Things I Will Never Get Over 

Hey everyone! So every so often something happens in my life or I’m reminded of something and I realize I will never get over it. These can be things that are amazing or things that I will always be bitter about. While this list is endless, I figured I would share ones that maybe other fans could relate to! In no particular order, here are some things I will never get over. Continue reading


23 Times Demi Lovato Knew Just What You Were Feeling

August 20th 1992 Demi Lovato was born! Now some on you may know her as that girl with the current hit summer song Cool for the Summer, you may know her as the Disney kid that went to rehab, or even as one of Joe Jonas’s ex girlfriends. I know Demi however, as Mitchie Torres from Camp Rock. Since the beginning when her first album came out, and through every possible hair color, I have been hanging on her every word and watching her climb from top. I loved watching her on Sonny with a Chance, getting to see her in concert with my favorite band, and of course, getting to see her kill it as the headliner of her own tours! Demi has always been so inspirational, funny, and just overall entertaining. I understand she has been through so many struggles, and she has grown so much from her experience. For her 23rd birthday, I decided to do something a little different. Instead of giving you reasons why I love Demi, I figured why not make this a funny post and celebrate the many sides and quotes of Demi! On a serious note though, I admire her so much for standing up for what she believes in, making herself a well known role model, and truly showing us how important it is to stay strong. Here are 23 times Demi was so relatable.

1. When you feel like having a lazy day

2. When you get Chipotle more than once a week

3. When your friends are mad you don’t want to go out because it requires putting on pants

4. When you are on a swipe left spree on Tinder

5. When you don’t think you can stay up for one more episode

6. When you don’t feel like putting yourself together

7. When you stumble into the bathroom hungover

8. When you realize its taken you 3 hours to get ready

9. The dreadful Monday Morning

10.  When you purposely “accidentally” snapchat your ex

11. When that paper is due in 3 hours but all you want to do is pass out

12. When you make everyone believe you suck at beer pong and then win the tournament

13. When someone changes the station while you’re jamming out

14. When you’re singing along to your favorite song

15. When you finally decide to go to the gym

16. When your fav gets involved in twitter drama (Zayn…)

17. When that one kid asks the teacher about the homework

18. When your timehop is so cringeworthy you can’t even

demi lovato animated GIF

19. When all you want is to look camera ready and casually bump into your favorite celebrity

20. When the Jonas Brothers broke up and Zayn left One Direction

21. When it’s your turn to DD

22. When the professor doesn’t shut up

23. When people judge you for loving Demi Lovato

Love you Demi!! Hope you have an amazing birthday! Wishing you all the best! Can’t wait for more music!

Return of the Jemi

jemi-baby (2)

Wouldn’t Change a Thing could not be any more perfect to describe the past events. It’s happened again and even though I had a warning in advance this time I was still not prepared for what went down on that stage. At Demi Lovato’s show at the Barclays in Brooklyn, Joe Jonas and Demi reunited on stage to sing their famous duet. A duet they haven’t sung on stage together since 2010 (you could imagine the emotional wreck I was), Demi had tweeted to Joe about joining her for the concert and he later replied it would be a good idea.

This sent the whole fandom through a frenzy because we love seeing Joe and Demi sing together like a fat kid loves cake. They reunited on stage to sing the Camp Rock 2 duet Wouldn’t Change a Thing and hearts melted everywhere. They previously reunited on this same tour to sing This is Me which brought their friendship back on everyone’s radar. Countless tweets and tumblr posts all about what we have grown to call “Jemi.” Below is the video of the performance.

Sorry for the screaming in the video, but it still managed to bring me to tears.

Here’s the original for even more nostalgia, and if you like both Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 are on Netflix 🙂

Obviously since the Jonas Breakup not much has been heard from Joe. I only get confirmation that he is still alive through his hilarious Instagram posts, his snapchat stories, and his DJ gigs here and there. More like anywhere but where I am which makes it very aggravating because who wouldn’t want to party with Joe Jonas lets be real!! Demi on the other hand, has been all over the place! I see her on my TV for drunk driving commercials, she is always changing her hair, and for the past few months she has been on tour. This tour from what I have heard and seen is very similar to the last tour she went on earlier in the year, except this time shes not inviting Nick onstage, she’s inviting Joe.

For me this was such a great thing to see because when loving the Jonas Brothers  I also loved and still love Demi. I cried, screamed, texted and tweeted the minute I found out the duet had happened. I was flooded with all the Jemi moments and memories. Its also amazing to see Joe back on stage again. He is a born performer and I truly hope he will do some sort of solo project. Although we all have to admit the first Camp Rock isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, it was amazing to see the friendship that developed between Demi and the brothers to the point they asked her to come on tour with them twice! I will never forget how amazing the Camp Rock 2 tour was and getting to hear them sing together. Also who could forget when Joe and Demi actually dated!! Joe may have revealed in his tell all that this relationship wasn’t as real as it appeared to be., however, it was like crack for us Jonas fans. We spent so much time wishing they would date after seeing them in the two movies and seeing the chemistry they shared. Lets take a walk down Jemi memory lane

The Kids Choice Awards

Make A Wave music video and performance

When they went to Disneyland


And who could ever forget the time they graced the cover of Teen Vogue

Long Live the Friendship that is Jemi!