25 Reasons to Love Zoella!

25 years ago on March 28th Zoe Elizabeth Sugg was born.

Now you might not know who she is, but she is the Queen of Youtube. Zoe has over 7 million subscribers and makes all sorts of videos ranging from make-up tutorials to hysterical collaborations with all her Youtube friends! I found Zoe on Youtube in 2013, I wanna say it was after the Disney Challenge she did with Tyler Oakley during his collaboration month. Well since then I have been hooked. I watch all her new videos seconds after they are posted, I make life changes to be more like her in terms of doing what makes me happy. And of course since she is gorgeous I have declared her my role model and follow all of her beauty advice. I can’t express how much I absolutely love Zoe Sugg. She feels like a best friend or older sister, and if you have ever seen footage of her meeting fans, you know she feels the same way about her viewers. So here are just 25 of the many many reasons that I love Zoella!


1. She loves Disney

Zoe is always singing Disney songs, watching Disney movies, or wearing Disney clothing

2. Zalfie (Zoe and Alfie)

Zalfie is one of my OTPs. they are such an adorable couple and I love watching them play house and spend time together. Watching Zoe’s vlog and then watching Alfie’s vlog to see more of Zoe is just part of the daily routine

3. Her friendship with other Youtubers

Basically everyone in the Youtube community loves Zoe and they are all such good friends

(Joey, Tyler, Troye, Connor, Marcus, Tanya, Sacconejolys, Joe, Caspar etc)

4. Her inspirational quotes

5. She isn’t afraid to be herself

6. She speaks up about her anxiety

7. She loves One Direction

Shes interviewed them, been to their concerts, and Harry and Niall follow her, literally perfect

In case you didn’t know…Zoe is the reason that Narry did the Chubby Bunny challenge

8. She’s just a bundle of joy

9. She has her own beauty line


10. And her own book (I read this and absolutely loved it! Such a cute story!)

11. She loves her guinea pigs

12. She has perfect ombre hair

She recently cut it but I mean come on she has the most gorgeous hair

13. Her makeup skills

( I religiously watch her make up videos because she is so good and has great ideas! She also has the best wings)

14. Her love of Emilia and Eduardo

15. Her friendship with Louise

16. Her love of Christmas and Baking

17. When she laughs until she cries

18. How she falls alseep before the end of her vlogs

19. Her love of Brighton

Zoe loves Brighton so much that I want to go there more than I want to go to London

20. Her sense of fashion

Have you seen her lookbooks?

21. She can pull off anything

22. Her love of singing

23. Her obsession with Rose Gold

Just count how many times she says Rose Gold

24. Charitable

Does she sing professionally? No

Was she asked to be a part of the Band Aid single this year? Yes

25. How much she cares for her fans

This vlog made me cry so hard because she thought out and planned a new meet and greet experience so she could talk to everyone and meet them and get to know them. What other person would spend 7 hours doing a meet greet and spending equal time with everyone? No one, and that is why Zoe is one of my absolute favorite humans

Happy 25th Birthday Zoe Elizabeth Sugg! I love you so so much and hope you have an amazing day with all your loved ones!