22 Reasons Why Liam Payne is the Definition of the Perfect Man

On August 29th, 1993, God’s gift to the world, Liam James Payne was born. This year he turns 22!! Liam Payne, our own superhero, the member who does the absolute most for us, and the guy who you can always depend on.
Rumors floating around? Don’t worry, Liam will be the first to clear them up.
No one is talking about Zayn leaving? Don’t you worry, Liam will write a twitlonger explaining his feelings and doing his absolute best to make sure the fans know everything is going to be okay.
He notices hate on twitter? Give it maybe an hour before he starts calling everyone out for the stupidity that is going on while also apologizing for things he shouldn’t even have to be sorry for.
Interviewer asks a horrible, intrusive, rude, or serious question? Liam will answer the question perfectly without hesitation and take care of the other boys and their media scrutiny.
I first started this blog in October 2014 and because of that I never got the chance to make a birthday post for Liam. This is Liam’s first debut on my blog and I couldn’t be happier! I have been thinking about what wonderful things I could say about Liam for months and months now, constantly drafting posts on my phone, collecting pictures, and just making sure that it would be perfect. Of course I had to consult my number one Liam girl Michele to gain approval that this post will do him justice. I have decided that Liam Payne is the definition of the perfect man, and here are just a few reasons why!
1) He takes care of his body
One would hope the perfect man would have a great bod. Liam definitely fits that criteria/

2) He cares about your safety

What is probably one of my favorite Liam twitter moments of all time. Do you see those Caps? Tell me he doesn’t care

3) He is always ready for you in bed
Liam has such a strong insta game, giving the fans exactly what they want.
He may hate spoons but who wouldn’t want to spoon with this cuddly man.

4) He takes you to both the first
and second
most magical places on earth
Who wouldn’t want to be wrapped in those muscular arms or taken on a trip to DisneyWorld?

5) He loves to admire you
Oh Liam…. stop being so cute and perfect and ughhhhh

6) Includes friends in the relationship
The perfect man should be okay with having some third wheels

7) He will do anything to entertain a child
The perfect man should be great with kids. Liam always says his next step would be to settle down and have children. STOP. BEING. SO. PERFECT.

8) He never grew up
No one wants a boring, stuffy adult. Liam is such a kid at heart

9) He values his friendships old and new
You can always find Liam hanging out with his friend Andy you know, the friend whose LIFE HE SAVED!
Liam and Andy are currently on tour together right now, as the perfect man you know he is loyal and will have a groomsman ready for the wedding.

They are more than band members, they are life long friends (low key pissed I couldn’t find a Lirry selfie, wyd

10) He loves a great night out
Who wouldn’t want to spend a night at the Funky Buddha with this life of the party

11) He always has the right answers
Just watch as he takes control of this horrible interview
Ace at interviews, he may take every question but that’s because he’s confident and knows just what to say

12) He resembles an adorable puppy
Spot the difference, you can’t

13) He asks life’s important questions


14) He knows when to be serious

15) And when to have a laugh

16) He is always looking out for others

Harry falls on his ass and while everyone is laughing Liam checks to make sure he is okay, SO CUTE

17) He has a drunk ambition to save the world

I don’t ever claim to be a good person I’m not.

But I feel that I wanna be a humanitarian with all of this attention, if that’s all i do that would make me happy.

the world needs to change, band together right now the same way me and one direction have the past few years, im a young man and to me the world is a pretty messed up place. with a huge lack of trust I don’t understand much of it but what I do hurts me entirely, the young people of today are the difference we can change the face of the earth. I’ve been around the world the past four years of my life and nothing is balanced, I’ve been a poor man and a rich man, I’ve been to strange lands and third world countries and afraid to speak out but now I really see all of us should speak out and topple the imbalance. If you can today google charity overseas, give to a third world country and help them grow I’ve been there to Ghana they don’t have anything they can’t buy food from the groceries or McDonald’s they have to get food by any mean necessary. so find a way to help donate to any charity and help change the world today. please from me”

18) He  can serenade you and surprise you with flawless note changes, even in the shower

