Things I Will Never Get Over 

Hey everyone! So every so often something happens in my life or I’m reminded of something and I realize I will never get over it. These can be things that are amazing or things that I will always be bitter about. While this list is endless, I figured I would share ones that maybe other fans could relate to! In no particular order, here are some things I will never get over. Continue reading


Late Night Tumblr Finds

Hey friends! Or whoever even takes the time to read this. For my New Years Resolution I decided I would do one blog post a week. I’ve found this difficult because of tax season and how much free time I don’t have. I know this post is most likely worthless but I wanted to stay with my resolution and post something for this week. I decided I love tumblr so much and it has all the people I fangirl about, so why not make an post showing some of my favorite tumblr finds that I just happened to come across today. Continue reading

Wow What A Week: A look at this week’s events in pop culture

Hello friends! Keeping with my New Years resolution its time for this weeks blog post! If you get a chance to look at my header, its basically a quick screen shot of all my favorite celebrities and the ones I keep up with the most.

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Made In the AM Track by Track Album Review

Its crazy to think it hasn’t even been a full year since I made my Four review. One Direction has released their fifth album in less than a year from the last one. To be honest, I’m not even over … Continue reading

A Fangirl’s Guide to Fall: What New Things to Expect This Season 

Music, tv shows, and books, oh my! Everyone is saying how much they love fall because its sweater weather, and everything is pumpkin flavored, and you can wear leggings and boots and listen to the crunch of leaves. While the leaves might be dropping to the ground, they aren’t the only thing that’s dropping. How about all the new music, books, and television shows that are about to change your life?? Last fall Taylor, Nick Jonas, and One Direction dropped their albums and boy was it a time to be alive!! My top three favorite artists all dropping albums within weeks of eachother! It was the perfect pick me up to the hum drum college schedule where you start to hate just about every class. It was the perfect escape and now its happening again! In this post I’ll go over what new things to expect this fall and what I’m excited for!!

Just about everyone and their mom are dropping their album this fall. I’m so excited because its so many of my favorite artists. Its like Christmas! (or whatever holiday you celebrate)


Demi is set to release her fifth album on October 16th! Which is seriously only a week away!! I can’t wait for new Demi music even though I was kinda less than thrilled with Cool For the Summer. With her strong love for Wilmer I didn’t understand why this single was about her hooking up with a female but hey its edgy and thats her thing. I’m disappointed this album has no duet with Nick since they always tease about writing together but with their new joint music label SafeHouse, maybe we will get an entire CD of Nemi duets! Either way I can’t wait for this album and I can finally settle my craving for new Demi music.


This week Joe Jonas and his band DNCE announced that they are releasing an EP on October 23rd! If you read my last post you’ll know how much I have been loving their hit single Cake By the Ocean so you can guess just how excited I am for this EP!! DNCE have been doing little performances in the New York area and are set to perform at a few Jingle Balls but with only one song I was wonder what would they sing? Turns out they have a few tracks and I can’t wait to hear them. I don’t think you understand how much I have missed Joseph the past two years and just how excited I am for him!


I have a strange relationship with 5 Seconds of Summer. I don’t consider myself to be a fan of theirs, but then I find that I know every single song on their last album and that I got a 9/10 on a buzzfeed quiz about their lyrics. I think I feel too old for them but at the same time I do really like their songs, I’m just not a big fan of the actual humans I guess. I like Ashton and I like Luke’s butt and I refuse to believe that Calum isn’t Asian and that’s basically my relationship with 5 Seconds of Summer. Take it how you will haha. BUT I am excited for this new album. I do enjoy She’s Kinda Hot and lets be honest their music is so catchy so I’m sure after I’m done listening to the DNCE Ep that I’ll be enjoying their tunes also dropping on October 23rd. Definitely going to be too much to handle in one day!


I am so so so excited for this album! If you read the last post you know how obsessed I am with Black Magic. I love their song Hair which strangely came out right around the Zerrie split, and I never stop singing Love Me Like You. These girls are going to take the world by storm when their album drops November 6th. I hope they get so much radio play and that the album goes number one and that they just explode. They are so talented I mean HELLO they won the Xfactor! I cannot wait to hear this album and I’m PRAYING that they will tour! Still upset they canceled the last tour I think its time they make it up and perform all these new songs live. If they tour I am going to be so lit for Black Magic y’all don’t even know!


