Opinion Post: Fandom Drama

Hi guys!! Thank you all so much for reading my posts! So I’ve taken a little break basically because of school and there’s just been a lot going on. Recently whenever I log onto my One Direction fan account infested Twitter, I see nothing but drama. Things were all calm and joyous before OTRA started and now that it has shit has hit the fan. I’m not even exaggerating when I say something new pops up every single day. So in this post I am going to discuss my opinion on this drama and maybe explore a point of view you haven’t thought of before. Bare with me because its long but I really really want to know your opinions! So tweet at me @shelleyann1817 and I’d love to talk to you all about this. If you haven’t noticed I absolutely love talking about One Direction at all hours of the day and with anyone. Also these are my opinions I am only speaking for myself based off of the things I have seen on twitter and trends and just things floating around.

**this post may contain spoilers**.

OTRA vs. WWA/ Japan vs Australia

Okay so I am first going to say that I was disappointed with the setlist. I didn’t feel it made sense to tour with a brand new album and sing a majority of songs from the last album. Don’t get me wrong I completely love Midnight Memories and I am so grateful the boys are on tour again and are coming to my city because I know a lot of people can’t say that. Also its not even about paying to see the same show because I went to two of WWA last year and honestly I would pay for VIP seats to see them even if they sang me the alphabet. I understand the frustration people feel in terms of the lack of practice the boys had and how people feel they aren’t taking it as seriously. For example, last night the boys sang Stockholm Syndrome for the first time on this tour. I feel Japan was the perfect place to do so because with their rules of respect it would be easy for the boys to focus on the performance. I was not impressed really when I saw the vines and saw that Zayn had forgotten the words and there were other bumps along the way. I can only imagine that Harry scolded them for messing up the song, while Zayn said the Japanese can’t understand him anyway. Then Liam raises his hand and says he didn’t mess up and then Louis smacks him on the back of the head saying he wasn’t too hungover and Niall watches while he inhales popcorn. (Totallyyyyyyy joking don’t take that scenario seriously)

I feel that as a fan I am allowed to have opinions about this so here goes. It seems strange to me that they would not know this song or rehearse this song. Most artists go on tour to see the fans but they also go to promote themselves, and what are the boys promoting, their new album FOUR. The only new song they added that we had never heard live before was Clouds. What happened to the rest of the album? Why isn’t that a focus? I feel like its a huge mistake to call it a new tour and use the same stage in different colors and basically the same setlist as the last tour. I understand Australia didn’t have WWA but that doesn’t mean they didn’t follow it on twitter, see the movie, or know nothing about it. Seeing the boys live in concert should be a great and new experience. I have already heard them sing Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Ready to Run, and Girl Almighty for tv performances, and how many times have we heard them sing Steal My Girl and Night Changes, its something very different to hear them in person I know but it would be amazing to hear something brand new live for the first time, a song from the album never heard live before.

So then there is the whole issue of Australia versus the world, well Japan. So in Australia a lot of crap went down like people being rude to the boys if they didn’t stop for pictures, hating on the tour they were given and so forth. Now in Japan everyone is kissing their ass. The way they arrange themselves at the airport, the way they don’t attack the boys when they see them, how they don’t wait outside hotels, basically how they give them space and privacy unlike some other places. I don’t really know what to say about all this, I think it more based on people and not places. Like when people say Australia was rude and ungrateful if they only met 3/5 or whatnot or if someone didn’t stop, that could just be the people themselves, because I know for a fact the same thing happens in other areas. In response to those people, I feel they should be more grateful, or if anything more secretive, like you can’t call one of them a curse word and be mad you missed 3/5 when you post selfies with 2/5…. keep your own hate to yourself where people won’t find it. This fandom gets so jealous, and I am completely one of those people who literally hate everything and everyone when they boys meet fans or hug them and whatnot because you just get that feeling it will never happen to you ever. So for a jealous fandom I wouldn’t tweet hate to someone and then post a tweet with your fav…people see everything and at that point you’re just asking for it.

