Hello 2016

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first blog post of 2016! 2015 was an interesting year for me, while I got to do some pretty incredible things, I also got the chance to learn more about myself. Continue reading


September Favorites

As a person who spends hours a day watching Youtube, I decided why not try something out that every Youtuber loves to do: a monthly favorites!! So during September I jotted down a few things that I absolutely enjoyed.


Cake by the Ocean-DNCE

So about a week after I met Joe Jonas at his party at Foxwoods

he revealed to the world that he has new music!! Kinda upset he didn’t tell me about it but its fine we’re cool. This month I discovered “my new favorite band,” After watching teasers and seeing tweets about “your new favorite band” I was dying to know what Joe Jonas had up his sleeve. Turns out he is the lead singer of a brand new band called DNCE and they were releasing their new song!! If you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly recommend it!! It has a cool Uptown Funk feel and its Joe Jonas! I’ve missed Joe so much and while I enjoy his instagrams and snapchats, nothing beats getting to hear his voice again and see him perform! I honestly believe that I would enjoy this song even if it didn’t involve Joe Jonas. The only downside to it is that it leaves me with an endless craving for cake…have a listen!

 Infinityyyyy-One Direction

Picture this, its a normal day in the office, you have to meet with another staff member to discuss something, you get back to your cubicle, and right as you sit down you get a little blue notification just casually showing a tweet from One Direction about their new album. UM WHATTTT!! A NEW ALBUM!! ALREADY!! That’s right, brace yourselves because on November 13th, One Direction will release their fifth studio album!! Oh and it wasn’t just an album announcement, those cheeky chaps included a new song when you preorder the album! The single Infinity was released and basically had me in tears. Unfortunately it was such a busy day in the office that day but do you think that matters?? I grabbed my headphones, mentally prepared myself to not have a fangirl freakout a work, pressed play, and fell in love.

To be honest, I still haven’t gotten over Drag Me Down so I was not at all ready for a new single. I was still very fragile because OTRA USA had just ended and this song was the last thing I needed. I instantly fell in love with Niall’s opening verse, and actually jumped when Harry came in for the chorus. I was not expecting the intensity and passion he brought to the song. The lyrics themselves are enough to make you cry, but sung by the voices of four angels and I’m a goner for sure! If this song is the slightest taste of the new album I think we are in for a real treat. IS IT NOVEMBER 13TH YET I NEED MORE!

All To Well-Taylor Swift

Alright before you all start telling me how this song is old let me just tell you I haven’t stopped listening to it all September. I have always found this song to be amazing and one of the best on the album RED. I was teary eyed when she sang it on the RED tour and since the explosion of 1989 it had been a while since I revisited it. I don’t even know what it is about this song, since its not like I have some love story to relate it to, but it always makes me want to sob. As you may know I am a recent college grad trying to get a hold on this thing they call adult life. It hasn’t been the easiest transition and I have my good days and bad days but this one lyric in this song just hits me so hard and I think thats why I gravitated towards it all month.

“I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it.”

Leave it to Taylor to always just get you and what you’re going through.

Black Magic-Little Mix

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG!!! I know it came out before September but I have just fallen in love with this song, with this band, with everything. I’m a pretty big fan of Little Mix, I have their two albums on my iPod and I had tickets to see them before they canceled their American tour. Luckily I was able to see them with Demi. Now I’m not going to lie and say Zayn had no impact in me deciding to listen to Little Mix but I’m glad he did. These girls can sing, especially Perrie. Vocally she is the Zayn of Little Mix, they always give her the long notes to sing and boy does she deliver. These four girls are so talented and its a shame they aren’t more popular in the states and that Fifth Harmony is… (not a fan..soz). This song though helped put them on the map and hopefully their album will really make them known!! The best part about this song is when they perform it live because it has the cutest little dance. Just Watch!

Shawn Mendes

There’s this cool thing called Apple Music, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It lets you listen to anything on Itunes for free with the three month trial. I’m telling you now you better start the trial because so much music is coming out this fall that with three months you’ll get to listen to it all for free. However if they are a favorite or yours buy the songs and pay their bills. People like Niall Horan, actually appreciate it 🙂 At work I get to listen to music to pass the day, and I get tired of the same old thing. After I listen to Infinity, Black Magic, or Cake by the Ocean for four hours straight, its time for a change. One day I decided to just listen to Shawn Mendes album. I heard his song Stitches and Life of the Party on my Nick Jonas Pandora station, and I really enjoyed his set during 1989. His album did not disappoint. He’s like a mini Ed Sheeran. I love his voice and I really like the song Something Big. He can rap he can sing and he may be 17 but he’s a cutie pie!