19) He can go pretty fast

Take it how you will

20) He has all the right moves

21) He has impeccable style

22) You never have to doubt just how important you are to him whether you are his significant other
or a fan

and that is why Liam James Payne is the perfect man!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!! Thank you for another year of constantly making sure we are happy, holding this fandom together among all the drama and rumors, and absolutely killing is onstage with every note in every song. One of the most entertaining tweeters, the epitome of the perfect man, and one of the most appreciative celebrities out there. I hope you have an amazing 22nd birthday and that the audience tonight makes it an amazing day to remember xxx

Drag Me Down Music Video Reaction

It’s 5 am, finally Friday, only one more day of work until freedom! You go to grab your phone and all you see is a sea of blue because you are blind as a bat. You bring the phone closer to your face only to see a dozen @onedirection tweets, along with twitter notifications from @Niallofficial @Harry_Styles, @Louis_Tomlinson, and @Real_Liam_Payne with a link to vevo. You mutter to yourself “those little shits!

That was me this morning, when I realized that a few hours after I tweeted this…

One Direction decided to drop the video for the song Drag Me Down which they dropped on the same night only three weeks ago. As a working woman, I do not appreciate these late night shenanigans.


I have lost sleep each night living in fear they are gonna just drop more and more surprises overnight when usually I’m right in the know of everything they are up to.

I love the song even without the video, in fact I wanted to do an entire post when the song came out, but I figured I could easily talk about it with the video. I spent the past two weeks with it on repeat. To me this song means so much because it is the start of a new era. With only four boys and missing a key vocalist, the roles in the songs have changed, I love that now each boy gets a chance to really show their vocals and command a section of the song. I am in no way saying that I like them better without Zayn, I’m just saying the new dynamic works for them and I’m excited for the next album now that everyone is going after what makes them happy.

The message of the song is absolutely adorable. I can’t help but think of Gemma and Anne, and Karen and Geoff, and even Greg Horan and the entire Tomlinson clan as these boys sing about the people who have supported them all their lives. The message also transcends into being thankful for the fans, without the fans, and all the support this year, they wouldn’t be able to keep doing what they love despite the circumstances. Louis and Niall really kill it. I think their vocals on this track are so impressive. I knew with WDBHG and No Control, in addition to taking on Zayn’s solos, that this next album will feature much more Nouis, such a change from the early days, Liam’s voice is so smooth and prefect. There is never anything bad to say about Liam’s vocals, he has been consistent since day one. HARRY FUCKING STYLES, with his long notes at the end which sound even more amazing live (I mean I imagine so…I still have a few more weeks till my OTRA show…)  his voice at 1:33 where I literally die and come back to life over 100 times. Such an amazing song.

So just like any One Direction fan who is glued to twitter for constant updates and conversation, it was no secret to any of us that the video would be filmed at NASA in Texas. So this got me thinking what this concept could possibly be. Gravity. Space, zero gravity, with zero gravity there is no way the boys could be dragged down right? Can’t drag me down because no gravity right? I fully expected these boys to be flying around at NASA in a zero gravity room. I was thinking something like the bumblefuck when they were all on wires for the You & I perfume. I liked the idea of NASA it’s something different. There was also lots of pressure for this video because in addition to it being the first one without Zayn, this fandom is DETERMINED to break the VEVO record and take it back from Queen Tay.

At 5am, I watched the video and drafted the following on my phone. Here is my complete, first time ever watching the video, reaction to Drag Me Down. I threw in some gifs and stuff to make if fun but the text is all my first thoughts. Enjoy!

So fucking cute in the little suits

Obsessed with Harry’s Jacket

He literally starts singing in my face, his hair looks so amazing, his fucking jaw, his skin looks beautiful. I need a moment..