Harry and Louis on the same plane

So I am just going to get this out of the way and say I am not a Larry shipper. I do not wish or think that Harry and Louis have a romantic relationship. That being said I have no ill feelings towards Larry shippers, everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you love Larry that’s great! One day I was on Twitter and it basically exploded because Harry and Louis were on the same plane. This was big news because lately the two haven’t had the relationship they used to. In my opinion, I think they have grown apart as friends. You can tell in interviews and on stage that they aren’t as close as they used to be, whether its because of the Larry drama or just Harry and Louis not being as close anymore because they have changed I do not know. However, this event created so much drama because there are some Larry shippers who will attack people who do not ship Larry and vice versa. Personally, I stay out of the drama, as I said everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I do feel that the idea of Larry has added stress on their relationship as friends, BUT I DO NOT KNOW THEM AND NEVER WILL SO NOTHING I SAY OR ANYONE ELSE SAYS IN THE TRUTH. The most important thing we can do as fans is support them, and remember we do not know their lives, only what they decide to share with us 🙂

Niall and Melissa

Well WW3 happened as soon as the pictures of Niall and Melissa surfaced. With the rumors of Harry and Nadine (I’ll get to that later) Niall would technically be the only single member, but wait! He was seen with Melissa AND OMG THEY ARE DATING. Um no… I don’t understand why the minute the single guys are seen with anyone that they are dating. I believe in innocent until proven guilty, so basically I would say that Niall is single unless he tells us he has a girlfriend. While this may seem stupid, think about it, the 3/5 who have girlfriends have confirmed this fact many times, in various interviews. Niall is the most honest with us all, literally tweeting anything that comes to mind and always thinking about the fans, and he is the most carefree. I feel that if Niall was dating someone that he would be blunt with us and let us know because he cares. Literally a few blurry pictures surfaced and all of a sudden all the Niall girls were crying.

That’s another thing, I understand the feeling of loving someone so much that it hurts to know they have a special someone, its part of being a fangirl and I hate it. At the same time though, one day these boys will be married and it probably won’t be any of us so as soon as people grasp the concept the better. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if Niall was dating someone. He has been single for so long, since the beginning of the band, and I would love to see boyfriend Niall. As much as it sucks if your fav is dating someone, doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside hearing Liam talk about how much he loves Sophia or how happy Zayn is with Perrie. DON’T YOU WANT THE BOYS HAPPY. I’ve been team happiness from day one, and seeing them loving other girls makes me love them even more because they are great boyfriends who show they are loving people. How cute would it be to see the Irish Princess on dates with someone and holding hands and being a boyfriend to someone..I think it would be too cute to handle. I just think there are bigger problems in life than who the guys are dating, and that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions when very little evidence is out there.

For those who don’t know, this girl’s name is Melissa Whitelaw and she is a 21 year old student in Austrailia. No one knows for sure how she met Niall or anything like that. The fandom has found her instagram and apparently she had a boyfriend not too long ago..this boyfriend also made a huge rant on his insta indirecting Melissa and leaves even more questions unanswered. Also on Melissa’s instagram people told her to take care of Niall and make sure he gets fed 3 times a day and while it was very funny it was accompanied by hate, hate, and more hate. Basically I don’t believe any of it, once Niall tells us he is in a relationship then I will believe it.

Also I’m curious what you guys think of Niall, do you think he’s a virgin. I feel that Harry and the boys always use Niall to escape rumors or make sex jokes so sometimes I think he is a virgin and if Melissa is fulfilling his needs then GET IT NIALL!!

Harry and Nadine

While Harry spent his whole break in LA and I will never ever believe him when he says he’s sad he doesn’t get to see his family as much BECAUSE HE TOTALLY HAD THE TIME TOO, he spent time with Nadine Leopold. Nadine is a model who Harry has recently been linked with. Now Harry’s dating life is the most mysterious of all. Is she a fuck buddy? do they hook up? ARE THEY FRIENDS OR SOMETHING MOOOOORREEEE?? The real answer is who the fuck knows. They get froyo, they hang out with Jeff, they go to dinner, but we never see much more than that. Part of me wonders if he is hiding it. If you paid attention to Taylor’s album 1989, which tells the story of Haylor, you will come to the conclusion that the media destroyed Haylor and didn’t give it enough time to really become something. Without all the media attention could Haylor have lasted longer? Without sending Taylor death threats and tons of hate would Harry have been able to keep dating her. I used to think Haylor was PR but then she wrote a whole album about it NOT SAYING ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HIM AT ALL, she was super sweet and basically said she enjoyed it until it fell apart because of the outside world.

