23 Times My Thirst For Nick Jonas Was Too Real

Today is my favorite holiday, although it shamefully isn’t nationally recognized, today is one of the biggest days of my year. Someone I have been loving and supporting for years and years, is turning a year older! September 16 1992, God gave a gift to the world known as Nicholas Jerry Jonas. As a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers and all things Nick Jonas, this post had to be absolutely amazing. I’ve unofficially become the ultimate Nick Jonas fan around all my peers. Whenever something Nick related occurs, I get texts about it. The minute he’s back on the market, just about everyone lets me know. Whenever his songs are playing in public, of course I get a drunken snapchat of the festivities. Its almost like that Taylor Swift song except “When you think Nick Jonas, I hope you think of me”


It’s been a week from hell because of stupid tax deadlines at work, but I’m so happy to finally sit down and gush about why I love Nick Jonas so much. September 16th has always been my favorite holiday because besides family and friends and the usual, I don’t think I could ever love something as much as I love Nicholas Jerry Jonas. Instead of writing a thesis on my love for Nick Jonas, I decided to treat everyone to the beauty he is and share some of the times that Nick was just too hot to handle leaving me dying of dehydration.

1. That time the boys went to Hawaii and gave us fans the first shirtless pictures we had ever seen of the Disney starlets

2. That time he wore these baseball pants and a human ass had never looked so perfect

3. Anytime he ever wore a leather jacket made me weak in the knees

4. As Bond and a babe in Burnin Up combined with the way he sings Red Dress is a recipe for my death

5. The bajillion times he wore a plaid button up shirt

6. When he looked ever so angelic in a simple white tshirt

7. Every single performance of Stay had me in tears as he caressed his microphone stand, pulled on his shirt, and just gave that song his all

8. His beauty is timeless as he easily transforms into a 19th century French soldier

9. When he was the cheekiest, funniest, character on Broadway looking like a GQ model businessman

10. When he got a role of lifetime as a UFC fighter on Kingdom, requiring him to bulk up for the job

11. When he competed in the Disney Channel Games on Team Inferno (who won) and I wish I could have been that sweatband and rest on top of his curls all day

12. The times he has done photoshoots to promote his diabetic pump and looked breathtaking while doing so

13. When he was the most adorable sleepy puppy in the Fly With Me video

14. As Nate Gray singing the most adorable song

15. That time he proved he wasn’t the shy guy anymore and posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram looking so chiseled and muscular it caused a drought

16. Anytime he wore suits, skinny ties, button down and looked so classy I could faint

17. Anytime he was lying down, giving you those bedroom eyes making you want to lay next to him more than anything

18. Acoustic or Electric, Nick playing guitar has me all worked up

19. Anytime we gained access the gun show, left speechless from those biceps

Image result for nick jonas plaid

20. When he banged those drums and I wished is that he was banging me

21. When he slowed things down and poured his emotions into playing the piano

22. Two words: Flaunt Photoshoot, When the world became thirsty for Nick Jonas while I was dying, and crying, and thinking all sorts of dirty things

23. And of course, anytime Nick was single, who wouldn’t thirst after this man?

Now give this girl some water!!



22 Reasons Everybody Loves Niall Horan

22 years and 9 months ago.. Maura and Bobby did the dirty. The result: Niall James Horan, a literally ray of sunshine. Lets be real, even if Niall isn’t your fave…he’s basically your fave! This child is one of the most unique people ever, probably the entire pride and joy of the country of Ireland. I started this blog after Niall’s birthday last year so he has never made a full debut. I am so glad to finally write about Niall!! I seriously love this man so much, and I can call him a man now because he has chest hair that he loves to flaunt. He truly is one of those celebrities that everybody loves. You can tell through his numerous celebrity friends, his lack of hate on social media, and the fact that no one ever has anything bad to say about him except that he farts a lot and will eat your food. Without further adieu, here are just 22 of the many reasons that everybody loves Niall Horan. Feel free to add your own in the comments!!

