24 Nick Jonas Performances That Forever Changed My Life 

Most people think of actual calendar holidays when they recall their favorite holiday, for me, its never been a mystery. September 16th will always be my favorite holiday. Why you may ask? On September 16th 1992 the most magical thing happened; Nick Jonas was born. It’s no secret that Nick Jonas is the absolute love of my life. I can’t even remember my life before he completely became my everything.

My happiest memories always include supporting Nick through his musical endeavors, driving hours and hours to go to his concerts after buying tickets the morning of, and of course staying up and tuning in for every single performance. Nothing makes me happier than getting to watch a live Nick Jonas performance. According to my timehop, nothing has changed and each and every performance basically leaves me speechless, over the edge and just breathless (sorry I had to, Jobros for life). Nick just has a way about him on the stage, he completely commands it and makes you feel like he’s singing his heart out just for you. I’ve never felt anything close to what I feel watching Nick perform, it is truly an out of body experience. In honor of his 24 years of life, here is a list of my favorite Nick Jonas performances, in no particular order. Whether you have been a fan from the beginning or just came aboard after the earth shattering album Last Year Was C0mplicated, here is your crash course in everything you need to know about Nick’s musical journey.




1. Gospel Jealous

I know for a fact every single person reading this post has heard Jealous. It got insane amounts of radio play, and was always performed during promo. Nick took us to church by adding a full on choir to the song and giving it a more soulful vibe. This version went viral on Facebook and was shared on my wall about a dozen times from various peers. Hey, they know this girl is head over heels in love with Nick Jonas.

2. Toying Around With Jealous

Another fantastic rendition of Jealous. Honestly Nick is there anything you can’t do! He’s literally playing the piano with his feet without a missing a beat. I don’t think I could every get tired of any performance of Jealous is any capacity.

3. Ah Shit Throw Some Bacon On It

Probably the most recent performance that had my jaw on the floor. Let’s just say the Bacon wasn’t the only thing sizzling during this performance. From the head to toe teal leather outfit to the non stop movement and energy of the performance I was captivated. Also who could resist the fun little Joe Jonas cameo!!

4. A Little Bit Longer from the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience 

Alright time to grab the tissues. This song never fails to bring all the emotions out. Nick pours his heart and soul into this performance as he inspires us to never let anything slow us down. From the dramatic run down the catwalk to the grand white piano, this performance is forever iconic.

5. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

One of the biggest moments in Nick’s career was when he made his return to Broadway as Marius in the UK. Who could forget 2010 when Nick lived in London and was obsessed with his satchel?! He faced some harsh critiques for this performance but for me it was the moment I saw a different side of Nick. He proved he could hold his own in the theater and was more than just a guy in a band with his brothers. Let’s just say there was nothing  Miserable about this performance.

6. Motown Tribute

During the Jonas Brothers hiatus Nick was offered amazing opportunities. To think that little Nick at 18 years old was asked to accompany John Legend, Seal, and Jamie Foxx to perform a tribute to Motown at the White House still makes me so proud. He sang one of my favorite songs that my dad and I love to sing and its something I will never forget. Shout out to the converse and the skinny tie, what an era.

7. Who I Am

The Jonas Brothers hiatus also gave life to Nick Jonas and the Administration which is for sure one of my favorite things Nick has ever done. It took a lot of courage for him to step out on his own and create his own individual sound. He didn’t just do his own solo thing, he enlisted Prince’s, yes PRINCE’s band to back him up on this guitar driven album. With a fantastic lead single it’s no wonder Nick still adds it to his setlist every now and then today. Also how cute that Joe and Kevin presented him!

8. Jealous Biggest Crowd

Jealous will hit this list multiple times..you can call me obsessed. I specifically chose this performance because it gives me chills. When Nick performs this live he always throws it to the crowd to sing the second to last chorus and it gives me goosebumps every time. The crowd sings it back so loud and Nicks face just lights up. It’s probably one of the proudest moments. It’s amazing when people at your own concert sing the words but it’s even more amazing when people who might not have come just for you can sing them just as loud. It will always be the reason Jealous is one of my favorites to see live.

9. Teacher

Let me teach ya just why Teacher is one of the best performances. Two words: Dance Moves. Nick gets down and groovy during this performance, making it one of the best. Just look at how he gets into it. This song makes it impossible not to dance, making it no wonder why this song will be featured on Just Dance 2016. A sure stand out track from Nick’s very first solo album. Anything that gets him to dance and have a blast on stage will always be highly encouraged. I hope this song stays on the setlist for Future Tours because I lose my fucking mind.

10. Wedding Bells

Another fun throwback! This time I’m taking you back to the Radio City reunion concert where the brothers premiered their new song Wedding Bells which is not so secretly about Miley Cryus being engaged to Liam Hemsworth. The song was then performed at various shows and even on the 2013 tour (sorry I know the 2013 tour is very triggering, I should have warned you) Who could forget Niley!!! The best part about this performance is the speech that comes before the song, and of course it was just an amazing comeback!

11. Your Biggest Fan

2010 is the year Nick Jonas showed off his rap skills on television. What Nick Jonas rapping?? I mean we all have heard the hit single Nick J is Off the Chain and knew he had it in him! This song is just too adorable for words and in my opinion very unappreciated. Jonas La was iconic and should be added to Netflix immediately.

