21 Times Harry Styles Thought He Was a Good Dancer

Harry’s birthday week still continues! It wouldn’t be a One Direction tour if Harry Styles didn’t run around dancing like an idiot for two hours with his best mates. Could you imagine if he just stood there and sang? Would you still buy a ticket? HOPEFULLY YOU SAID YES BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE FOR THE MUSIC, but if not it’s totally fine. I’m sure most of you have seen all the gifs and all the vines and can even mimic some of his “choreography” from This Is Us or the Where We Are Tour. I figured why not make a post about his top 21 dance moves he loves to bust and some that he has only graced us with one or two times. Either way the little fucker just can’t stand still.

1. Lets start with whatever this one is…

I call this one “Shoo fly don’t bother me I’m fabulous”

and who knows what this is

or this

2. He also likes to punch the air

But luckily as he’s gotten older he’s gotten better at it

To the point where it’s become so sexual I don’t know what to do with myself


3. Sometimes he thinks he is cabaret singer and he caresses his microphone

4. A pro at thrusting his hips

6. The shoulder shake

which luckily he brought back

7. “Gimme Gimme Shimmy Shimmy” – an evolution of the shoulder shake

8. Of course the ice skate dance-that adorable little shit

9. His special dance with Zayn

36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees

10. The swimmah

11. The sprinklah

one direction animated GIF

12. The ballerina twirl

What a beautiful ballerina

13. Any shirtless dance from 1D Day clips

Might just be my favorite of all time

14. The “I don’t have a voice so I might as well just make an idiot of myself tonight” dance

Edinburgh has no idea how lucky they were

15. The “Let Me Pretend I’m Niall the Irish Princess” dance

harry styles animated GIF

Narry for life, they have enough dancing moments for their own post (hint hint)

16. This sexual movement

17. The old man dance

one direction animated GIF

18. The Michael Jackson power grip

19. The “Let Me Make Fun of This Girl in the Audience” dance

Featuring “Wow she has to pee”

“She shouldn’t have worn a strapless”

and this gem

20. The “Throw Your Hands in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care dance

36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees

21. And of course the Better Than Words dance, accompanied by Harry’s impression of a whale


Keep being you Styles, bad dancing and all 🙂


2 thoughts on “21 Times Harry Styles Thought He Was a Good Dancer

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