Niam in the background fooling around haha love it,

In love with Liam’s hair

Niall dressed like Harry and it’s working for him…LOVE THE PURPLE BOOTS

(if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m obsessed with Harry’s gold boots) and now Niall in colorful boots, surprised his isn’t in stripes and the Neil hat…best Niall has looked in a music video, you can fight me on this


Literally I thought they were gonna cut to Louis singing in some other location but the “5’9” lad comes from behind Harry…holy fuck, Narry laughing in the background and Niall covering his dick…

His little smile is adorable, second best Louis has looked in a music video (first being Night Changes)

LIAM LIAM LIAM being so sweaty and gorgeous, it’s like he’s at soul cycle with Harry, cannot wait for behind the scenes since they look like they are having so much fun with all the equipment

Harry and this fucking robot, how much you wanna bet he made it pick it’s nose and grab it’s dick. I also love the close up on this hands because we all know how much everyone loves Harry’s big hands

Oh shit here we have Louis driving something…lets take a walk down memory lane, when he drove the camper van and got pulled over for going too slow, when he drove the jeep and broke it, when he drove the boat in Midnight Memories, getting “pulled over” in Night Changes, and now they let Louis drive a spaceship!!!

Fuck Niall is working it!!!! He’s so proud of his chest hair, and he has so much energy, his little pelvic thrust on the beat drop


Honestly this music video cuts to so many different scenes so fast! It’s hard to take it all in!

Harold and this robot, he looks so heavenly, his fucking ringlets so perfect on his shoulder…

Liam is giving me all sorts of Captain America in training feels, my god he is rocking that sleeveless shirt and just total action movie leading man vibe.

I love that they show Louis for every Nobody Nobody because that is very important!

Harry’s hair blowing in the wind and his little…i don’t even know what to call it..maybe the dragging feet move??? Anyway I love it!!! The camera work on this is so great.

Dear god are they sending them into space??? Oh lord, is it gonna end like night changes and something goes wrong???

Little boys in their astronaut suits! Louis is so ready to go constantly smirking

Liam is flirting with this camera hardcore, I keep gasping Liam what are you doing to me!!!

Liam’s expression saying Drag Me Down…so adorable!

Niall and his vocals…plus actual Niall dancing along…recipe for my death


Please tell me they are gonna show the call and repeat part please please please!!!

Niall is sooooo smiley!!!

ALRIGHT I’m pausing right here because I fucking know the part that kills me is next and I am not ready at all for Harold to kill me

OMG NARRYYYYYYYY, Harry’s hair is all sorts of wild and I’m loving it!!

“Nothing left!”

Harry walking with the camera is CRACKING me up!! He’s walking with such haste!!!

Liam is killing it with the silent harmonies, so on point

Oh Jesus Christ he’s coming at the camera


****not making a comment on what is on the cup….but if I were to have an opinion about it I would say it was placed there to appease the Larry shippers because management knows it’s better to keep you all happy

FUCKING WALKING TO FUCK UP MY LIFE!!!! I’ve never had sexual fantasies about astronauts but I have a feeling that’s about to change

One little thing….there aren’t enough lights for the “all these lights they can’t blind me” line…it’s basically pitch black outside…

Harry should send this video in for a hair commercial campaign because every time that beat drops he is workingggggg itttt

Their looks of wonderment as they ascend in the elevator, I don’t know why but it makes me want to cry…it’s like a metaphor for watching them rise to the top. How they have done so much in five years, how this single broke records, it just gives me a lot of feels


OMG Harry has so much passion in this…he’s looking to win the Oscar or something because he is giving it his all!!! He literally just jumps right in front of everyone where did you come from!!


I’m terrified…this spaceship is going up

Harry’s notes are coming next, I really really need to pee…it’s 5am…I have work in 3 hours, I really need to pee,  I’m so anxious and hyped up and I don’t know if I’m going to make it

OH MY FUCKING GOD HARRY EDWARD STYLES THAT FACE, THAT VOICE, there is no way they lip synced this, they must have editors out the real audio, that face is so real it’s not even funny,


Final thoughts: thank the fucking lord they shipped them to space because I am so done with them. This video was amazing. Yes it’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea but it gave me just what I wanted. Each boy was fully displayed, it was completed split 4 ways and I love that, the song and the video feel equal. Space is so cool, and it’s such an out of the box concept that it works. I guess the real problem would be that this song makes me think of 1) the fans always being there 2) their families always being there…they already did the family thing, it would be unsafe to do a fan thing, so let’s just do the world a favor and ship these idiots off to space. My one wish for this video though is that it had a talking bit kinda like in BSE so we got more of a picture of what exactly was going on…instead of four men let lose at NASA…either way I love it, and will gladly contribute to the VEVO record .

