat Olivia
  • Why are horses in her bedroom?
  • I want her makeup, those wings are made to fly
  • What a big dinner table
  • Aww they are dancing and riding bikes
  • She’s a good painter
  • I’m in love with her looks in this video
  • They are such a cute couple
  • Damn he is even hotter in slow-mo
  • Aww they wrote their names in the tree
  • Why is he texting
  • Oh fuck she caught him texting
  • Get ready for her wrath Sean
  • Damn shes kinda scary when she’s sing fighting with him
  • Throw that plant Tay
  • Oh shit there goes his phone, that’s not nice Tay
  • She does look insane..
  • She just ripped her painting, all her hard work gone to waste
  • And cut the boobs out of his shirt, oh snap mean girls
  • She’s doing like floor yoga or something, maybe some mermaid dancing on the floor
  • I would light his clothes on fire too, then he would have to be naked
  • What is this apple thing, I thought I was watching a Taylor music video not Twilight
  • Oh please tell me she didn’t poison it
  • I didn’t know apples were vodoo dolls
  • Um that whack didn’t even dent the car
  • She’s making him so sad
  • Oh causal, lets sing with axes and knives
  • Is he dead on the ground….oh dear
  • Well this escalated quickly
  • Why am I laughing so hard at her beating up this car
  • She totally just tripped chopping down that tree
  • Oh good he’s alive and driving away

Wow I really liked that video! I think its very funny that she acted out what the media portrays her to be. Its about time she said something about it. Her acting was really great and I am in love with the fashion in it. Also love that guy Sean, I think he is the hottest one in any of her videos. Well done Taylor, I can see why everyone is buzzing about it!

The Bae is Back: A Review of Nick Jonas Self Titled CD

Today is the day!! Nick Jonas’s album has officially dropped and I have been dying to listen to it all day!!! I figured as a great segway back into daily blogging that I would do another album review song by song. I’m sure you know by now that I am a huge fan of Nick Jonas and that it has been eating me alive that I couldn’t listen to it until I got out of class for the day. I ran to my campus post office, ripped open the package and here I am. Seconds away from listening to this masterpiece for the very first time as a whole album. So here I present to you, the real, raw, first thing that pops into my head reaction, of listening to the Nick Jonas Album.

Nick Jonas (Deluxe Version), Nick Jonas

Chains-OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG. I remember when he dropped it out of nowhere this summer while I was at work and I spent all day listening to it on Tumblr and then playing it on repeat for the next week. I’m in love with this new sound and I can’t get over the “baby tell me why why you do do me wrong.” Its a total booty popping, hand clapping, earth shaking (lol camp rock) song that is just such a great jam. I can’t even tell you how many times I have listened to this song in anticipation for the album. It was a great intro into Nicks new world and image and I think it sets a great foundation for the album and his new sound. TRYNA BREAK THE CHAINS BUT THE ONLY BREAK ME

Favorite Line: Baby tell me why why you do do me wrong

Jealous-By now this should be everyone’s jam. I swear I can’t be driven anywhere without hearing my man on the radio singing this song. I find that this one is always stuck in my head and I really can’t complain about it. Only complaint is that its about Olivia and of course that makes me JEALOUS. But of course you could always pretend he is singing about you and drift off into la la land. The music video for this song is OUT OF THIS WORLD. The strangest thing I have ever seen. I really do love this song and I freak out every time I hear it when I’m out. Praying they will play it at Semi so I can go nuts with my GG.

Favorite Line: You can call me obsessed

Teacher-HOLY CRAP I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG. OH MY OH MY OH MY GOD is so right!! I dance like crazy when this comes on. I remember on his tour that he had such a cute little dance to the music break. It’s definitely a song I would never expect Nick to have. In fact, it was strange to hear so many computerized songs when I’m so used to Nick being all about the drums and piano. Everything in this album was so electronic but it works for the times. Teacher would be a great song for the club or a wedding or something. I get a very 80’s vibe from it and I’m all about that. Great song.

Favorite Line: So let me teach ya

Warning- I heard so much buzz about this song on twitter, and I haven’t heard this one before so here goes. First thoughts are that he sounds so damn sexy. Digging his voice in this. Poor baby talking about how he feels caged and trapped. You can tell he spent so much time on his vocals for these tracks. As a song there isn’t much to it lyrically but it is super catchy. A very mellow song that is perfect for easy listening. Or if you are like me and can’t do work in silence, its a total study jam.

