21 of Harry Styles Best Interview Moments

Hello!! Today marks the last day of Harry’s Birthday Week! 6 posts all in one week dedicated to the beautiful human that has proven he is the perfect combination of sexy and cute. To wrap up the week I figured why not focus on Harry’s best interview moments! The times that made us laugh until we peed, the times that made us face palm, and all the times in between. Considering they have done dozens and dozens of interviews I am sure I have forgotten many moments so feel free to post your fave interview video in the comments!

Hope you all enjoyed Harry week and if you are new to my blog today you can check out all the others.

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Also I wanna give a massive thank you to my guest bloggers Leah, Michele, and Crystal! Love you girls so much and your help is greatly appreciated!

1. That time Harry said his pet peeve was when girls spit

Dirty minded people!

2. This entire interview

From when they imitate mad Liam, talk about tampons, explain how pretty Zayn is and of course Tamworth

**If you didn’t know Tamworth has a lot of strip clubs

3. When he was so drunk at the Brits

That laugh omg I can’t!! Whats better than drunk Harry!

4. When he said it looked like a porn background

Also this whole selfie video is too adorable not to share, watch his face light up when they talk about the children

5. When he showed Ellen that her question was dumb

6. This Is Us Niall and Harry interviews

I can’t even pick a single moment, all of it is just pure gold

7. His roller coaster interview


8. When everything is positive…almost

 Best Answer Ever to a compliment

9. London’s quite big


but I love it

10. The legendary Mexico interview where he had no idea what to do 

Seriously take the time to watch this whole interview if you have never seen it

11. Alan Carr!!

I think Alan Carr interviews are my favorite of all time

12. Sugarscape with Louis

This one goes out to all the Larry shippers out there, who takes the front and who goes behind? Could have just asked who comes in first place…

13. I was in Norway…

During the Four Hangout Harry tries to explain about a time he was in Norway but no one allows him to speak

14. Sugarscape early days

Diagrams, boobs, laughter, bed wetting, classic

15. I was on a train..

His face the entire time he makes the realization

16. Two bananas for a pound, Three bananas for a Euro!!!

17. When he was asked if he has extensions

Drops the mic

18. 1D day

19. I like nice views

“What have you learned….how to appreciate a good view”

20. X factor interview

I had to include Harry’s first ever interview

Did you know he worked in a bakery?

21. No fooking way

That’s the end of your birthday week Harry


Thank you to everyone who read my posts all week! I hope you enjoyed!

OTRA starts in 13 hours and I’m staying up all night for it!! Don’t forget to comment your favorite One Direction Interview! All the Love xx


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