THIS IS MY 50TH POST! LETS CELEBRATE! Let me know what you think!!! Tweet me @shelleyann1817 and tell your favorite moments and reactions! I would love to hear what you have to say!! Till next time, all the love x


23 Times Demi Lovato Knew Just What You Were Feeling

August 20th 1992 Demi Lovato was born! Now some on you may know her as that girl with the current hit summer song Cool for the Summer, you may know her as the Disney kid that went to rehab, or even as one of Joe Jonas’s ex girlfriends. I know Demi however, as Mitchie Torres from Camp Rock. Since the beginning when her first album came out, and through every possible hair color, I have been hanging on her every word and watching her climb from top. I loved watching her on Sonny with a Chance, getting to see her in concert with my favorite band, and of course, getting to see her kill it as the headliner of her own tours! Demi has always been so inspirational, funny, and just overall entertaining. I understand she has been through so many struggles, and she has grown so much from her experience. For her 23rd birthday, I decided to do something a little different. Instead of giving you reasons why I love Demi, I figured why not make this a funny post and celebrate the many sides and quotes of Demi! On a serious note though, I admire her so much for standing up for what she believes in, making herself a well known role model, and truly showing us how important it is to stay strong. Here are 23 times Demi was so relatable.

1. When you feel like having a lazy day

2. When you get Chipotle more than once a week

3. When your friends are mad you don’t want to go out because it requires putting on pants

4. When you are on a swipe left spree on Tinder

5. When you don’t think you can stay up for one more episode

6. When you don’t feel like putting yourself together

7. When you stumble into the bathroom hungover

8. When you realize its taken you 3 hours to get ready

9. The dreadful Monday Morning

10.  When you purposely “accidentally” snapchat your ex

11. When that paper is due in 3 hours but all you want to do is pass out

12. When you make everyone believe you suck at beer pong and then win the tournament

13. When someone changes the station while you’re jamming out

14. When you’re singing along to your favorite song

15. When you finally decide to go to the gym

16. When your fav gets involved in twitter drama (Zayn…)

17. When that one kid asks the teacher about the homework

18. When your timehop is so cringeworthy you can’t even

demi lovato animated GIF

19. When all you want is to look camera ready and casually bump into your favorite celebrity

20. When the Jonas Brothers broke up and Zayn left One Direction

21. When it’s your turn to DD

22. When the professor doesn’t shut up

23. When people judge you for loving Demi Lovato

Love you Demi!! Hope you have an amazing birthday! Wishing you all the best! Can’t wait for more music!

Just Doing My Job

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If my post left a smile on your face, then as Liam Payne would say, I’m doing my job!

All the love


26 Times Joe Jonas Made Me Laugh So Hard I Peed

Hello everyone! Bet you all thought this was a One Direction blog!!! Little do you know, before the days of Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, the Jonas Brothers were my entire world. Well not exactly..I still went to school, had friends, went out, did ballet, and other things…but the Jonas Brothers are my main bitches. If you were to ask any of my friends about me, I can guarantee at least 99.9% of them would tell you I’m obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. My family can attest to this fact too considering the young faces of Kevin, Joe and Nick still grace my bedroom walls because I live in fear of what will happen to me emotionally when I take them down…I also really hate the paint on my walls so I’m just gonna leave them up until I’m ready. My love for them hasn’t changed, even though they broke my heart.

Well anywayyyy today is August 15th which means that 26 years ago, Denise Jonas gave birth to her second pride and joy Joseph Adam Jonas. Undoubtedly the funniest of the jobros, Joe Jonas always has me laughing, I never know what he is going to do next, and I absolutely love that.

