10 Signs You Have Found Your Fandom Friend

You might be reading this because her twitter brought you here since its now revealed what this post is, but in case you don’t know… TODAY IS MY CHUMMY’S BIRTHDAY!!! I’m a huge believer in making everyone’s birthday super special so I decided to make this post highlighting the best parts of having her as a fandom friend and she had no idea about it until now. SURPRISE MICHELE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!

Once upon a time in early February, I came up with an idea to dedicate an entire week of this blog to posts about Harry for his birthday. Back then I was a full time student and I knew doing 7 blog posts in one week in addition to my other classes and assignments would be a handful. While you may know that I am not a fan account on twitter, I have made quite a few friendships with other fan accounts. I figured why not enlist some of the biggest Harry girls to be guest writers on my blog. I immediately thought of my now very good friend Michele, since we would tweet back and forth about any and all things One Direction and occasionally Zoella. It was then that we exchanged numbers to discuss the blog and the rest was history. Looking back on it now, I can’t imagine my life without Michele. It sucks that we live kinda far away and have yet to meet in person, but sometimes it doesn’t even feel like its a long distance friendship.

Let’s be honest, the best part about being involved in a fandom is the friends you make along the way. Where would we be without our go to person to ride with us on the crazy rollercoaster that is fangirl life. When all your regular friends want to punch you in the face anytime you mention something your celebrity is up to, who do you turn to let it all out since you would combust if you held it all in and couldn’t tell a soul? We need our fandom friends to survive, to vent to, to freak out with, and most of all, to enhance our fandom experience. Here are some reasons we love our fandom friends 🙂

1) Mornings aren’t as much as a drag because you usually wake up to a text about the latest news or pictures in your fandom.

Waking up early for work sucks, but you know what makes it great, waking up to texts of OTRA HQs, paparazzi pics, or the news that One Direction dropped a brand new single over night!! Without fail, I either catch Michele up on what happened over night or vice versa

Mornings look a little something like this

2) You usually text in all caps lock and can somehow read the failed autocorrected messages

Conversations are usually a mess of caps lock and mispelled words and just utter chaos. When something new happens they are the first person you wanna tell, and with high emotions it usually ends up like this


You know you are a true fangirl if you can decipher these type of messages

3) Drunk texts about the fandom are always acceptable and most times sober thoughts 

Nothing like a little alcohol to get you and your fandom friend saying the most ridiculous things about your favorites, things a sober you would never admit or say aloud.

If only they knew what we were saying hahahha
4) When you aren’t texting, you are tweeting them, liking their instas, or snapchatting them

A fandom friend is a guaranteed like on insta, favorite on tweets, and usually in your top snaps

5) They serve as an open forum for any and all questions pertaining to fandom

Want to know what emoji’s you would use if the boys were a saved number in your phone? Wanna know how others would rank them by dick size? Wanna compare theories for why Zayn left the band? Look no further than your fandom friend.

Michele and I ask the strangest questions…but thats what makes it so fun!
6) They are there when something makes them cry and they need to vent right away

When that song comes on that makes you cry, when the Zayn Pain hits, the PCD sets in, or you’re having a really bad day remembering how impossible it is to ever meet your fave, your fandom friend is there to comfort and commiserate with you

7) You have hysterical inside jokes pertaining to your favs or past life events

For the record Calum Hood is NOT Asian….shocker I know!
8) You communicate from morning to night, sometimes even sleep on the phone together

It was maybe a little over a month into our friendship when Zayn left, Michele and I practically facetimed the whole day…and night…yeah we slept with facetime on just because it was such an awful day and we didn’t want to be alone

I was trying to go back through my messages to find some good proof for this post but my phone always freezes because there is just too much to go through
9) You can rely on them when real life events happen to put the fandom aside for a while and just talk about you

From graduation, to getting a job, to hating our jobs, and starting a new semester, always there no matter what, to be normal friends in addition to fandom friends

10) You laugh so hard at everything they say in your conversation that people think you are crazy

Conversations can get pretty wild, I would cringe if people saw half of the things we say, anyone would think we are completely mental but hey, at least we are crazy together


If you found this relateable. share this post with your fandom friend to show them how much you appreciate them!


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