Last but not least is Halsey. I’ve been trying to get myself to start trying new things and Halsey was on that list. I see her name every now and again on my timeline and I figured why not give it a go since I can listen to her album for free on Itunes. I never expected to every like her album as much as I did. I just started listening to it on Monday and I listened to it non stop every single day at work over and over again. I usually don’t like songs about getting high and whatnot but I really really really enjoy her music. My favorite songs are Hold Me Down, Control, and Gasoline. I can’t get over how I truly didn’t expect to enjoy her music at all but I find myself constantly going back to it, even now writing this post I’m jamming to Badlands. Just goes to show you never know what can happen until you give it a chance. (Also will someone in the comments please tell me how to pronounce her name, is its Halsey like a Hallway or Halsey like Halle Berry)


Bachelor in Paradise

I watched Kaitlyns season and I enjoyed watching a lovey dovey reality show on a Monday night so I figured why not watch the spin off? I’m glad I did because I got to see Jade and Tanner fall in love and get engaged. They were my favorite couple the entire series and I almost cried when the previews kept hinting that maybe they wouldn’t make it to the end. Luckily they did and he proposed and it was so magical! I love them more than Kaitlyn and Shawn and wish them nothing but happiness in their life together! Jade and Tanner are also so adorable on Instagram, I really hope their relationship stands the test of the time and they make it to their wedding day.

Big Brother

This season was rather disappointing because one person ran the whole game but at the end of the day I was happy with the winner. I liked Steve from day one, he was the ultimate underdog. He is a superfan so he has studied every single player’s game and I knew that he had enough knowledge to take himself to the end. While Liz was a good competitor, she helped get all those jury members out so at the end of the day, it would have been stupid for Steve not to win. This show was on all summer but I figured since it ended in September why not throw it in my favorites

Scream Queens

After last weeks episode I don’t think I can call it a favorite, but the pilot was so amazing. Add a show about sororities, famous faces, humor, college, and Nick Jonas and you have my dream come true. I love anything Nick Jonas so of course I was gonna tune in to support and surprisingly I wasn’t let down. I usually hate all things horror but I managed to make it through all of Pretty Little Liars so I figured why not try out Scream Queens since its more satirical if anything. Nick completely stole the show for me. It was obvious that they wanted him to attract an audience in the first episode since they had him in his underwear and working out practically the whole time.

I was disappointed with the second episode but I’m still going to tune in every Tuesday. If you haven’t yet I would give it a try and we can talk about it together!

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

This show has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. It makes me feel absolutely terrible seeing these girls who are much skinnier than me being let go from the team because they don’t look good in the uniform. I love watching this show because they give you people to root for, you get to watch everyone’s journey. I also love the dances and the music. One episode they were doing a photoshoot and all of a sudden I hear Steal My Girl then directly after they played Jealous. When they auditioned the routine was set to Move by Little Mix. This show also has a makeover episode which I have always loved since the first days of top model. It fits right in with the other reality tv I watch and I’m so happy it was back for a 10th season.


This is another instance of trying something new. I came into work one day and my co-worker who knows I love One Direction and Taylor Swift and all the rest, asked me if I watched Empire. I told him no and then he proceeded to tell me why its such a great show and that he thinks I would like it since it has to do with the music industry. I rarely watch any dramas on tv and I knew it was only one season to catch up on so I figured why not give it a try. In the past I have won awards for my binge watching abilities. (This is a true fact I won this award in my sorority after spending 2 months watching all 9 seasons of One Tree Hill). So I sat down a week ago on a Sunday afternoon and started watching. The next new episode was on Wednesday so I had limited time to make it. Of course I managed just fine because this show is so addictive, so good, it ends on endless cliff hangers, and you are just dying to know what will happen next. I love Jamal and Cookie and I think the Lyon’s have such an interesting dynamic. I also love the music on the show and truly just everything about it. I’m completely caught up and season 2 just started meaning the fun doesn’t have to end!