Its been almost 10 years since Joe graced the world with his talent, which means 10 years of hysterical moments. In honor of his 26th birthday, here are 26 moments where Joe Jonas made me laugh so hard I peed a little.

1. The Dinosaur Video

Back in the day when they did nothing but post youtube videos to get you amped for the album release

2. White Girl Wasted at a Jonas Brothers Concert

3. This entire interview

I’m gonna take you in my car to the desert, casual Joe real casual

4. Nick J Show

CLASSIC, Can we just talk about how this has 19 million views!

5. Bounce

Joe’s humor truly shines in this video, I hope you all did the ham and cheese

6. I’m a Ghooosttttt

This kid is special let me tell you

7. The many costumes of Joe

8. Twitter Twatter whatever that thing is

9. When Joe makes up for Nicks lack of affection

10. His Instagram is hysterical

Seriously go follow him if you aren’t already, guaranteed to make your day

11. Creative raps

Its a shame they never made it to an album

12. School Work Baby


13. Modeling a Panda

The best photo he has ever taken

14. I Can Do That

Watching Joe sing with puppets, roller blade, dance, be apart of the blue man group and rap with snoop dog was hilarious

15. My all time favorite Jonas Brothers YouTube video

16. When he made us believe he is well behaved after Kevin started moaning in the studio

17. That time when he became a fashion police for Kevin

18. Creative Corner Joe!

19. Jokes about getting high with Demi

What even is he

20. Loving fellow teen heartthrobs

Leave it to Joe

21. “Oh how the tables have turned”


22. Hey Joe, are there cars in Oklahoma?

23. Vines, just so many vines

24. He always said the funniest things in interviews…

25. Joe Jonas Responds to Shaina

That might even be better than going to formal with him, keyword MIGHT

26. You had to know this would be the grand finale, Joe Jonas dancing to Single Ladies

HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY JOE! Your humor is only one of the reasons you have my unconditional love! I will support you forever! Have an amazing 26th birthday with the whole squad!!

Today Was a Busy Week for Us: A Breakdown of One Direction Drama

Well well well, we have made it. Give yourself a big ‘ol pat on the back for making it through the past two days. Ever since One Direction landed their cute little asses in New York city, it has been a whirlwind of news stories, media coverage, and non stop drama. Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn (former members count too) have had their fair share of headlines the past two days. Honestly, I’m just wondering when it will end..it seems like these guys can’t catch a break. 2015 hasn’t even ended yet and if you’re a part of the One Direction fandom, you’re probably already exhausted as fuck and just want to have a smooth sail into the end of the year. I can tell you right now that won’t be the case. Just when you think its getting calm, be prepared for something else to happen. At the end of the day, everyone is just doing their job…paps are supposed to take pics, media is supposed to report, and as long as One Direction is buzzing around the internet, it will only increase their popularity, ticket sales, and future album sales.

Leave Niam Alone!

It’s no surprise that One Direction has an insane amount of popularity and fans. In fact, if you didn’t know that..I don’t know where you have been. Even if you don’t follow the band, most of what goes on in their lives are general knowledge, or you can at least name one band member. These boys are in demand and extremely unattainable. Unless you have crazy luck or inside scoop…its likely you will never casually just bump into one of the boys. With the danger presented in this fanbase..its likely that the boys will never have just a basic meet and greet ever again. So what does that mean for the rest of us…you gotta hunt them down while you can. Now hunt is a strong word…I’m talking more along the lines of knowing where they will be, ASSESSING THE SITUATION, and then POLITELY asking for a picture or have a fun conversation. This excludes flinging a phone in their face, blocking them in so they have no choice but to stop for you, and interrupting them when they are trying to enjoy the day with family and friends.

There is always the argument that a celebrity decides to share their lives with us therefore its fair game and if I want a picture I will do anything to get them vs. They are human beings like everyone else and despite being in the public eye everyone is entitled to privacy #letmelive. I chose to go with the latter. I don’t think that a picture, as amazing as it would be, would be worth ruining their time or forcing them into it. But anyway, EVERYONE knew that the boys would be coming to New York City for GMA so everyone knew that the boys would be out and about in the city. In the past the boys have stopped for fans in the city but more recently things have changed. When the boys were in the city for WWA NYC, they stayed at 5 different hotels, making it impossible to meet all five and hopefully breaking up the crowds that would wait at the hotels. This time around, I’m not sure what the situation was..but I know people took it too far.