You know that thing I have with 5sos.,I kinda have that with Justin Bieber too. I say I’m not a fan because I have pledged my allegiance to the Jonas Brothers. TBT to that time when twitter was just one big fight about what JB truly stood for. Spoiler alert: it stands for Jonas Brothers. Well anyway funny story, Justin Bieber was the 6th person to ever follow me on twitter. I have no fucking clue how it ever happened but he has been following me since day one. Sometimes I feel like I owe it to him to be nice to him and thats probably how I ended becoming a casual fan right from the beginning. You bet your ass I saw Never Say Never the day it came out. I literally rushed to the movie theater after swim practice so I could get a pair of purple 3D glasses. I have always enjoyed his music but not to the extent that I have full albums. In fact, I don’t think I have ever listened to a full Justin Bieber album (but with Apple Music I just might). This album is Justin’s comeback and the world will be watching and listening, including me! This album comes out November 13th.


Sound the alarm because not only will November 13th be the comeback of Justin Bieber, its also the premiere of One Direction’s fifth album, you know that last album before their hiatus, you know the first album to completely not include Zayn….TALK ABOUT DRAMA!!! At first I was overcome with excitement. Every One Direction album has been life changing, they always start a new era where amazing things happen so I couldn’t be more excited. You know how much I love this band and these boys and their music and I can’t even control myself trying to write this post right now because I’m so fucking excited. Then once it was revealed its Justins album day my heart sank. All I wanted was for One Direction to dominate the charts. I wanted us to band together to make this their best album release yet and shatter all sorts of world records and just give them every amazing thing they deserve. Now I’m so nervous. As a fandom we have a legacy to uphold, these boys have broken so many records that I would hate for them to break the chain just because they have to share the day with another talented artist. I want it to go number one so badly and I’m truly praying it will. But if it doesn’t…at least nobody can drag them down!



Need a break from all that music, try reading a book! Youtube sensation and self proclaimed professional fangirl Tyler Oakley has his first book coming out October 20th! Tyler is such an entertainer and I feel like his novel will have so many amazing stories and bring me through all the emotions. I can’t wait to laugh and cry to this book reading about Tyler Oakley’s insane life. I feel like it will be his videos on steroids and I cannot wait!


That’s right, the Queen of England herself, Zoella, is releasing her sequel to her best selling book Girl Online on October 20th. I know youtubers have been writing tons of books lately but this is actually a BOOK. Zoe has written a fictional novel and its the most adorable thing I have ever read. I got the first book, GIRL ONLINE, for Christmas last year and I just couldn’t put the story down. Its such a cute story about a girl named Penny who meets this boy Noah who turns out not to be who he says he is. From the title of this book I’m guessing you can tell what Noah just might be. It’s better than a fanfic let me tell you. I’m just so proud of Zoella and all she does, literally everything she’s ever done, and I can’t wait to support her more and find out more about Penny and Noah. I just wish she did an American book tour! The things I would do to meet her!


Mark your calendars if you are ready to see more of Nick Jonas shirtless, sweaty, and in control because KINGDOM IS BACK on October 14th! Of course I watched the show for Nick Jonas, but I found myself actually loving the show beyond his character. I’ve never been one for a dramatic show but this series presented something to me that I had never seen before. The family dynamic is so interesting and I had no clue what goes into UFC fighting. Not a show I expected to like but I really really did! I don’t have DirectTV so I’ll find some way to watch it like I have in the past but I cannot wait for another great season!

Gossip Girl meets One Tree Hill meets Princess Diaries is how I would describe this amazing show! It’s all about the scandal of royalty as they engage in partying, cheating, killing, and the possibility of the monarchy no longer existing. This show has everything you could ever need and keeps you on the edge of your seat! It’s created by the creator of One Tree Hill which initially drew me to the show. This series returns on November 15th on E! Network

Now be honest…HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR FALL! Tell me what you’re most excited for! Music, Books, TV?? Anything I left out! Let me know!