Liam Payne’s Hair

Liam has been looking so fine lately. He emerges from night clubs looking as if he hasn’t even partied yet and his hair looks so amazing. It’s a favorite of this month for sure. Just looking at him would make anyone scream Daddy

Embedded image permalink

Sophia Smith

Sophia is super private but every now and then thanks to Lottie and Andy and Liam we get to see a little glimpse of her life. This girl is so beautiful I wish we knew more about her. I’m so happy for her and Liam because she is such a princess and I’m currently just obsessed with her

Joe and Gigi

At first I found it weird that someone from Taylor Swift’s squad would be dating one of the famous Taylor ex’s but I am completely for it. I’ve watched Gigi on housewives since the start and obviously I know everything there is to know about Joe so I couldn’t be happier for them! I love when she’s on Joe’s snapchat or he’s on her instagram. The two are so in love and they are simply just so adorable.

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Harry’s Gold Boots

(went to find a pic of them on twitter and found this one…then realized it was from my own tweet)

This is more of an all time favorite but since its my first favorites I figured why not include them. I am obsessed with these boots. I don’t know what it is about them but he wears them so well and they always look great with his outfit. I also feel he has a little bit more pep in his step when he wears them and goes a little more crazy on stage. I am so in love with them. He has a heart of gold and boots to match. If anyone can find a cheap pair of gold boots let me know because I desperately want them. I could write an essay about those damn gold boots.

My love Zoe on Seventeen!

Embedded image permalink

Again its no secret that Zoella is everything I want to be in life. I was so happy when I saw her on the cover!! It’s strange to see her go a bit mainstream but its so nice at the same time because she deserves the world! I loved her article and she looks so gorgeous in the spread. Yay team internet! I guess in terms of favorites she goes on the list for All Time Favorite Female Celebrity

Super Fruit

Speaking of Youtubers and trying new things, I gave Super Fruit a try! I had seen some of their videos from when they collab with people I already watch (Tyler, Mamrie) but I haven’t watched a ton of their stuff. One day I just kept clicking from video to video and found myself laughing along and really enjoying their content. The two are so funny and I have so much more to catch up on that I look forward to doing so.

My Disney loves Reunite

Vegas. Nick Jonas. Demi Lovato. Joe Jonas. Sounds perfect to me! The group reunited at the Iheartradio music festival where they each supported eachother’s sets and took adorable instagrams. Nothing makes me happier than seeing they are all still such good  friends!


My last favorite of the month of September was getting to see Nick Jonas, One Direction, and Ed Sheeran in concert. I plan on doing individual posts for these concerts this month because I really want to have a memorium of them that I can look back on and I think it would be a fitting thing to blog about. I have so many potential posts in the works so keep your eyes peeled!

What were some of your favorites this month? If you made it the end of this post tell me your current favorite song, favorite tv show,  a new artist I should listen to, and a random favorite! Can’t wait to read your responses. Enjoy October!!



I went to check my stats on this blog today, as one does…and I came across this

Over 10,000 views I can’t believe it! I honestly started this blog just for fun, to get to talk about my favorites and pop culture in an entertaining way. I had been looking for a site with this kind of content and since I couldn’t find any I decided to make my own! Whether you are a constant reader or clicking on my blog for the first time today, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I have struggled in life trying to decide just what I want to do. While I decided on accounting, part of me always wonders what it would have been like if I lived in NY/LA and worked for a magazine. What it would be like to be paid to write pop culture articles. Since that wasn’t exactly in the cards for me and came with more complications then I had expected, I decided not to go that path and only entertain the thought with a minor in Media Studies. This blog however, allows me to live that ambition, while I don’t get money, I do get lots of feedback. Even just seeing how I don’t post for a month but it gets a constant 30 views daily without promotion is enough of a payment for me.

What I’m trying to say is thank you for clicking, reading, tweeting me, or sharing it everytime I tweet you new posts. It means the world to me and as I said in the title..it is only the beginning!

I can’t wait to post my reactions to Wildest Dreams and the Levels music video, talk about any drama that arises, give track by track reviews of the new albums coming out, share my upcoming concert experiences, and of course, celebrate Niall, Nicks, Kevin, and Louis’ upcoming birthdays before the new year!

It hasn’t even been a full year of having this blog and it has reached 10,000 people! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and as always..

All the Love xx


Just Doing My Job

** Recently I’ve been making a lot of friends through this blog, and would love to make more so PLEASE tweet me @shelleyann1817 if you enjoy these posts, have something you want me to post, or just wanna talk…I’d love to get to know some of you and talk about our favs!

Feel free to leave a comment if you like, it lets me know what my viewers enjoy and would like posts about!

Also if you enjoy a post, it made you laugh, you think someone would like it, PLEASE don’t be afraid to share, tweet it out, post it on facebook, tumblr, anything!