How do I know this…It was bad enough that both Liam AND Niall, needed to tweet about it as a plea to get the fans to back off.

I don’t think he could have been any more clear. Liam is just a guy who wants to walk around NYC with his girlfriend and his best friend just like millions of other humans do. My heart went out to him that people who claim to be “fans” would be screaming and shouting at him to the point that he would have to tweet his frustrations. It seems like people haven’t learned anything. While Zayn leaving is still unclear, the fans reactions to the cheating rumors and other things may have played a part in his leave. One member was already fed up and “claimed” he wanted time out of the spotlight…what’s to say that if things don’t change the others may feel the same? Wouldn’t you want a fanbase that supports you, not screams at you because they don’t get what they want? I’m disclaiming here that I don’t exactly know what happened and no one does unless you were there…but from Liam’s tweets, he was obviously upset by it and I have every right to be upset when someone, “fans” no less, make him upset.

As an avid user of Twitter and a follower of many fan accounts, I would like to think I know a bit about how certain people in NYC always find the guys and will always ask for a picture, despite having at least 30 or having past bad experiences with the boys. I wasn’t shocked at all when I heard that these tweets were directed towards those fans and others. As if this wasn’t enough..it seems as if the fans stopped the chase for Liam and went after a new target…

LIKE REALLY!! I totally understand wanting to meet your favorite celebrity, its all I ever want and dream about but sometimes enough is enough…The fact that he even had to tweet about people being persistent drove me over the edge. He already asked to be left alone and obviously people weren’t listening. The worst of it all is that some fans found these tweets rude and unappreciative… I mean c’mon.. THEY ARE HUMAN! Yes they are famous but they don’t owe you anything, they don’t get paid to stop and take pictures, they don’t have to take time out of their day, their personal time, just so you can meet them.. they just gave us a new single, and they are on a tour, at this point they have given us all that they can (except a studio version of teenage dirtbag but whatevs). Why would you want a picture with an unhappy celebrity..would you feel great about that? No, but maybe you would I don’t know your life!

Bottom line is, lets treat the boys as humans, if you run into them great, but let’s use a little discretion when deciding whether or not to ask for that selfie or interrupt what they are doing.

Who’s Your Daddy?

For some unborn fetus residing in the uterus of Briana Jungwirth, the answer to that question is Louis Tomlinson

That’s right! Louis Tomlinson has FINALLY confirmed that he is going to be the father of this child. This story has been circling in the media for a few weeks now. I was on vacation when I initially found out, just enjoying my day at Busch Gardens (Yes I know it’s owned by Seaworld Harry please don’t hate me) when my friend texted me “How are you taking the news lol” Sending me into a panic..WHAT NEWS WHAT IS HAPPENING!! I quickly got on twitter and the news was everywhere. An article about Louis being a father with his close friend Briana. At first I completely did not believe it. I actually laughed at it and how empty the article was. ” A close friend” as a source never means anything to me. I chose to believe things once they are confirmed or denied by the person involved. BUT THATS THE PROBLEM! Louis never tweeted about it, even to this day he has not TWEETED a single word about it being true or not.

It’s no secret that Louis doesn’t keep his mouth shut. He has always spoke his mind on twitter. The one time when it would have been the perfect instance to use his big mouth…he stays silent. There was a show later that night on that day and again LOUIS SAID NOTHING. I don’t even know how he went for so long without saying anything about the matter. At least it gave me enough time to weigh the options. Now I just want to say, having a child is extremely personal, he doesn’t owe it to anyone to explain himself, confirm or deny. It’s his life and he can share what he wants. I will always support him, baby or not, and that will never change. If it wasn’t true, great, the band carries on the same as before…but if it is true (this was at the time when I first found out, I know it is true now and couldn’t be happier for a baby Tommo!) what could this mean for the band?