Anyway back to Nadine, could Harry be hiding his relationship with Nadine for the sake of the fans? Think about it, the girls who love him will be beyond upset. ESPECIALLY because Harry is put on a pedestal and there are fans who like 1D only for Harry. And then if he is with Nadine, the Larry shippers claim she is a beard since some think Eleanour is one and so on and so forth. Either way, Harry letting it known he is with Nadine would cause so much chaos. Does Jeff come along as a decoy to their dates? Is she only a friend that he enjoys hanging out with in LA? My opinion on all of this is that they are hooking up. I feel with timing and whatnot Harry is in a horrible place to start a relationship. They are on tour from Feb-October and being in a relationship with Nadine would be strictly long distance. We all know, and Harry for sure knows, that he is so fucking hot and can have anyone and charm the pants off anyone so he could easily be hooking up with her, having some fun in LA, getting his fix. The honest truth though is we will never know unless either of them say something. After seeing how Harry is when he is in a relationship, I don’t see the same signs with Nadine. They do things I would do with my guy friends so I never thought much of it, but it sure brings drama in the fandom!

Louis and Eleanor cigarette thing/ Louis says he’s gay

I was on tumblr one day and came across this post about how cigarettes are not allowed in magazines and someone related it to the pictures of Louis on the beach in Australia with El and he has a cig in his mouth. This was taken two ways: He does it to protect El, and he does it to promote Larry. Okay so basically I like Louis and El. I don’t like how El kinda hides and doesn’t let us see who she is but at the same time I understand because some fans can be vicious. This of course broke out a huge fight between the Larrys and the Anti Larrys about why Louis makes this decision. I feel that Louis has given enough proof to show that he really does love El, that it’s not management, and that they are in a genuine relationship. For this reason I think he uses the cig to protect El. I feel that these boys are so much smarter than we give them credit for. They know exactly how we feel about things or how we will react to things which leads them to make these decisions. The tweets, the drama, the posters do not go unnoticed. The boys are very aware that we like them single, that some people like them in a relationship, and that no matter what they do someone usually feels hurt about it. Louis could easily be helping El live a normal life, he knows its best if she isn’t in the public eye if she doesn’t have to be, and he knows that people will have very strong opinions about El if she is seen with him. Either way he is protecting her and thats boyfriend goals. The guys don’t want to hurt anyone, whether they agree with their opinion or not.

The whole vine thing was a hot mess and a half. A vine surfaced in which people thought that Louis said he is gay and that its pretty unfortunate. I read on twitter from girls that were there that someone said they have the same birthday as him and he said that it is pretty unfortunate considering it is Christmas Eve and whatnot…

Here is the vine you can decide what he says for yourself, but I think its the birthday thing.

Either way the media jumped on this. That’s one thing I forgot to mention. The media plays a huge part in all of this drama. They make up stories, report things with little evidence, and just stir up the pot. For example, E News did a whole story on Niall dating Melissa where they knew just as much as Twitter knew which was a video where hes flirty with her and some blurry photos. There were also multiple stories about this vine and Louis “coming out”. And don’t even get me started on Harry and Nadine, every single pop culture news source talked about them “dating.” Just adding more fuel to the fire where basically everything I mentioned is complete assumption and guess work NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE, ONLY LIAM, LOUIS, NIALL, HARRY, AND ZAYN. Some people think that this fandom is completely ruining it for the boys. While I agree that most drama starts in conversation on Twitter, like when the fandom is bored and just decides to trend RIPHARRY, the media plays up on these facts. I can’t even tell you how many times a day someone comes up to me with a rumor about 1D and I shoot it down so fast. People believe almost everything they read. I think its better to take the facts, do your own research and make you own opinion. I also support EXPRESSING these opinions, as long as it is done in a respectful manner.