I truly love when people give me feedback, it makes this blog worth it, and it makes me happy knowing I’m making other people happy

If my post left a smile on your face, then as Liam Payne would say, I’m doing my job!

All the love


Its Been a While


I can’t believe its been over a month since I last sat down and made a blog post. If you are a loyal reader I apologize but I doubt that this blog has any loyal readers. In all honesty a lot has happened since I last blogged on April 25th. One Direction has been on their break from OTRA before it starts up again in a few weeks, Nick Jonas has literally been everywhere, Taylor Swift is continuously killing the game, and all while this is happening I have managed to graduate!! That’s right, the owner of this fangirl blog now has her degree in Accounting and is now considered a real human. But lets be honest, I have no plans on ever ending the fangirl life no matter what life throws at me. There were numerous events happening at college as I prepared for graduation and I just wanted to step back and enjoy the time with my friends as we spent some of our last moments together.

Embedded image permalink

(Had to thank Jonas and 1D, they kept me sane all these years)

However, now that its all over and I need something to distract myself while I’m on the job hunt and depressed about post grad life, I am going to fully dedicate myself to this blog. In the past I know I got a few views and didn’t think much of it. Most posts were about One Direction and fans from all over the world were reading them. It wasn’t until I took this long break and realized that without any promotion, tweeting of the link, or new posts, that I was getting over 20+ views a day! Its not about the views but its not like I want to feel worthless by spending my time writing and having no one even care to read it. So after a long break I am going to truly try to make this a DAILY dose of fangirl. So buckle up and get ready for some fun because I am back!!!

Also please feel free to comment or tweet me (@shelleyann1817) about anything I write! I love to hear feedback and even engage in conversation about some of the things I say! Please please please I would love to interact with you all! Also if there is a post you would like to see me make, an event that you would like me to talk about, just let me know!

All the Love

Shelley xx (Dailydoseoffangirl)

The Fangirl Tag

Forgot to mention in my last post that my name is Shelley, once I figure out this blog site I’ll post a picture. I hate the feel of talking to an anon so I won’t do that for you. Here is the fangirl tag to get more of an idea!

1. Easily Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas

2. Currently obsessed with 3 things: The length of harry styles hair, the word Daddy (ugh I hate myself don’t ask), and obtaining VIP tixs to 1D


4. This is actually impossible, but I think Zayn Malik has a voice of a God, but a singer by themselves I guess I would say Demi…ugh now I feel bad for those I left out 😦

5. Z O E L L A Honorable mentions include: Louise, Joe Sugg, Alfie (fuck yes zalfie), tyler oakley, thatsojack, connor franta

6. It was actually a 92 Pro Fm (Rhode Island radio station) Birthday Bash! It had a ton of artists in one show. It was so long ago but I remember seeing Pink, Jessica Simpson, S Club 7, Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, Aaron Carter, Lionel Richie, and Shaggy at that concert.

7. Tie between Grease, and Singing in the Rain. Huge fan of musicals!

8. Favorite actor has got to be Zac Efron and actress is probably Jennifer Lawrence

9. Zac Efron, before Jobros I had his picture all over my room, and life size poster on my door. Also a huge fan of the blonde cutie Jeremy Sumpter from the live action Peter Pan movie #tbt

10. STORY OF MY LIFE, but it’s something I never understood because why would you make fun of something that makes someone else happy, like who the fuck are you? Also people say its childish but last time I checked all my idols are either older or same age as me.. so explain that.. #notbitter

11. Lol confession time, while I enjoy the PLL series as probably my favorite, The fanfic After, the wattpad one that uses Harry and not Hardin, is probably the best thing I have ever read. Or by default the Burning Up book lololololol

12. Jesus all these favorites. I really really enjoyed One Tree Hill, and you’ll learn I’m not a crier but more an internal crier but that show made me actually cry, which takes a lot. But some honorable mentions would be Boy Meets World, Full House, Friends, and of course JONAS

13. Brooke Davis, hands down no question

14. Well because of the breakup the Jonas fandom isn’t exactly together really but I totally love the 1D fandom. I refer to it as 1D AF and I think its so funny. I also love that many accounts are like over 18 people cause sometimes being a fangirl at 21 you don’t feel like anyone else is. So something I love is how easy it is to make friends and have a laugh.

15. The constant fighting and comparing. So not the drama! Everyone is entitled to their  own opinion. You wouldn’t like if someone insults your fave so why do it to someone else…I believe in keeping negative thoughts or “hate” to yourself because its just respectful.