Flash back to the Jonas fandom, ahh good times. Kevin Jonas announced with his wife Danielle in 2013 that they were expecting a baby. At the time I wasn’t expecting them to break up (STILL BITTER) but it did cross my mind just how Kevin would have a baby and still be able to tour and dedicate himself to the band. Now those feelings are flooding back; Louis’ biological dad left him at a young age leading me to believe that he would never want to not support or be there for this child. Does that mean that he can’t be there for the band? That they will have to stop touring? Who knows! Having a child could create an expiration date for the band, but after all we went through with Zayn, all the teasing of the 5th album already being finished, and the constant reassurance the boys give us about our support for them and they love what they do, I truly do not think that this baby will dramatically change things.

Flash forward to yesterday when the boys performed on GMA and here is the confirmation we have been waiting for!

“From one father from another congratulations”


Of course there are still people who don’t believe its true even though he has publicly confirmed it, but they can stay in denial that’s fine, they just won’t be invited to the baby shower, oh wells! I don’t have a fan account so I don’t share my 1D opinion as much as others, but I truly am so so so happy for Louis. He is going to be a great dad, he’s the kind of person that will do anything for his kid, he is the oldest of all his siblings so he knows how to handle children, and I honestly think he will be such a fun dad. I don’t know anything about Briana, I just remember seeing her in pictures with drunk Louis, but if anyone’s life is going to change its going to be hers. Once she starts showing and Louis starts interacting with her, its going to be everywhere, she’s going to be everywhere, and in a perfect world everyone would be nice and supportive to her. I wish her the best and a pregnancy should be exciting! Imagine waking up every day carrying an egg fertilized by LOUIS TOMLINSONS sperm?! She’s living the life!!

The End of An Era: Saying Goodbye to Zerrie

Perrie is an OG..Original girlfriend, among the ranks of Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Calder, Perrie has dated her 1D man since the fetus days. Zayn and Perrie were the strongest couple, the ones first in line to tie the knot, and a darling celebrity couple. Yesterday however, the news broke that Zayn has called it off. I’ll pause right here to let you cry it out. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! THEY BROKE UP! AFTER ALL THE SHIT ZAYN HAS BEEN THROUGH THIS YEAR, HE NOW HAS A BREAK UP TO DEAL WITH.  And we can’t forget about Perrie, the poor girl so ready to marry Zayn, being so close with her family, and having her life planned out. This news is just devastating really. How strange is it that this article surfaces at the same time that the press is having a field day with the Louis baby confirmation…

Basically, the article says that Zayn dumped Perrie two weeks ago, both are devastated, and Perrie has taken off the ring as seen in Jesy’s instagram. Again, this was all third party info and there was no confirmation on either sides. It wasn’t until this E! news interview that we heard from one of them that this breakup is real.

No one knows the details except Zayn and Perrie. To me, this is part of Zayn’s Miley Cyrus transition. He may not take it all the way but he has already changed up his hair, left behind his past, and now has called off his engagement. Let’s be honest, what will help his solo career? Being single. More people will want to see single Zayn, this breakup will give him writing material, and as depressing and personal as it is..this could mean big things for his solo career. I’m just trying to see a bright side to this. I’m not trying to think about how he has a beautiful tattoo of her, how they share so many pets and a home, or how i will never ever get to hear a Zerrie duet which is something I have been waiting years for! I wish them both the best and hope the fans and their friends will be supportive and comforting.

Sophia is now the last 1D girlfriend standing

Oh Harold

Let’s be thankful that the only Harry Styles news is his GMA outfit! Finally the drama doesn’t revolve around him

Tight pants, Black boots, Curly hair flowing in the wind, and a St. Laurent jacket from the 2016 collection

Then there is Harold.* The Queen Himself. The Royal Cherub. The Crowning Flower. The Curly Princess.

Just beautiful

Let’s all just take a deep breath and be thankful that August 4th 2015 is over, just as Niall said: Today was a busy week for us

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