September Favorites

As a person who spends hours a day watching Youtube, I decided why not try something out that every Youtuber loves to do: a monthly favorites!! So during September I jotted down a few things that I absolutely enjoyed.


Cake by the Ocean-DNCE

So about a week after I met Joe Jonas at his party at Foxwoods

he revealed to the world that he has new music!! Kinda upset he didn’t tell me about it but its fine we’re cool. This month I discovered “my new favorite band,” After watching teasers and seeing tweets about “your new favorite band” I was dying to know what Joe Jonas had up his sleeve. Turns out he is the lead singer of a brand new band called DNCE and they were releasing their new song!! If you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly recommend it!! It has a cool Uptown Funk feel and its Joe Jonas! I’ve missed Joe so much and while I enjoy his instagrams and snapchats, nothing beats getting to hear his voice again and see him perform! I honestly believe that I would enjoy this song even if it didn’t involve Joe Jonas. The only downside to it is that it leaves me with an endless craving for cake…have a listen!

 Infinityyyyy-One Direction

Picture this, its a normal day in the office, you have to meet with another staff member to discuss something, you get back to your cubicle, and right as you sit down you get a little blue notification just casually showing a tweet from One Direction about their new album. UM WHATTTT!! A NEW ALBUM!! ALREADY!! That’s right, brace yourselves because on November 13th, One Direction will release their fifth studio album!! Oh and it wasn’t just an album announcement, those cheeky chaps included a new song when you preorder the album! The single Infinity was released and basically had me in tears. Unfortunately it was such a busy day in the office that day but do you think that matters?? I grabbed my headphones, mentally prepared myself to not have a fangirl freakout a work, pressed play, and fell in love.

To be honest, I still haven’t gotten over Drag Me Down so I was not at all ready for a new single. I was still very fragile because OTRA USA had just ended and this song was the last thing I needed. I instantly fell in love with Niall’s opening verse, and actually jumped when Harry came in for the chorus. I was not expecting the intensity and passion he brought to the song. The lyrics themselves are enough to make you cry, but sung by the voices of four angels and I’m a goner for sure! If this song is the slightest taste of the new album I think we are in for a real treat. IS IT NOVEMBER 13TH YET I NEED MORE!

All To Well-Taylor Swift

Alright before you all start telling me how this song is old let me just tell you I haven’t stopped listening to it all September. I have always found this song to be amazing and one of the best on the album RED. I was teary eyed when she sang it on the RED tour and since the explosion of 1989 it had been a while since I revisited it. I don’t even know what it is about this song, since its not like I have some love story to relate it to, but it always makes me want to sob. As you may know I am a recent college grad trying to get a hold on this thing they call adult life. It hasn’t been the easiest transition and I have my good days and bad days but this one lyric in this song just hits me so hard and I think thats why I gravitated towards it all month.

“I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it.”

Leave it to Taylor to always just get you and what you’re going through.

Black Magic-Little Mix

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG!!! I know it came out before September but I have just fallen in love with this song, with this band, with everything. I’m a pretty big fan of Little Mix, I have their two albums on my iPod and I had tickets to see them before they canceled their American tour. Luckily I was able to see them with Demi. Now I’m not going to lie and say Zayn had no impact in me deciding to listen to Little Mix but I’m glad he did. These girls can sing, especially Perrie. Vocally she is the Zayn of Little Mix, they always give her the long notes to sing and boy does she deliver. These four girls are so talented and its a shame they aren’t more popular in the states and that Fifth Harmony is… (not a fan..soz). This song though helped put them on the map and hopefully their album will really make them known!! The best part about this song is when they perform it live because it has the cutest little dance. Just Watch!