It would have been so easy for me to just spread so much hate and call people out and just go nuts with this topic. Instead I made an opinion and expressed it while acknowledging both sides. If you are a person who sends hate, whether it is to specific people, the boys friends and girlfriends, and other fan accounts and twitter users, just stop and think. Where is this getting you? What are you trying to accomplish? and How would you feel if someone attacked you? I don’t receive hate but I have friends that do and its disgusting. Remember that everyone, and seriously every human being, is allowed to have their own thoughts and share those thoughts, you may not agree and thats okay!! It’s okay to have difference of opinion, however it is not okay to jump to conclusions and be hateful towards eachother. I’ll end this post with this “Be Nice To Nice”

Think before you tweet, and challenge yourself to see from a different point of view, its all about respect. We wouldn’t want any of this drama to affect the boys to the point where they feel they can’t do anything anymore. I know they have thought they were being discreet by talking about how they get papped everywhere, can’t leave their hotel rooms, or its too dangerous to meet fans. They haven’t been, the message was made loud and clear how they feel and its our job to maybe make a difference. I’m not saying don’t stalk the crap out of them till you meet them, I encourage that, but be respectful, if they don’t stop remember they don’t have to. They don’t owe us anything, lets just sit back and enjoy the music and wherever this wild ride takes us.

Please please please comment or tweet me because I really want to know your opinions on all this. Also if you made it this far bless you 🙂


21 of Harry Styles Best Interview Moments

Hello!! Today marks the last day of Harry’s Birthday Week! 6 posts all in one week dedicated to the beautiful human that has proven he is the perfect combination of sexy and cute. To wrap up the week I figured why not focus on Harry’s best interview moments! The times that made us laugh until we peed, the times that made us face palm, and all the times in between. Considering they have done dozens and dozens of interviews I am sure I have forgotten many moments so feel free to post your fave interview video in the comments!

Hope you all enjoyed Harry week and if you are new to my blog today you can check out all the others.

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21 Times Harry Styles Was A Cupcake

Also I wanna give a massive thank you to my guest bloggers Leah, Michele, and Crystal! Love you girls so much and your help is greatly appreciated!

1. That time Harry said his pet peeve was when girls spit

Dirty minded people!

2. This entire interview

From when they imitate mad Liam, talk about tampons, explain how pretty Zayn is and of course Tamworth

**If you didn’t know Tamworth has a lot of strip clubs

3. When he was so drunk at the Brits

That laugh omg I can’t!! Whats better than drunk Harry!

4. When he said it looked like a porn background

Also this whole selfie video is too adorable not to share, watch his face light up when they talk about the children

5. When he showed Ellen that her question was dumb

6. This Is Us Niall and Harry interviews

I can’t even pick a single moment, all of it is just pure gold

7. His roller coaster interview


8. When everything is positive…almost

 Best Answer Ever to a compliment

9. London’s quite big


but I love it

10. The legendary Mexico interview where he had no idea what to do 

Seriously take the time to watch this whole interview if you have never seen it

11. Alan Carr!!

I think Alan Carr interviews are my favorite of all time

12. Sugarscape with Louis

This one goes out to all the Larry shippers out there, who takes the front and who goes behind? Could have just asked who comes in first place…

13. I was in Norway…

During the Four Hangout Harry tries to explain about a time he was in Norway but no one allows him to speak

14. Sugarscape early days

Diagrams, boobs, laughter, bed wetting, classic

15. I was on a train..

His face the entire time he makes the realization

16. Two bananas for a pound, Three bananas for a Euro!!!

17. When he was asked if he has extensions

Drops the mic

18. 1D day

19. I like nice views

“What have you learned….how to appreciate a good view”

20. X factor interview

I had to include Harry’s first ever interview

Did you know he worked in a bakery?

21. No fooking way

That’s the end of your birthday week Harry


Thank you to everyone who read my posts all week! I hope you enjoyed!

OTRA starts in 13 hours and I’m staying up all night for it!! Don’t forget to comment your favorite One Direction Interview! All the Love xx

21 Times Harry Styles Was A Cupcake

***Hello Harry Styles Loving Humans!! its Day 5 of Harry Week! Today I invited my fellow 1DAF fan and friend Crystal to make a post about Harry. Our text conversations usually include us sending Harry pictures and screaming “CUPCAKE!” No lie my phone will always autocorrect CUPCAKE to all caps. Since Harry is almost the most adorable thing on the planet, here is post dedicated just to that!