Favorite Line: I got something inside, it keeps burning my body, till its done.

Wilderness-ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ON THIS ALBUM. I’ve been singing it and playing it for weeks now. I really love the humming parts, I think it adds a lot to the song. It has a very tribal feel which makes sense because its about the Wilderness and being prehistoric and what not. His little riffs in this are perfect, I really wish he sang it live when he came to Boston because I would have lost my shit. I just really really love this one.

Favorite Line: We can rough it, with the moon and the stars above us

Numb-WARNING WARNING: HE SAYS THE WORD FUCK. Actually its not that big of a deal but this song does have an explicit rating along with the Parental Advisory on the album itself, scandalous! I remember when I first heard the song I was so turned off by it. It just felt super ET Katy Perry and I just couldn’t get into it. I gave it a few more listens letting it grown on me, and then he sang it live and I was sold. His voice is so high pitched in this song, he really embraces the falsetto in this album. But you gotta give it to the kid cause he can hit the notes live. The rapper I think is unnecessary….I get he is trying something different and trying to collaborate but I’m just not a fan of that part. Numb itself though is a great song to dance to. To be honest these songs would make a great pregame party so far. Note to self for this weekend…

Favorite Line: Fuck with my head like it’s nothing at all

Take Over– I can tell this song is gonna build into a big beat. Ohh its about being a naughty girl and being a crazy drug and he wants her to take over. Hmmmmm oh he’s talking about dirty thoughts….OMG THE NA NA NA’s are just like in Pom Poms! (STILL BITTER I NEVER GOT V BUT WHATEVER) Oh he’s doing that monkey call thing again like he does in stay…. Welp, I don’t know how to feel about this song, I like the beat of it but not sure if the message is so great.

Favorite Line: Catch me if you can

Push-I can really feel the Frank Ocean vibe on this track. It’s much slower from the rest of the album which is perfect cause I was getting tired from all the jamming and dancing. This song is pretty beautiful. Dare I say it his voice sounds very angelic. He sings the whole thing in falsetto. This song has the most lyrics compared to the other ones that are very chorus driven. I also get a Justin Timberlake feel from this song.

Favorite Line: It doesn’t mean shit when it falls through come closer

I Want You-Well um this song starts with “Motherfucker never loved me” so I’m guessing he’s really angry. Nick is just swearing left and right and its amazing. Not that swears are amazing, but I feel like he is finally being himself and saying what he wants. I like this one a lot. I can’t remember if he sang this on tour but wow he really hits the high notes. Its a very catchy song and I was dancing alone. The lyrics are kinda scary and controlling like breaking in to her apartment and that he knows everything..kinda creepy but he just really wants her so its all good right?

Favorite Line: I want you, and nothing else girl

Avalanche ft. Demi Lovato– I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR THIS FOREVER SINCE THEY BOTH TEASED ABOUT IT. I AM SO EXCITED HERE WE GO. Woah his voice is super low, where is Demi? There she is!! Wow it has such a cute dynamic! Its very similar to Before the Storm in that they are both telling a story. I would love so much for them to sing this live. Their voices mesh so well together! Its a cute song about falling apart together and their vocals are amazing. I love Nemi (as a friendship, I know they aren’t a thing) so I’m feeling this duet.

Favorite Line: Love lost from a fight that was won

Nothing Would Be Better– THIS ONE IS ABOUT THE BREAKUP, ITS TOO SOON. I remember this one from the tour but I haven’t heard it as a track. Already get the feel that this could be in any love movie. I like when he says he will be a punching bag because I was totally ready to punch him when he broke up the band. Its almost like a love song to his brothers and the idea of the Jonas Brothers in general. Oh wow there is such an expected break down in the middle now the song is epic as he sings the final chorus. This song could totally make me cry…wow this is beautiful. Ugh when he says they were doomed from the start….I really hope he doesn’t believe that 😦

Favorite Line: You’re the broken part of me that makes me whole.