Shawn Mendes

There’s this cool thing called Apple Music, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It lets you listen to anything on Itunes for free with the three month trial. I’m telling you now you better start the trial because so much music is coming out this fall that with three months you’ll get to listen to it all for free. However if they are a favorite or yours buy the songs and pay their bills. People like Niall Horan, actually appreciate it 🙂 At work I get to listen to music to pass the day, and I get tired of the same old thing. After I listen to Infinity, Black Magic, or Cake by the Ocean for four hours straight, its time for a change. One day I decided to just listen to Shawn Mendes album. I heard his song Stitches and Life of the Party on my Nick Jonas Pandora station, and I really enjoyed his set during 1989. His album did not disappoint. He’s like a mini Ed Sheeran. I love his voice and I really like the song Something Big. He can rap he can sing and he may be 17 but he’s a cutie pie!


Last but not least is Halsey. I’ve been trying to get myself to start trying new things and Halsey was on that list. I see her name every now and again on my timeline and I figured why not give it a go since I can listen to her album for free on Itunes. I never expected to every like her album as much as I did. I just started listening to it on Monday and I listened to it non stop every single day at work over and over again. I usually don’t like songs about getting high and whatnot but I really really really enjoy her music. My favorite songs are Hold Me Down, Control, and Gasoline. I can’t get over how I truly didn’t expect to enjoy her music at all but I find myself constantly going back to it, even now writing this post I’m jamming to Badlands. Just goes to show you never know what can happen until you give it a chance. (Also will someone in the comments please tell me how to pronounce her name, is its Halsey like a Hallway or Halsey like Halle Berry)


Bachelor in Paradise

I watched Kaitlyns season and I enjoyed watching a lovey dovey reality show on a Monday night so I figured why not watch the spin off? I’m glad I did because I got to see Jade and Tanner fall in love and get engaged. They were my favorite couple the entire series and I almost cried when the previews kept hinting that maybe they wouldn’t make it to the end. Luckily they did and he proposed and it was so magical! I love them more than Kaitlyn and Shawn and wish them nothing but happiness in their life together! Jade and Tanner are also so adorable on Instagram, I really hope their relationship stands the test of the time and they make it to their wedding day.

Big Brother

This season was rather disappointing because one person ran the whole game but at the end of the day I was happy with the winner. I liked Steve from day one, he was the ultimate underdog. He is a superfan so he has studied every single player’s game and I knew that he had enough knowledge to take himself to the end. While Liz was a good competitor, she helped get all those jury members out so at the end of the day, it would have been stupid for Steve not to win. This show was on all summer but I figured since it ended in September why not throw it in my favorites

Scream Queens

After last weeks episode I don’t think I can call it a favorite, but the pilot was so amazing. Add a show about sororities, famous faces, humor, college, and Nick Jonas and you have my dream come true. I love anything Nick Jonas so of course I was gonna tune in to support and surprisingly I wasn’t let down. I usually hate all things horror but I managed to make it through all of Pretty Little Liars so I figured why not try out Scream Queens since its more satirical if anything. Nick completely stole the show for me. It was obvious that they wanted him to attract an audience in the first episode since they had him in his underwear and working out practically the whole time.

I was disappointed with the second episode but I’m still going to tune in every Tuesday. If you haven’t yet I would give it a try and we can talk about it together!

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

This show has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. It makes me feel absolutely terrible seeing these girls who are much skinnier than me being let go from the team because they don’t look good in the uniform. I love watching this show because they give you people to root for, you get to watch everyone’s journey. I also love the dances and the music. One episode they were doing a photoshoot and all of a sudden I hear Steal My Girl then directly after they played Jealous. When they auditioned the routine was set to Move by Little Mix. This show also has a makeover episode which I have always loved since the first days of top model. It fits right in with the other reality tv I watch and I’m so happy it was back for a 10th season.


This is another instance of trying something new. I came into work one day and my co-worker who knows I love One Direction and Taylor Swift and all the rest, asked me if I watched Empire. I told him no and then he proceeded to tell me why its such a great show and that he thinks I would like it since it has to do with the music industry. I rarely watch any dramas on tv and I knew it was only one season to catch up on so I figured why not give it a try. In the past I have won awards for my binge watching abilities. (This is a true fact I won this award in my sorority after spending 2 months watching all 9 seasons of One Tree Hill). So I sat down a week ago on a Sunday afternoon and started watching. The next new episode was on Wednesday so I had limited time to make it. Of course I managed just fine because this show is so addictive, so good, it ends on endless cliff hangers, and you are just dying to know what will happen next. I love Jamal and Cookie and I think the Lyon’s have such an interesting dynamic. I also love the music on the show and truly just everything about it. I’m completely caught up and season 2 just started meaning the fun doesn’t have to end!


