OTRA is Back: Dream Tour Setlist!!

Ello everybody!!!! (Not a typo I am trying to sound British) How ha doinggg? So today is June 4th which means just one more day until Liam, Harry, Louis, and Niall take the stage again on their world tour On The Road Again!!! Can you believe this long ass break is almost over!

It’s no surprise that the boys have been teasing and promoting a new setlist for this leg of the tour. I figured it would be fun for me and you guys to create dream setlists! I really want this blog to be more interactive and voice more opinions in the comments and things other than my own. So here is my dream OTRA setlist and I highly encourage you to either tweet me (@shelleyann1817) or comment on this post YOUR dream setlist! I drafted this on my phone way before the first leg even began so enjoy!

A setlist is usually about 20 something songs and since its OTRA and not WWA 2.0 I think the boys should sing all 12 songs from Four and two bonus songs! In this dream setlist the boys can sing the whole album AND their other hits! Then I think they should of course sing their most popular singles and some upbeat tracks from the other albums. Keep in mind I made this before Zayn decided to peace out.

Please tweet me or comment your dream Setlist! I would love to get to know my readers so feel free to leave your name, age, your fav boy, your fav song, your fav album, and a fun fact not about 1D!

My Dream OTRA setlist (in no order)

Steal My Girl

Ready to Run

Where Do Broken Hearts Go


Fools Gold

Night Changes


No Control

Girl Almighty



Stockholm Syndrome

Change Your Ticket

Act My Age (I know its not everyone’s fav but think how much fun the boys would have performing it)

Best Song Ever

You and I


Live While We’re Young

Little Things

Kiss You

Cmon cmon

What Makes You Beautiful

One Thing


Story of My Life

Don’t forget to tell me about yourself below of through Twitter! Have a great day and enjoy the calm before the storm of OTRA tomorrow!