Hi everybody! My name is Crystal and I’m addicted to One Direction *Hi Crystal*. I saw one picture of Harry on tumblr in 2011 that sparked my interest about the band and my first tumblr post about them was asking if they were gay. I also thought curly haired Liam and short haired Liam were two different people… After binge watching interview after interview, videos on the stairs, X-Factor performances I was hooked on the group that I now refer to as The Goon Fest. Shelley and I met on a Jonas Brothers forum back in 2009, (the fangirl life requires that you meet people on the internet even if it’s against you parents rules). Internet friends are better anyways. In 2013 she asked me to attend Take Me Home with her because let’s face it, at 18 years old, nobody but us liked One Direction. We went, we had fun, Harry Styles waved at us and ever since then we’ve been so far up their asses there’s no turning back now. In honor of Harry’s 21st birthday, Shelley has asked me to guest blog. Harry is sunshine and happiness and he’s the cutest cupcake that’s ever existed. Now I don’t mean a delicious mini cake that can also be described as a little piece of heaven. When I call Harry a cupcake, it’s usually because he’s done something so ridiculously adorable I can’t stand it. According to Urban Dictionary, we have the same opinion on the matter. hazza

Join me as I dive into 21 times he’s made me cry because he’s the cutest little cupcake that’s ever existed. Ugh, brace yourselves…

1. That one time Jimmy Kimmel decided the “cutest selfie ever” was a thing that needed to exist…


Excuse me I think not.


2. When he met Ian McKellen… Now let me tell you, I love The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit trilogies. Not only was my inner fangirl crying, my inner nerd was screaming for joy.


“You’re amazing.” –Harry

“So are you.” –Ian McKellen bYE

3. Harry on Sesame Street was enough to give me a stroke.


He’s literally using the U’s eyes as his own. I don’t get it either, Zayn. Like how is one person allowed to be THAT adorable about 89% of the time?

4. The “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” cover…

haz and jimmy

5. “One Way or Another” music video.




6. “Kiss You” music video 


7. “Night Changes” music video 





9. The time he twerked on National television and instantly regretted it. 


10. Nobody should look this adorable wearing cheese on their head.


11. Even when he mocks pregnant women he’s a cupcake. 




13. Every time that he’s shared his dumb jokes

. jokesjokes2

14. I can’t even explain this one… 


15. Gillette Stadium, I WAS THERE BYEEEE

16. TMH Tour Harry was a whole other level of cupcake 


17. This moment made the most stable person unstable. 


18. Sassy Harry…. 

sass ……who can’t stay sassy bc he’s a cupcake. sassay

19. Harry the family man = C U P C A K E


20. Harry and children= Cupcake with extra cupcake

haz and kids 3

haz and kids haz and kids2sgsdfgdfg

21. His smile is the icing on the cupcake.


asdkfjdklf sdlfkadlf

ew, stop.

There you have it. 21 time Harry Styles was a cupcake. I’m gonna go lie face down on the floor and try to process my feelings after that. Check out the video I made for Harry’s Birthday- “21 Reasons Why I Love Harry Styles”, because I really, really, really, love the cupcake that is Harry Styles.

21 Times Harry Styles Thought He Was a Good Dancer

Harry’s birthday week still continues! It wouldn’t be a One Direction tour if Harry Styles didn’t run around dancing like an idiot for two hours with his best mates. Could you imagine if he just stood there and sang? Would you still buy a ticket? HOPEFULLY YOU SAID YES BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE FOR THE MUSIC, but if not it’s totally fine. I’m sure most of you have seen all the gifs and all the vines and can even mimic some of his “choreography” from This Is Us or the Where We Are Tour. I figured why not make a post about his top 21 dance moves he loves to bust and some that he has only graced us with one or two times. Either way the little fucker just can’t stand still.