Liam Payne’s Hair

Liam has been looking so fine lately. He emerges from night clubs looking as if he hasn’t even partied yet and his hair looks so amazing. It’s a favorite of this month for sure. Just looking at him would make anyone scream Daddy

Embedded image permalink

Sophia Smith

Sophia is super private but every now and then thanks to Lottie and Andy and Liam we get to see a little glimpse of her life. This girl is so beautiful I wish we knew more about her. I’m so happy for her and Liam because she is such a princess and I’m currently just obsessed with her

Joe and Gigi

At first I found it weird that someone from Taylor Swift’s squad would be dating one of the famous Taylor ex’s but I am completely for it. I’ve watched Gigi on housewives since the start and obviously I know everything there is to know about Joe so I couldn’t be happier for them! I love when she’s on Joe’s snapchat or he’s on her instagram. The two are so in love and they are simply just so adorable.

Embedded image permalink

Harry’s Gold Boots

(went to find a pic of them on twitter and found this one…then realized it was from my own tweet)

This is more of an all time favorite but since its my first favorites I figured why not include them. I am obsessed with these boots. I don’t know what it is about them but he wears them so well and they always look great with his outfit. I also feel he has a little bit more pep in his step when he wears them and goes a little more crazy on stage. I am so in love with them. He has a heart of gold and boots to match. If anyone can find a cheap pair of gold boots let me know because I desperately want them. I could write an essay about those damn gold boots.

My love Zoe on Seventeen!

Embedded image permalink

Again its no secret that Zoella is everything I want to be in life. I was so happy when I saw her on the cover!! It’s strange to see her go a bit mainstream but its so nice at the same time because she deserves the world! I loved her article and she looks so gorgeous in the spread. Yay team internet! I guess in terms of favorites she goes on the list for All Time Favorite Female Celebrity

Super Fruit

Speaking of Youtubers and trying new things, I gave Super Fruit a try! I had seen some of their videos from when they collab with people I already watch (Tyler, Mamrie) but I haven’t watched a ton of their stuff. One day I just kept clicking from video to video and found myself laughing along and really enjoying their content. The two are so funny and I have so much more to catch up on that I look forward to doing so.

My Disney loves Reunite

Vegas. Nick Jonas. Demi Lovato. Joe Jonas. Sounds perfect to me! The group reunited at the Iheartradio music festival where they each supported eachother’s sets and took adorable instagrams. Nothing makes me happier than seeing they are all still such good  friends!


My last favorite of the month of September was getting to see Nick Jonas, One Direction, and Ed Sheeran in concert. I plan on doing individual posts for these concerts this month because I really want to have a memorium of them that I can look back on and I think it would be a fitting thing to blog about. I have so many potential posts in the works so keep your eyes peeled!

What were some of your favorites this month? If you made it the end of this post tell me your current favorite song, favorite tv show,  a new artist I should listen to, and a random favorite! Can’t wait to read your responses. Enjoy October!!

10 Signs You Have Found Your Fandom Friend

You might be reading this because her twitter brought you here since its now revealed what this post is, but in case you don’t know… TODAY IS MY CHUMMY’S BIRTHDAY!!! I’m a huge believer in making everyone’s birthday super special so I decided to make this post highlighting the best parts of having her as a fandom friend and she had no idea about it until now. SURPRISE MICHELE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!

Once upon a time in early February, I came up with an idea to dedicate an entire week of this blog to posts about Harry for his birthday. Back then I was a full time student and I knew doing 7 blog posts in one week in addition to my other classes and assignments would be a handful. While you may know that I am not a fan account on twitter, I have made quite a few friendships with other fan accounts. I figured why not enlist some of the biggest Harry girls to be guest writers on my blog. I immediately thought of my now very good friend Michele, since we would tweet back and forth about any and all things One Direction and occasionally Zoella. It was then that we exchanged numbers to discuss the blog and the rest was history. Looking back on it now, I can’t imagine my life without Michele. It sucks that we live kinda far away and have yet to meet in person, but sometimes it doesn’t even feel like its a long distance friendship.