1. His smile

Even before braces you can always find him smiling

2. He takes group selfies

Ugh bless

3. He takes individual selfies

4. He doesn’t care what you think about his hat and will wear it till the day he dies

5. He handles his mess ups like a pro

6. He is equally as lazy as you

7. He fangirls as much as you

8. He can jump so high he can high five Jesus

9. That laugh, that laugh, that laugh

10. The way he gets into his guitar

11. He is literally so non problematic you sometimes wonder if he’s okay

try to find a bad headline about Niall besides that one about Japan..which isn’t even that bad

12. He provides great quotes

13. He’s the ultimate drinking buddy

Look at that skill!

14. How he makes you question if he’s your fave from going from cute to sexy in the blink of an eye

15. He understands your love of food

16. His accent (November Twenty Turd, To Tousand and Tirteen)


17. His gorgeous hair that never looks horrible, find one bad era of Niall’s hair, its impossible

18. His love of Ireland

19. He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks

20. The crotch grab

21. He will rant about derby until you are blue in the face but you secretly enjoy it

22. He is one directions biggest fan



‘Twas the Night Before OTRA

Twas the night before OTRA and all through the night

I lay awake wondering, who would win the water fight?

Image result for lilo water fight

Would it end in LILO covered in silly string?

Would Niall and Harry both do the thing?

Image result for narry otra

Will he wear the gold boots and Liam the hat?


Is the show going to be over just like that?

Will Harry fall over? I mean he’s done it before

Am I even going to physically make it to the encore?

Since its the last of the leg, will they each do a speech?

Will Harry have another lesson to teach?

Is Liam going to wear a new costume?

Is everybody going to scream for the commercial with the perfume?

Will Liam accidentally read a dirty sign?

What if that dirty sign is mine?

Do I really have to sit and listen to Icona Flop?

Will I enjoy them at all or just beg for them to stop?

When they play the new songs am I going to die?

When I see them in person am I going to cry?

Am I going to witness the big end of tour group hug?

Will Niall decide to dress up as a thug?

Embedded image permalink

Am I going to feel weird that Zayn isn’t there?

And that I won’t get to see his new silver hair?

When Louis annoys Liam will he take it to far?

Image result for twas the night before otra

Since it will almost be Niall’s birthday will he go to the bar?

Will Louis wear the Skate Tough tank or the Future is Now?

Will I sob like a baby when they take the final bow?

Will I have any chill when Harry gets us to moan?

Or when he runs his fingers through his hair singing “Drag me Down” in a deep manly tone?

Will he twist up his curls into a manbun?

Or let it flow freely while Niall strums?

When Niall grabs his crotch will I lose my voice from screaming?

Will all the note changes give my life a deeper meaning?

The dads and the kids I’m sure they’ll point them out?

Will it be the best day ever? Oh without a doubt!

After waiting and waiting the day is almost here!

I am ready for OTRA Gillete, the best day of the year!!



I went to check my stats on this blog today, as one does…and I came across this

Over 10,000 views I can’t believe it! I honestly started this blog just for fun, to get to talk about my favorites and pop culture in an entertaining way. I had been looking for a site with this kind of content and since I couldn’t find any I decided to make my own! Whether you are a constant reader or clicking on my blog for the first time today, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I have struggled in life trying to decide just what I want to do. While I decided on accounting, part of me always wonders what it would have been like if I lived in NY/LA and worked for a magazine. What it would be like to be paid to write pop culture articles. Since that wasn’t exactly in the cards for me and came with more complications then I had expected, I decided not to go that path and only entertain the thought with a minor in Media Studies. This blog however, allows me to live that ambition, while I don’t get money, I do get lots of feedback. Even just seeing how I don’t post for a month but it gets a constant 30 views daily without promotion is enough of a payment for me.

What I’m trying to say is thank you for clicking, reading, tweeting me, or sharing it everytime I tweet you new posts. It means the world to me and as I said in the title..it is only the beginning!

I can’t wait to post my reactions to Wildest Dreams and the Levels music video, talk about any drama that arises, give track by track reviews of the new albums coming out, share my upcoming concert experiences, and of course, celebrate Niall, Nicks, Kevin, and Louis’ upcoming birthdays before the new year!

It hasn’t even been a full year of having this blog and it has reached 10,000 people! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and as always..

All the Love xx