1. Lets start with whatever this one is…

I call this one “Shoo fly don’t bother me I’m fabulous”

and who knows what this is

or this

2. He also likes to punch the air

But luckily as he’s gotten older he’s gotten better at it

To the point where it’s become so sexual I don’t know what to do with myself


3. Sometimes he thinks he is cabaret singer and he caresses his microphone

4. A pro at thrusting his hips

6. The shoulder shake

which luckily he brought back

7. “Gimme Gimme Shimmy Shimmy” – an evolution of the shoulder shake

8. Of course the ice skate dance-that adorable little shit

9. His special dance with Zayn

36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees

10. The swimmah

11. The sprinklah

one direction animated GIF

12. The ballerina twirl

What a beautiful ballerina

13. Any shirtless dance from 1D Day clips

Might just be my favorite of all time

14. The “I don’t have a voice so I might as well just make an idiot of myself tonight” dance

Edinburgh has no idea how lucky they were

15. The “Let Me Pretend I’m Niall the Irish Princess” dance

harry styles animated GIF

Narry for life, they have enough dancing moments for their own post (hint hint)

16. This sexual movement

17. The old man dance

one direction animated GIF

18. The Michael Jackson power grip

19. The “Let Me Make Fun of This Girl in the Audience” dance

Featuring “Wow she has to pee”

“She shouldn’t have worn a strapless”

and this gem

20. The “Throw Your Hands in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care dance

36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees

21. And of course the Better Than Words dance, accompanied by Harry’s impression of a whale


Keep being you Styles, bad dancing and all 🙂


21 Times Harry Permanently Inked His Body and I Was Okay With It

Harry’s birthday may have been a few days ago but that doesn’t mean I have to stop celebrating it!! When I think of Harry Styles many things come to mind such as cupcake, bananas, pointless tweets, hysterical stories, and of course tattoos. As of 2015 the boy is covered in 56 of them. Tattoos in the strangest places and of the weirdest things. Leah, who you met as my guest blogger, made me a canvas with all his tattoos on it. Every now and then I look at it and laugh at some of the choices he has made and images that are now permanent on his body. In honor of the 21st Birthday, I made a compilation of 21 of my favorite Harry tattoos. They are no way in order and they aren’t even half of what he has but these are the 21 tats that I actually love.

**Disclaimer-the ferns on his hips are not included because I am mad they cover his beautiful V-lines

1. Mermaid- As a lover of Disney and nautical things, I could not have been more thrilled when Harry added this creation to his forearm. Its not a traditional mermaid considering its boobs and female parts are on full display but I still think it works great with his collection since he has some nautical things. I also like how it is black and white like the majority of his tattoos

“I am a mermaid”-Harry Styles

2. Doves- I’m sure by now everyone has seen Harry’s dove tattoos that adorn his upper chest. There have been many theories for what these tattoos mean. On the Ellen show he said that they reminded him of old sailor tattoos, similar to the feel of the mermaid. I have also heard that one Dove is purposely bigger than the other to symbolize his older sister Gemma and for Harry as the little dove and the little brother. Either way I find this tattoo adorable and a signature Harry Styles tattoo.

3. The moth- Also known as the butterfly. I remember waking up to Twitter one day and seeing that Harry had imprinted this on the middle of his chest. This was also the moment I realized that Harry is a puzzle that isn’t meant to be solved and that most of the choices he makes in life are not meant to be understood. I love this stupid little moth and it makes shirtless pictures of Harry much more interesting. The doves and the moth make a beautiful combo. Also shout out to the four nips!

4. Green Bay Logo- Some of the most devoted Green Bay fans don’t have Green Bay tattooed on them but of course this adorable British boy does. I just find this one so funny because he isn’t even American and Green Bay is such a random team for a foreigner to support. Harry truly loves Green Bay as shown by his tweets to them, and his numerous beanies and sweatshirts supporting the team.

5. Anchor- I would have to say this is my favorite Harry tattoo, or second favorite, actually I can’t pick a favorite but I really really like this one. Being from Rhode Island where the anchor is on our state flag and having such a love for the ocean, Harry having an anchor tattoo makes my life. I also really like the placement and how it wraps around his wrist.

6. Booze you Lose- I love this tattoo for two reasons: 1) It is in support of a charity for cancer research 2) Considering the numerous drunk photos of him I think its very ironic. I also find that this tattoo is great for crafting for any Harry lovers that are turning 21. It’s a silly tattoo that perfectly sums up an aspect of his life.

7. Screw tattoo-  Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn have this little X matching tattoo and I think its adorable. I would imagine if Niall ever got a tattoo he would get this screw. Or you know he would get 1D AF tattooed on his ass. I like to imagine the screws keep them grounded.