Let’s be honest, the best part about being involved in a fandom is the friends you make along the way. Where would we be without our go to person to ride with us on the crazy rollercoaster that is fangirl life. When all your regular friends want to punch you in the face anytime you mention something your celebrity is up to, who do you turn to let it all out since you would combust if you held it all in and couldn’t tell a soul? We need our fandom friends to survive, to vent to, to freak out with, and most of all, to enhance our fandom experience. Here are some reasons we love our fandom friends 🙂

1) Mornings aren’t as much as a drag because you usually wake up to a text about the latest news or pictures in your fandom.

Waking up early for work sucks, but you know what makes it great, waking up to texts of OTRA HQs, paparazzi pics, or the news that One Direction dropped a brand new single over night!! Without fail, I either catch Michele up on what happened over night or vice versa

Mornings look a little something like this

2) You usually text in all caps lock and can somehow read the failed autocorrected messages

Conversations are usually a mess of caps lock and mispelled words and just utter chaos. When something new happens they are the first person you wanna tell, and with high emotions it usually ends up like this


You know you are a true fangirl if you can decipher these type of messages

3) Drunk texts about the fandom are always acceptable and most times sober thoughts 

Nothing like a little alcohol to get you and your fandom friend saying the most ridiculous things about your favorites, things a sober you would never admit or say aloud.

If only they knew what we were saying hahahha
4) When you aren’t texting, you are tweeting them, liking their instas, or snapchatting them

A fandom friend is a guaranteed like on insta, favorite on tweets, and usually in your top snaps

5) They serve as an open forum for any and all questions pertaining to fandom

Want to know what emoji’s you would use if the boys were a saved number in your phone? Wanna know how others would rank them by dick size? Wanna compare theories for why Zayn left the band? Look no further than your fandom friend.

Michele and I ask the strangest questions…but thats what makes it so fun!
6) They are there when something makes them cry and they need to vent right away

When that song comes on that makes you cry, when the Zayn Pain hits, the PCD sets in, or you’re having a really bad day remembering how impossible it is to ever meet your fave, your fandom friend is there to comfort and commiserate with you

7) You have hysterical inside jokes pertaining to your favs or past life events

For the record Calum Hood is NOT Asian….shocker I know!
8) You communicate from morning to night, sometimes even sleep on the phone together

It was maybe a little over a month into our friendship when Zayn left, Michele and I practically facetimed the whole day…and night…yeah we slept with facetime on just because it was such an awful day and we didn’t want to be alone

I was trying to go back through my messages to find some good proof for this post but my phone always freezes because there is just too much to go through
9) You can rely on them when real life events happen to put the fandom aside for a while and just talk about you

From graduation, to getting a job, to hating our jobs, and starting a new semester, always there no matter what, to be normal friends in addition to fandom friends

10) You laugh so hard at everything they say in your conversation that people think you are crazy

Conversations can get pretty wild, I would cringe if people saw half of the things we say, anyone would think we are completely mental but hey, at least we are crazy together


If you found this relateable. share this post with your fandom friend to show them how much you appreciate them!

Drag Me Down Music Video Reaction

It’s 5 am, finally Friday, only one more day of work until freedom! You go to grab your phone and all you see is a sea of blue because you are blind as a bat. You bring the phone closer to your face only to see a dozen @onedirection tweets, along with twitter notifications from @Niallofficial @Harry_Styles, @Louis_Tomlinson, and @Real_Liam_Payne with a link to vevo. You mutter to yourself “those little shits!

That was me this morning, when I realized that a few hours after I tweeted this…

One Direction decided to drop the video for the song Drag Me Down which they dropped on the same night only three weeks ago. As a working woman, I do not appreciate these late night shenanigans.


