21 Struggles of Being a 21+ One Direction Fan

Hello again! Recently one of my mutuals made a Podcast with an episode dedicated to discussing the fans who are 20 something who enjoy One Direction.

This podcast got me thinking about how much being 21 and a fan of One Direction really entails. While there are many plus sides to being able to enjoy some wine and watch Where We Are San Siro. (If you haven’t yet check out the drinking game I made for it HERE!) There are many downsides, first world problems, and struggles with being a 21+ fan of One Direction. Also I’m going to include Zayn in some parts because I am still in denial.

1. The ever popular comment you are too old to like them

Okay so lets take a look at everyone birthday and ages shall we?

Louis Tomlinson born December 24, 1991 Age 23
Zayn Malik born January 12 1993 Age 22 (he’s a normal 22 year old in case you didn’t know)
Liam Payne born August 29 1993 Age 21
Niall Horan born September 16 1993 Age 21
Harry Styles born February 1 1994 Age 21

…So you’re telling me that I’m too old to like a band of guys that are my age or older? K cool


2.  The overwhelming want to go clubbing with them

You desperately wish you could teleport to any of the clubs the boys are papped partying at simply because you are old enough to be there and drink with them.

I can’t even tell you how badly I have wanted to go to Funky Buddha, or go clubbing with Louis in LA

3. You wish more than anything you could grab a few pints with Niall

It’s no secret that Niall loves beer and its no secretly how badly I want to have one with him. Who wouldn’t love to sit with that adorable blonde and have a good craic with him about anything and everything


4. When this picture came out and you wanted to sit down with Harry and pound them back together more than anything

Embedded image permalink

5.  Being old enough to understand the sexual themes of their songs

I mean this isn’t exactly a struggle but it is when EVERYONE thinks that all their songs are like What Makes You Beautiful and that their music hasn’t evolved or matured in any way shape or form

6. You were old enough to drink yourself into a coma the day that Zayn announced he quit

Raise your hand if you drank at any point of the grieving process of dealing with Zayn leaving the band knowing that alcohol does not solve problems but it eased the pain.

7.  You have to deal with wanting 1D merch but then realizing it looks like this

fuck it I still own half that shit

8.  In people’s minds this is One Direction

You have to deal with people thinking they are still fetuses instead of the five hot as fuck sex gods they have grown up to be

9. Immature young fans

It sucks having to deal with these fans because they find the need to attack older ones. Not sure if they have noticed but the boys have more mature music now and despite what Mr. Styles says…their concerts are FAR from a FAMILY SHOW.

It does suck though knowing they will never look at you with as much love and joy as they do a 5 year old little girl with pigtails, but hey at the end of the day who can legally fuck them? Us

10. You live with the hope that you have a better chance with the boys because of how close you are in age

How many times do you catch yourself thinking. “well if I just bumped into them I’m sure they would be into it”

11. Hearing the boys swear turns you on more than it makes you giggle



12. You have to plan your classes and work around your fangirl schedule

Since I started college I never had a class before 10am just so I could be ready for any ticket sales and tour announcements. I also would get homework done early if I knew the boys would be on television or at an award show.

13. Whenever you go out you have to deal with the fact that you are surrounded by men who will never compare to Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry or Zayn…but you talk to them anyway

One time I went out and saw a man with a manbun, Naturally I told him that I liked his bun and he said that I could touch it. To this I replied “LOL UR NOT HARRY STYLES BYEEE”

14. Your drinking abilities lead to very drunk and dirty thoughts about One Direction

I truly have no shame so enjoy some of my drunk tweeting treasures


15. You have to pay for your own concert tickets

Saying “It’s for my birthday!, just doesn’t fly anymore

16. You have missed some important things in the fandom because of work or class

Or if you’re like me you sat at work and silently watched a live stream of the the London This Is Us premiere silently in  your cubicle


17. You have to deal with stubborn DJs who refuse to play any One Direction

We’ve all gone out and dealt with that dick who no matter how many times you beg or bribe them, they won’t play One Direction. I mean it’s kinda true but that one bar DJ recognizes you and and will always play the WMYB remix just for you that gets you dancing on the table.


18. You have to decide between getting shitfaced or being coherent for OTRA

You wanna be sober and take in the whole experience yet you know with a nice buzz that the concert could be more than you ever imagined!! Currently I’m leaning towards shitfaced so I could have hallucinations that Zayn is still onstage.