Just like that the album is over, I have the deluxe edition but I figured its better to leave those songs out as an incentive for you to go listen to them and buy the album. Overall I am so incredibly proud of him. He released it last night and it was already 4 on iTunes. I am so happy for him and his success. Yes its heartbreaking he isn’t making music with this brothers but he ventured out and made this record. Reading the lyric book I saw he didn’t write many of them but I still think he did such an amazing job. I would recommend everyone check this out and get a taste of the New Nick Jonas. Buy it here! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nick-jonas-deluxe-version/id923464915

The 27 Most Kevin Jonas Things to Ever Happen

Kevin Jonas Appreciation Post

On November 5th 1987 in Wycoff, NJ, Papajonas and Denise gave birth to Paul Kevin Jonas II. In honor of his 27th birthday today, here are 27 of the most memorable Kevin Jonas things: my favorite Kevin memories.

1. The SOS Dance, its not a Jobro show unless Kevin pulled out this classic move

2. The Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha during That’s Just the Way We Roll in the 3D concert movie

3. The guitar spin during Play My Music

4. When all the kid wanted was a bird house

5. Five second dance party

6. When he was awkwardly in the shower in old Jonas Brothers youtube videos

7. When he used to straighten his hair

8. When he had insane sideburns

9. When he rapped about Mufasa in old Jonas Videos

10. When he finally sang in a Jonas Song (solo in First Time)

11. When he played soccer like this

12. When he married Danielle Deleasa on December 19, 2009

13. When he had a hysterical reality show Married to Jonas

14. When he became a house contractor

15. When he invented an app called Yood and blew up my phone retweeting fans reaction

16. When he and Danielle welcomed Alena Rose Jonas

17. When he screenshots every snapchat I send him

Embedded image permalink

18. When he retweeted me about being in the Thanksgiving Day Parade

ipod photos 571

19. When he retweeted me, when I said I volunteer to be Nicks girlfriend

20. When he retweeted me about his music video

21. When he retweeted me about his song on the radio

22. When I got to talk to him on Watch What Happens Live


23. When he was a successful brain surgeon

24. When he was amazed

25. When he was scared of bananas

26. When he never fails to show how much he loves his fans

27. When he laughed at me during the meet and greet because I was a hot mess


Happy Kevin Jonas!! Thank you for all the memories 🙂

Tunesday: Song Titles Tag

Try It out! Put Your Itunes on Shuffle on see what you get!

How are you feeling today? Always be Together-Little Mix

What is your motto? Playas Gonna Play-3LW

What will be written on your tombstone? Love Slayer-Joe Jonas

How can you make yourself happy? There Are Worse Things I Could Do-Grease

What would be the best thing to do right now? We are Young Cover-Little Mix

What song describes your love life? Here Comes Trouble-Honor Society

What song would you dedicate to your beloved one? Introducing Me (Hartford)-Nick Jonas

What song would you dedicate to your worst enemy? Rose’s Turn-Glee

How do you see yourself? It;s On-Camp Rock 2

How does your family see you? We Go Together-Grease

How do your friends see you? I Wanna Hold Your Hand-Glee

How do your enemies see you? I Want-One Direction

What do you say to break the ice? Untouchable-Taylor Swift

What are your true thoughts about world peace? Take a Breath-Jonas Brothers

What is the answer to life? Amnesia-5sos

What song will be played at your wedding? Our SongTaylor Swift

What song will be played at your funeral? Let It Go-Frozen (omfg)

What song describes your year? Ireland-Legally Blonde (maybe Shannons)

What’s going through your mind right now? Stuck-Big Time Rush

What do you think of your friends? (I’ve Had) the Time of My Life-Glee

What are your crush’s thoughts on you? And I’m Telling You I’m Going-Glee

If you were to publish a book, what would it be called? Competition-Little Mix

What’s the one perfect thing to say at a job interview? Lose Control-Missy Elliot

What’s the most inspirational thing you’ve ever said? Live While We’re Young- One Direction

If you were to run for president, what would be written on your posters? 7:05- Jonas Brothers

What was that one important thing you forgot to do today? Your Song-Elton John

What do strangers think of you when they see you on the street? We’re All in This Together-High School Musical

The ultimate fight song?  Time is On our Side- Jonas TV Show

You’re a news reporter, what’s your catchphrase? Rich Girl-Gwen Stefani

How do you feel about the quiz? Me Against the Music-Glee (perfect)

The Disney Tag

I love Disney so much and after this weekend I couldn’t think of much to blog about so here is the Disney Tag!!