16. I figure I owe it to you guys (lol does anyone even read this? lets just pretend :)) to be completely honest. There have been times when I have thought this…but that’s just cause I’m full of so much love! Also fun fact I have some pretty crazy fucking dreams, usually always about a celebrity… and there have been dreams when I did take a bullet for Nick Jonas..but yeah

17. Yeah I’m sure we all have. Sometimes its just not worth the fight or the drama. My family hasn’t exactly been supportive of it all which kinda hurts because it brings me joy and they should want their family member to be happy. But when I meet new people, I usually don’t mention any of it until I really get to know them. Especially when I first started college I only had one poster of Nick Jonas on my wall and didn’t say much about that. After I got closer with people and started getting to know them, I went full out on dorm decorations. I decided I wasn’t going to spend my life being something that I wasn’t. Being a fangirl is a part of me and its a part that I like about me. So erm basically (lol harry) I judge how comfortable or how accepting someone will be before I let them in on my secret.

18. YAAASSSSS on July 22, 2013 I met the Jonas Brothers. Literally the most memorable moment of my life. Also I have met Big Time Rush, and Honor Society back in the day.

19. I own about 6-7 Jonas Brothers shirts, 4-5 One Direction shirts, and 3 Taylor Swift shirts. I also am a sucker so I buy all the books, cds, perfumes, posters, notebooks, and anything else they endorse. I enjoy paying their bills its a pastime of mine.

20. Not my favorite but more like my most recent. My friend Leah and I watched the last WWA tour date live stream and texted each other about it. Lets just say it was a whole mess of caps lock and typos and it was hysterical. Also any favorite fangirl moment would be getting to see my idols in concert. Nothing else compares.

Hope you enjoyed this little Q and A

Obligatory Introductory Post (I Know its Long but its Worth It)

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up in the morning and decide it’s finally the day you are going to try something new? Welp, today is that day for me. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a long time now, but there is always the fear of will anyone care to read it? Is it even worth all the effort? I’ve decided to push all those fears aside and just go with it. I consider myself someone that leads a pretty normal life. I’m a 21 year old senior in a sorority studying accounting in college. Sounds pretty typical right? But I can speak for anyone that really knows me and tell you there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes…I’m one of those crazy obsessed fangirls. Shocker right? Well if you have seen my personal twitter and instagram then maybe not…  But anyway, as a senior I know I will one day have to leave it all behind, but why should I? Why should I be forced to lose interest in something that makes me insanely happy just because society thinks I need to grow up? And that’s when I thought of starting a blog. It could be my own personal way to still enjoy the things I do and express my thoughts. Also have to give a majority of the credit to my friend Leah who has been hounding me all week to start one. CHECK HERS OUT HERE! ALL ABOUT THAT PROMO http://abostonbelle.wordpress.com/!!!!!

Well now that I got that out of the way, here are the basics you should know and more of less what the content will be on this blog. It all started in 2008 when I woke up and decided that I was going to fall head over heels for the Jonas Brothers. I’m not even joking… I literally woke up, made the decision, and then went to the store to buy all their cds and millions of magazines to cover my walls in posters. And if you were wondering those posters are still up…I just don’t have the heart to take them down yet. That’s basically the day it all started, I was always interested in celebrities and pop culture, but on that day I truly became a fangirl and haven’t turned back since. I have no regrets with the decisions I have made and deep inside I know that they have made me into the person I am today and have given me so much happiness in my life that I could never show complete gratitude for. This is getting too wordy so here’s the low down: My obsessions include

-Jonas Brothers (my main bitches that broke my heart, Nick is bae)

-One Direction (not just Harry, lets get that straight)

-Taylor Swift (1989 leaked holy shit!!)

-Demi Lovato (Ugh the pipes on this girl)

-Disney (literally since birth if one thing defines my childhood its Disney VHS’s from the 90s)

-Youtubers (Zoella is my life goal, guess a blog is a good place to start)

-Phi Sigma Sigma (obsessed with my sorority and my sorority family shout out to LGR)

-One Tree Hill (Don’t say I never gave you anything)

-Gossip Girl (you know you love me, and you’ll love my blog)

-Reality Tv (Housewives, Big Brother, ANTM)

Basically I plan on sharing my emotions, opinions, freakouts and fangirl moments with you on the daily. So much happens in a day so most posts will be about things that happened the day before. Just a sneak peak, my next few posts will be the fangirl tag, reaction to Steal My Girl video, and maybe some track by track reactions to 1989. I hope you are excited to get to know me and take a look inside my brain! Welcome to my life!!