Starting a New Semester as Told by Disney Gifs

Christmas and New Years and have come and gone and now it is time to go back to school

42 Disney Reaction Gifs For Any Situation

For some this means more time spent with friends enjoying the college years

Cheezburger animated GIF

For others it means this is the last semester of your undergrad career so you better make it count

42 Disney Reaction Gifs For Any Situation

The drive to school takes forever as you anxiously await seeing all your friends again

car animated GIF

You arrive to your home away from home and reunite with your roommates

disney animated GIF

Spending hours and hours catching up instead of actually unpacking

alana animated GIF

Then the reality sets in that you have to actually go class

cat animated GIF

You check up on all your syllabi and set that dreaded alarm for the morning

disney animated GIF

You try your hardest to go to bed early for the first day but lets be have messed up your sleep schedule

42 Disney Reaction Gifs For Any Situation

Morning comes and instead of this

disney animated GIF

Its more like this

42 Disney Reaction Gifs For Any Situation

You rush to get ready to make it to class on time

disney animated GIF

You try your hardest to stay awake in class

disney animated GIF

And the only thing getting you through the day is seeing your friends

disney animated GIF

Finally the day is over and you get to go back

disney animated GIF

Maybe take a nap

disney animated GIF


disney animated GIF

Neglect your responsibilites

disney animated GIF

Do anything but homework

disney animated GIF

You wish more than anything you could be back on break

disney animated GIF

But you know that won’t be until March

disney animated GIF

And you are stuck doing this over and over for days

princess animated GIF

But then the weekend will come

disney animated GIF

And everything you did during the week will be worth it

disney animated GIF

Now you can go out

frozen animated GIF

Meet some new people

disney animated GIF

And have a great time

Disney animated GIF

It may be tough getting back into the swing of things

disney animated GIF

But soon enough you’ll be wishing it never had to end

disney animated GIF

So enjoy every single moment of it

magic animated GIF

Whether you are a senior or a freshman, done with break or about to be, I wish you all the best in your educational endeavors!


And Thats What You Missed This Week: Ten Standout Fandom Moments

Finally I have time to blog again! This week was my first week back from break and so much has happened in the fandom world! This usually happens where events that I think are important occur but then they aren’t substantial enough for a blog post on their own. So I decided to introduce this segment where every Saturday (hopefully) I will comment on 10 relatively important things that happened this week. This segment will also be a great way to stay up to date in case like me as a student, you don’t have as much time to really see everything that is happening.

One Direction

1. Zayn has been tweeting up a storm

In a strange twist of events, Zayn has been the member of One Direction tweeting and posting the most. From the pictures from his new haircut to just inspiration or love, Zayn has suddenly remembered he has a Twitter account. For all we know it could be his News Years Resolution to use his Twitter more. Either way its great that he is since he is the most quiet and private member of the band. So far he has tweeted 35 times since the beginning of the year which is strange considering most tweets are usually for promo and such. Here are some of the highlights so far

2. Liam has returned to Twitter as a drunk philanthropist

In 2014 we asked “Where’s Zen?” In 2015 we are asking “Where’s Leyum?” The one who is usually the most active on his Twitter has been MIA for quite some time. That was until he posted a Twitlonger this week in which he talked about how we have the power to change the world and that we should take the time to get involved in charities. My timeline was soon flooded with tweets praising Liam. being ecstatic he was back and being so proud of how he wants to change the world, and of course a hashtag about saving the world soon trended #LetsHelpLiamChangeTheWorld. You can read the Twitlonger HERE. It was soon revealed the day after, that this inspirational tweet was the result of one of Liam’s drunk nights! Drunk or Sober, it was great to have Liam back to the Twitterverse, even if it was only for a day or so

3. Harry is out and about in LA taking adorable seflies

Harry has been enjoying his break out in LA and every so often someone finds him and they take a selfie. Unlike the NYC pictures where he purposely puts on an annoyed face but takes the photo anyway…Harry has been taking some pretty cute pictures with fans, and just in general. Here are some of my favorites

Embedded image permalink  Embedded image permalink


Those pants!

Embedded image permalink

4. Zayn said goodbye to his long locks

Zayn surprised us all by shaving the sides of his hair and saying goodbye to his long hair that we have all been loving.