8. Gemma in Arabic- Harry has a few tattoos dedicated to Gemma and I think its absolutely adorable. I doubt my brother would ever tattoo my name on his body or even his initial. Harry and Gemma are just adorable siblings and if she ever thinks he doesn’t love her, she can remember her name is permanently on him.

9. Shaking hands- This tattoo just proves to the world how much of a loving person Harry is. He is always reminding people to be kind and “be nice to nice” and I feel that the handshake tattoo just symbolizes love for humans and overall peace and equality.

10. The ship- The ship is very important because is part of Haylor. Whether you liked them or not I still think its adorable she went with him to get a ship tattoo. It adds to his nautical collection and for all we know it was a discreet message to the fans to ship him and Taylor (def not but who knows). I like the actual design of it too. Look at his little cupcake face!

11. The Rose- I may have said this before but I’m not sure, but I am a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma..and our flower is the Rose! We literally get a rose for every special event so I was so excited when Harry got a rose tattoo. Even more excited to find out that he got it for a fan with cancer if I remember the story correctly. Also he is a boy with a flower tattoo and it just makes him very sweet and humble.

12. 17 Black- I have no knowledge about why he has this tattoo or what it means but i just like the font of it.

13. Star- Gotta give some love for his first ever tattoo. This tattoo can tell you exactly how old Harry is based on if it is filled in or not or if its one of the only ones on his arm. Either way its such a basic tattoo and I think its adorable

14. Hi– This tattoo just signifies what a little shit he is. I know there is a whole story that its the first words Larry said and blah blah blah but I just think it was him just being a fucker and wanting a friendly greeting on his arm

15. Dark side of the moon– As a huge fan of the Zayn and Harry FRIENDSHIP bromance I love that they share this tattoo. Also its such an iconic graphic that looks really cool.

16. G for Gemma- I just love Harry and Gemma’s sibling relationship okay

New tattoo alert! A cursive ‘g’ ? Any guesses about this one? I like this, simple and mysterious xox

17. A for Anne– Because Harry loves his mother so much, he also has a normal A on his arm but I like the cursive one more

18. Won’t Stop Till We Surrender- I think it’s a cute quote 🙂

19. Crown- Because he knows his is King. Who has toe tattoos? Harry Styles thats who

20. Never Gonna Dance Again- I love that its on his ankles and I love that he does not take the advice of this tattoo because what would the world be without Harry Styles dancing… (hint hint Harry dance moves post coming soon!!)

side note can we talk about his legs jesus christ

21. PINGU- Pingu is a British childrens show..this is him. Harry is a child in case you didn’t know 🙂

Those are 21 of my favorite Harry Styles tattoos!

21 Tweets From User Harry Underscore Styles.

**Today I figured I would feature another guest blogger! I found Michele through her hilarious twitter account and figured why not ask her to use her sense of humor to make a post about @harry_styles ridiculously confusing tweets! I hope you enjoy and follow her blog HERE

Hi everyone!,

My name is Michele (@1d_overeighteen on twitter) and I am hopelessly in love with One Direction:) I am beyond happy that Shelley asked me to write on her blog and the fact that she asked me to write about my tiny frog son has made me 10x happier! Harry is literally my sunshine on rainy days and although I call him my frog son I do realize that he has grown up to be such a handsome and good man, he is polite, kind and always so giving. The one thing that has not changed about Harry since he made his twitter back in 2010, is his ability to tweet the most ridiculous things that leave us all contemplating the meaning of life.

What the absolute fuck would we do without Harry Styles tweeting??

The boy likes to keep his tweets just as he likes to keep every other aspect of his life, confusing and turning us all into very anxious, jealous, confused and aroused fangirls.

First off this is the face I picture Harry making after typing out his meaningful tweets. When I say meaningful I actually mean confusing:


“That tweet will be sure to confuse the shit out of them this time”
-Probably Harry



I’m Sorry, did you drop acid before sending this tweet??



Except Ketchup! Harry that shit stains.



This is one of those things that you would have never realized or never needed to know but hey, now ya know.



So think..your telling us to think?



This one just completely contradicts the whole “talk to yourself. just don’t answer yourself back” tweet.






Now picture Harry’s hair blowing in the wind as he comes sliding on his tummy down a slip and slide.




What kind of games would you be referring to? Could it perhaps be MONOPOLY..