1. Favorite Disney movie? Its a tie between Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid, depends on the day really

2. Disneyworld and or Disneyland? I’ve only ever been to Disneyworld but I think it has more to offer than Disneyland

3. Favorite Disney character? I really love Aurora or Belle

4. The first Disney movie you remember seeing in theaters? I remember watching Mulan in theaters

5. What type of Disney item do you collect the most? I have a few pins, but I guess the real answer is park maps, I have some from every single year I have ever gone to Disney.

6. Favorite Disney song? Part of Your World is a fave, or A Whole New World.

7.Favorite attraction/ride at the parks? I really love Mickey’s Phillarmagic, Soarin, Great Movie Ride, Rockin Rollercoaster, Splash Mountain

8. What is your dream job at Disney? Dancer in the parade or Princess Belle but I’m too tall for both

9. Who’s the park character you never want to miss meeting at the parks? The princesses, Mickey and Minnie

10. What is your treasured Disney item? I really love the earrings I bought this summer, just Mickey Mouse studs

11. Which Disney voice actor would you most like to meet? Julie Andrews, she counts cause she did voice over for Enchanted but I would love to meet Julie Andrews so much.

12. Favorite Disney movie that’s not a classic/famous? A lot of people haven’t seen Mary Poppins and its one of my favorites, I also like Bedknobs and Broomsticks which is very very old.

13. If you could say anything to Walt Disney right now what would it be? I would probably just thank him for everything. He also has great quotes about youth and dreams and I would love to hear his wisdom.

14. Favorite snack at the parks? I love the chocolate frozen bananas.

15. Favorite parade/show at the parks? Beauty and the Beast show, Fantasmic, and the parade from like 2006.

16. Favorite Disney sidekick? Timon and Pumba are just great.

17. Favorite Disney memory? Just going for the first time when I wasn’t a baby and getting to experience it all. I loved meeting the characters and going on the big kid rides. I also really loved the Wishes thing they did this year.

18. Do you have a pair of Mickey ears? I have sparkly Minnie ears if that counts.

19. If you could, what forgotten princess would you add to the lineup? I think just about everyone is in the lineup, but you never see the girl from Enchanted so lets add her. Or I really love Meg from Hercules.

20. Favorite princess dress/outfit? 100% BELLES DRESS, THE YELLOW BALLGOWN OMG YES I WANT IT

21. Favorite Disney soundtrack? I think Beauty and the Beast has some of the best songs, or Mary Poppins

22. Favorite Villain? Captain Hook, he wasn’t too evil or scary and he is gorgeous on Once Upon a Time.

23. Favorite restaurant at the parks? MEXICO IN EPCOT WITH THE LITTLE RIDE ITS THE BEST

24. How did you first discover the magic of Disney? VHS tapes, where all the magic happens

25. What attraction are you most likely to go to first? Space Mountain, or whatever has the longest wait

26. Favorite iconic moment from a Disney film? I think the scene in Tangled with the lanterns is the most iconic and beautiful scene from a film.

27. What’s the saddest moment for you in any Disney film? Mufasa man, or the beginning of Up is devastating


29. If you could live in any world from a Disney movie, which would you chose? I would love to live in Ariel’s world, under the sea and on shore.

30. Favorite Disney musical sequence based on spectacle/animation? I love the ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast.

31. Favorite Disney Prince? PRINCE ERIC ALL THE WAY, and Flynn is a very very close second

32. If you could have a party themed around any Disney movie what one would you pick? Well the party store had decorations for a Tangled theme so why not.

33. Are you the only one obsessed with Disney in your family? My aunt is obsessed, and I think my siblings have a strong love, but not on my level

34. Which Disney movie would you turn to when you’re sad/upset? Nothing comes to mind but when I pick at random I love to watch Aladdin or Tangled

35. Which movie, even if it’s not your favorite, will always have a special place in your heart? Peter Pan, I just love the idea of being young forever and its a family favorite considering my brother and I watched it every day for basically 3 years.