24 Nick Jonas Performances That Forever Changed My Life 

Most people think of actual calendar holidays when they recall their favorite holiday, for me, its never been a mystery. September 16th will always be my favorite holiday. Why you may ask? On September 16th 1992 the most magical thing happened; Nick Jonas was born. It’s no secret that Nick Jonas is the absolute love of my life. I can’t even remember my life before he completely became my everything.

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23 Times Niall Horan Was Actual Sunshine

23 years ago Niall James Horan was born and Ireland would never be the same again. Niall Horan is actual sunshine. On his 23rd birthday, I figured why not let him shine upon and show us just what a little ray he is. They weren’t kidding when they named Niall “Light” in Steal My Girl. Niall can brighten any day with something as simple as a tweet about sports, a shameless snapchat selfie, a random instagram, or just his life. Niall Horan lights up my world like nobody else and here’s the proof.

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