So here are the monopoly pieces,

And I am just not sure if Harold would be the boat, the hat, the shoe or the little cool car?? They all individually tell me a lot about Harry as a person so could really be any of them.









Just because he is a kind soul.


twenty two

twentu threeWhy am I aroused???


twenty four

I don’t think thats a complete thought..



He was probably upside down in some odd yoga pose when he tweeted this.



Now this one could potentially be relatable.. but then I remember that Harry doesn’t have or do homework and so what on earth is he fucking talking about?


This tweet actually made me laugh because it was clearly a group joke between Harry, Candle and Cara, yet half the fandom was like “OMFG HARRY BOUGHT LOUIS A BUCKET HAT MY ASS IS FALLING OUT OF MY EAR THIS IS AMAZINGGINNJJKKKAA”

Like what?

I actually think thats the best thing about Harrys tweets is all fans replies, they usually look like this:

A. Spam spam spam

B.Changing his words so it looks as if the tweet was for/ about Louis.


C. Always gotta have that one girl that just can not control herself. #nocontrol

D. Confused




Especially Louis.



Friend: a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile -Dictionary.com

Pal: a very close, intimate friend; comrade; chum. -Dictionary.com

This one makes sense when you look it up.



Why was this the first thing I thought of?



Im just gonna leave that right there.


Judging by your tweets darling, we also think you think you think too much.

Love you dork! Happy birthday.

xoxo -Michele ( Mytrainheadingsomewhere.blogspot.com )

21 Times Harry Styles Drove Me to Drink

**Hey everyone! So this week one of my most favorite people in existence turns 21! Since 21 is the biggest birthday that gets celebrated until 30 or 50, I figured why not go all out. So it is officially HARRY STYLES BIRTHDAY WEEK!! on this blog. I have 7 posts planned to celebrate the human that is Harry Edward Styles. To kick the week off I asked my friend Leah to do a guest post! Leah and I have become so close since our WWA date and I spent the summer giving her a crash course in 1D 101 and now she is caught up on the year she missed. She may be a Zayn girl but we almost always talk about this little shit. I’m so excited for this week and I hope you are too. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY HARRY!!!**

This past August I was dragged to a One Direction concert because my best friend Maddie said she’d “literally die” if she didn’t see Harry Styles in person. I didn’t get why she wanted me to spend over $100 on one of Taylor Swift’s old boyfriends, but as soon as that fucker started singing Midnight Memories I was hooked and I immediately understood why Maddie loved this guy so much. Fast-forward a few months later and I’m now officially a One Direction fan (with love for all the boys) but sometimes Harry can be too much to handle. So here are the 21 times that Harry Styles made me want to drink myself into a coma.

21) This entire photo-shoot: Nothing is better than a tan Harry in plaid with dimples galore

  Harry Styles fabulous magazine

20) When he made this face

and this one

and these

19) The day he decided to make a manbun, and managed to make it look better than any bun I have ever made in all of my 20 years of existence

18) That time he thought it would be ok to lick his fingers but thousands of people died

harry styles licking his fingers #2

17) The few times he’s worn glasses

16) When he wore a Christmas jumper and rocked it

15) When he had that James Dean daydream look in his eye

which was quite a few times

14) Whenever he looks like a model without even trying (which is a lot)

13) The day this photo came out and everything was right in the world

12) When he perfected the subtle and not-so-subtle crotch grab

“this is a family show” oh ok

22 Sexual Moments From The One Direction Tour That Will Make You Squeal

11) This scavenger hunt

10) When the godsend that is Zayn had to save his life

9) Anytime he made a weird face on stage

love animated GIF

8) Drunk Harry, who might just be the best Harry





I mean come on



Please take me with you next time

7) The fucking ice skate dance and all of Night Changes

6) When the idiot forgot what hand had the mic in it

5) When Liam did the world a favor and pantsed him

4) When he summed up all my feelings about winter in five words

3) When he was too adorable and the world couldn’t take it anymore


2) Anytime snapback fratboy Harry happened


I miss this Harry and think he should come back

1) And finally, the best song ever music video, all of it, because he is absolutely perfect in it

Happy 21st birthday Harry, see you in Boston!

All the love,

A Boston Belle

Go Patriots