19. When meeting people you have to test the waters about whether or not you should let them know about your obsession

20. You have to be careful of your 1D filter in mixed company so you don’t freak someone out or spill the beans to early

Major deal breaker if you relate something to 1D in any typical adult conversation

21. You have to deal with insane judgement from everyone, including parents, siblings, family, peers

It totally sucks that no one understands what we go through. But at the end of the day this band makes you happy, allows you to be yourself, and you would take all these struggles any day to get to experience the joy One Direction brings



A Not So Pointless Day Meeting Aflie Deyes!!

By now I’m sure you all now how utterly obsessed I am with Zoella, or Zoe Sugg. The woman with over 7 million subscribers who is my absolute role model in life (Zoe Blog Post). If you aren’t familiar with the YouTube world, (although if you clicked on this I’m guessing you know Alfie is but here is in case you don’t)

Alfie and Zoe are in a relationship and one of my Top 10 OTPs. So a few days ago I was watching one of his vlogs and saw that he announced he would be doing a book signing in Boston! Boston is about an hour from where I live and due to the fact that I would never make it to a Playlist or Vidcon, I decided that I would go to his book signing!! On May 26th I traveled to Boston with my friend Tara at 10:30am to get his book in order to guarantee that I would meet him later at 6pm. Alfie was on tour to promote his Pointless Book 2. A book full of activities and thought provoking prompts to fill in the lulls of the day.

Barnes and Noble in the Prudential Center opened at 9am and that’s when books would first be sold. I had never done one of these events before and had no clue what time I should arrive so that I could get a book and get a wristband. We went as early as we could and guaranteed our spot. The book was only $13.50 and with the inexpensiveness of the T, it was a less than $20 journey to meet Alfie! Being a fangirl I’m used to spending over $300 to meet my favorite celebrities so this experience was quite refreshing. After waiting for hours and hours and meeting some pretty cool people, it was finally time to meet Alfie! Luckily Alfie vlogged the day so I have screen grabs to talk about our interaction!

So I walk in and he immediately reaches his hands out to give me a hug. His plan was to hug everyone so it was nothing special. I hug him and I tell him that I’m so glad he is tall and he says he is glad I am tall too! So I ask for a hugging picture and this was the result. I am in LOVEEE with it!

I have learned through my meet and greet experiences, that if you start a convo with the person, you get more time with them and are less likely to be rushed. Knowing this I decided that I would ask Alfie a few questions so that I can have more time with him. I don’t just do hi and bye, especially after waiting for such a long time. So I turn to Alfie and ask him to do a favor for me, I ask him to do ‘GOOOOD MORNINGGGG GUYSSSS” like he does at the start of every vlog. To this, Alfie just kicks his head back and cackles because I caught him off guard.

I even tried to guilt him into it by pouting which prompted a second hug that he initiated. In the end he ended up doing a very toned down version of it because he didn’t want to upset me which was really sweet. He still did the hand motion and he even tried to get out of it by telling ME to do it! I told him it wouldn’t be the same without his voice.

Here is the vlog if you want to see! I come in about 8:24-8:26

Its Been a While


I can’t believe its been over a month since I last sat down and made a blog post. If you are a loyal reader I apologize but I doubt that this blog has any loyal readers. In all honesty a lot has happened since I last blogged on April 25th. One Direction has been on their break from OTRA before it starts up again in a few weeks, Nick Jonas has literally been everywhere, Taylor Swift is continuously killing the game, and all while this is happening I have managed to graduate!! That’s right, the owner of this fangirl blog now has her degree in Accounting and is now considered a real human. But lets be honest, I have no plans on ever ending the fangirl life no matter what life throws at me. There were numerous events happening at college as I prepared for graduation and I just wanted to step back and enjoy the time with my friends as we spent some of our last moments together.

Embedded image permalink

(Had to thank Jonas and 1D, they kept me sane all these years)

However, now that its all over and I need something to distract myself while I’m on the job hunt and depressed about post grad life, I am going to fully dedicate myself to this blog. In the past I know I got a few views and didn’t think much of it. Most posts were about One Direction and fans from all over the world were reading them. It wasn’t until I took this long break and realized that without any promotion, tweeting of the link, or new posts, that I was getting over 20+ views a day! Its not about the views but its not like I want to feel worthless by spending my time writing and having no one even care to read it. So after a long break I am going to truly try to make this a DAILY dose of fangirl. So buckle up and get ready for some fun because I am back!!!

Also please feel free to comment or tweet me (@shelleyann1817) about anything I write! I love to hear feedback and even engage in conversation about some of the things I say! Please please please I would love to interact with you all! Also if there is a post you would like to see me make, an event that you would like me to talk about, just let me know!

All the Love

Shelley xx (Dailydoseoffangirl)