Embedded image permalink

And what was even more surprising is that he posted a selfie to share the end result

Which in turn caused the fandom to “die” trending #ZaynYourSelfieKilledUs

5. Louis and Liam fly to LA

Louis and Liam were spotted leaving Heathrow Airport in London and arriving at LAX. Both brought their girlfriends and as we later learned because of the tweet, Liam was drunk. My guess is they are going to LA to write and record but for all we know they could have just been missing their mate Harry and wanted to pay him a visit.

6. Harry and Meghan Trainor have a duet

Their song “Someday Maybe” sadly did not make it on to her album which means its up to the expert directors to find the song and leak it! In multiple articles Meghan explained that Harry wanted to write for her and she was surprised when she found out he actually had beautiful poetic lyrics. The song is about breaking up with someone and then seeing them on a date with someone else. The song has also been rumored to be called “London Lights.” Either way the song needs to be leaked immediately!

7. Niall went to watch cricket

Not much happened with Niall this week. He has been staying in Melbourne under the radar and was spotted at a cricket match.

Jonas Brothers

1. Joe is back in the studio with some old friends

Joe revealed this week on his snapchat and Instagram that he was back in the studio. In his snapchat story he also took a selfie with two other old friends, Jack Lawless (drummer) and Greg Garbowski (Bass)!!! For any Jonas Brothers fan this was huge news! We have been watching Nick’s solo success and have anxiously been waiting for Joe to release a project. What is even more special is that he is recording with his old back up band and friends!

Embedded image permalink

2. Jealous earns the number one spot in the country

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Blown away. #1

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That’s right!!! Jealous is the number one song in all of the country!!! I can’t go anywhere without hearing Jealous on the radio and they even play it at the bars! I could never describe how proud I am for Nick and his success! He deserves it all and he even threw a party to celebrate with Demi and Wilmer in attendance!

3. Nick poses for GQ

Nick Jonas is back in all his douchebaggery crotch grabbing glory!! Although he is more clothed this time, Nick still delivers in this amazing GQ photoshoot! Some photots channel the old Jobro days and bring me to tears and others just show how much he has grown up and matured. Nothing is better than waking up in the morning only to find that Nick has done another magazine photo shoot! Here are all 10 photos to wrap up this post!

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Also throwing this in here because I think its hysterical!

Hope you all had a great week! I’m going to try to post as much as I can!

22 Times The Beauty of Zayn Malik Made You Cry

HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY ZAYN JAVAAD MALIK!!! January 12th marks the second coming of the savior aka Zayn Malik! If you haven’t been paying attention, Zayn has been looking drool worthy almost 24/7 making me question if he is a human. I’ve come to the conclusion that he is a God. It’s at the point now where almost everything he does brings me to tears, from his high notes to the most simple movements, smiles, batting his eyelashes you name it. So here I have collected 22 of the many moments that Zayn has brought me to tears.

1. THE STRAND. Yup everyday new pictures come out of Zayn from this day and I return to fetal position. Zayn has never looked so gorgeous which is a lot to say considering what a beauty he is

2. Just a subtle smile that makes me want to crawl into a hole

3. When he gave smolder, a smile, and cheeky grin in a matter of seconds

4. Shirtless smiling Zayn, enough said

5. When you desperately wished you could be that bunny and make him that happy

6. When he gave you that “I know I’m sexy” look

7. When his smile made everyone happy in Ghana and around the world

8. When you wanted to cry because of how sad he looked with this pout

9. When he licked his lips and you almost fainted and cracked your head open

10. When he took you on the best date of your life

11. When he made a Youtube video dancing despite how afraid he was to dance on X-factor

12. When he was more passionate about his drawing than anything you’ve ever been passionate about

13. When he looked so heavenly being confused and you questioned your existence

14. When he turned around and showed his beauty to the world and you wanted to jump off a cliff

15. When he had this perfect bed of curls on top of his gorgeous head of hair while smizing better than any top model

16. Vein popping high notes, any high note brings me to tears

17. When he gave you this grin knowing its making your ovaries explode and there is nothing you could do about it


19. Twinkly eyes and pearly whites easily make me weep like a baby

20. Moments like these on WWA where he delivers his angelic voice and looks around at all the broken hearts

21. Being playful on stage and exuding personality that isn’t seen very often

22. And when he manages to resemble Disney Princes and you want to give up on life all together

Happy Birthday Zayn!! Thank you for being your gorgeous, sexy, self

I think you have said it best

Have the most amazing day feeling 22!!