12. Thomas Rhett Crossroads

Confession time, I truly don’t care for country music. Add Nick Jonas’s name to any performance and you can bet your bottom dollar I will watch it. Thomas Rhett and Nick truly impressed me. It was was great to see Nick explore his country roots and sing some amazing duets. I started to listen to Thomas more and hopefully some country people decided to give Nick a chance after the crossroads episode.

13. Introducing Me

Oh Camp Rock 2, what a national treasure, especially since Mitchie and Nate are now on tour together! This song was my life summer 2010. I taught all my friends the fast pass lyrics and always made them listen to it in the car. I was fortunate enough to be at this concert when Nick broke the record and sang the song in 2 minutes. I think his collapse to the floor just said it all, it was quite the challenge.

14. Dear God

I had to start at the very beginning so you can truly see how his talent has developed! I’m evil I know I wanted to make you feel emotional watching Nick  now and Nick then. So just take it in and enjoy.

15. Chains

There are countless performances of Chains that I could have included but I decided on this one for its production value. I mean there are actual chains. I will never get over screaming BABY TELL ME WHY WHY YOU DO DO ME WRONG every single time I see it live, televised or in person. My favorite is when he holds the notes which is so different from the studio version. Incredible.

16. Close

Oh damn oh damn oh damn! Close is the song of 2016 as far as I’m concerned. A great single to lead off the second album for sure. I love the chemistry he has with Tove Lo and how well their voices lend themselves to each other. Close is another one there are so many fantastic performances for so random draw ended up with this one. When it comes to award shows, he never disappoints and usually ends up being top  3 of the night.

17. While the World is Spinning 

The world is spinning and so is my head since I can’t fathom why this song was never added to Who I Am or recorded in a studio. It’s crazy that two of my favorite Administration songs aren’t even on the album!!  I think this song has such an fun vibe and would be amazing to hear live again.  Nick recently reunited the Administration but for one night only. HELLO what about the rest of us! I think it’s time for another full fledged  Administration tour and then maybe  a Jonas Brothers tour idk just a thought.

18. Chainsaw

After spending an entire month listening to Last Year Was Complicated, and attending 3 Future Now tours, I can confidently say that Chainsaw is my absolute favorite from the new music. Seeing it’s life was euphoric, you could feel every emotion and see his passion behind the story. I also love the piano, it brings me back to the old days. It’s probably my favorite performance on the tour.

19. Levels 

Levels at the VMAs will forever be engraved in my mind. Unfortunately this was the only video I could find of it. Two words: Crotch Grab. I lost my mind when he did that on live television. Levels is such a great transition song between albums and such a perfect choice to open the tour, nothing gets you moving more like a high five to Jesus. Safe to say this performance was on a completely different level.

20. Champagne Problems

It’s almost as if he knows Champagne is my favorite alcoholic drink. The song is such a bop, a catchy chorus, flawless falsetto, it begs to be performed. Nick getting to be the musical guest on SNL was huge this year and he proved he deserved the spot with this performance .

21. Last Time Around

This song is my absolute favorite on the album and from that era. I am completely obsessed with it and can sing every single guitar riff in this crazy fun song. I can’t even explain why I love it so much it’s just everything to me. You can completely rock out to it as Nick shows off his guitar skills and just never wants the song to end. If this song isn’t your favorite I don’t even know what to say to you.

22. Jealous with Taylor

Okay I know this video isn’t the best but this is the best thing that ever happened to me. I would have actually died if I was at this show considering I had front row of the B stage for my 1989 show. I love Taylor Swift and I love Nick Jonas and I love Jealous. This performance will always be remembered. I mean Nick made it on the list of her superstar guests, a well deserved spot I must say.

23. I Believe in You

Broadway Nick is back and this time he is the lead role in a musical!!! How to Succeed will always hold such a special place in my heart because that was the first time I ever met Nick. I was and still am so proud of this Broadway show and his performance. He truly proved why he deserved the role and made a name for himself among past Finches, Darren Criss and Daniel Radcliffe.

24. Stay

Speechless, just speechless, this song will always be one of my favorites if not my complete favorite Nick Jonas song/performance. The emotion, the caressing of the mic stand, the costume change, the facial expressions, the vocals, the mating calls, I could honestly go on and on. I’m still waiting for the studio version that I know he recorded, but I won’t complain because this video and many more exist. In case you’re wondering, I still haven’t watched the 2016 version of Stay, I am not emotionally prepared and at this point I don’t know if I ever will be.

My life has been enhanced because of these performances and if you watched each one as you went along then you can probably saw the same. You are a changed person. All jokes aside, I would love to see your favorite performances because I’m sure this list could be endless. Tweet me @shelleyann1817 or leave a comment below!

Lastly I just want to wish Nick the happiest of birthdays! 9 years later and your birthday is still my absolute favorite day of the year. You have forever changed my life and left an imprint on my heart. I am so incredibly proud of your entire career and it has been nothing but a pleasure to see it all unfold before my eyes. I can’t wait for the future because I know it’s only going to get better and my love for you will continue to grow. Happy 24th Birthday!!


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