I have lost sleep each night living in fear they are gonna just drop more and more surprises overnight when usually I’m right in the know of everything they are up to.

I love the song even without the video, in fact I wanted to do an entire post when the song came out, but I figured I could easily talk about it with the video. I spent the past two weeks with it on repeat. To me this song means so much because it is the start of a new era. With only four boys and missing a key vocalist, the roles in the songs have changed, I love that now each boy gets a chance to really show their vocals and command a section of the song. I am in no way saying that I like them better without Zayn, I’m just saying the new dynamic works for them and I’m excited for the next album now that everyone is going after what makes them happy.

The message of the song is absolutely adorable. I can’t help but think of Gemma and Anne, and Karen and Geoff, and even Greg Horan and the entire Tomlinson clan as these boys sing about the people who have supported them all their lives. The message also transcends into being thankful for the fans, without the fans, and all the support this year, they wouldn’t be able to keep doing what they love despite the circumstances. Louis and Niall really kill it. I think their vocals on this track are so impressive. I knew with WDBHG and No Control, in addition to taking on Zayn’s solos, that this next album will feature much more Nouis, such a change from the early days, Liam’s voice is so smooth and prefect. There is never anything bad to say about Liam’s vocals, he has been consistent since day one. HARRY FUCKING STYLES, with his long notes at the end which sound even more amazing live (I mean I imagine so…I still have a few more weeks till my OTRA show…)  his voice at 1:33 where I literally die and come back to life over 100 times. Such an amazing song.

So just like any One Direction fan who is glued to twitter for constant updates and conversation, it was no secret to any of us that the video would be filmed at NASA in Texas. So this got me thinking what this concept could possibly be. Gravity. Space, zero gravity, with zero gravity there is no way the boys could be dragged down right? Can’t drag me down because no gravity right? I fully expected these boys to be flying around at NASA in a zero gravity room. I was thinking something like the bumblefuck when they were all on wires for the You & I perfume. I liked the idea of NASA it’s something different. There was also lots of pressure for this video because in addition to it being the first one without Zayn, this fandom is DETERMINED to break the VEVO record and take it back from Queen Tay.

At 5am, I watched the video and drafted the following on my phone. Here is my complete, first time ever watching the video, reaction to Drag Me Down. I threw in some gifs and stuff to make if fun but the text is all my first thoughts. Enjoy!

So fucking cute in the little suits

Obsessed with Harry’s Jacket

He literally starts singing in my face, his hair looks so amazing, his fucking jaw, his skin looks beautiful. I need a moment..

Niam in the background fooling around haha love it,

In love with Liam’s hair

Niall dressed like Harry and it’s working for him…LOVE THE PURPLE BOOTS

(if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m obsessed with Harry’s gold boots) and now Niall in colorful boots, surprised his isn’t in stripes and the Neil hat…best Niall has looked in a music video, you can fight me on this


Literally I thought they were gonna cut to Louis singing in some other location but the “5’9” lad comes from behind Harry…holy fuck, Narry laughing in the background and Niall covering his dick…

His little smile is adorable, second best Louis has looked in a music video (first being Night Changes)

LIAM LIAM LIAM being so sweaty and gorgeous, it’s like he’s at soul cycle with Harry, cannot wait for behind the scenes since they look like they are having so much fun with all the equipment

Harry and this fucking robot, how much you wanna bet he made it pick it’s nose and grab it’s dick. I also love the close up on this hands because we all know how much everyone loves Harry’s big hands

Oh shit here we have Louis driving something…lets take a walk down memory lane, when he drove the camper van and got pulled over for going too slow, when he drove the jeep and broke it, when he drove the boat in Midnight Memories, getting “pulled over” in Night Changes, and now they let Louis drive a spaceship!!!

Fuck Niall is working it!!!! He’s so proud of his chest hair, and he has so much energy, his little pelvic thrust on the beat drop


Honestly this music video cuts to so many different scenes so fast! It’s hard to take it all in!

Harold and this robot, he looks so heavenly, his fucking ringlets so perfect on his shoulder…

Liam is giving me all sorts of Captain America in training feels, my god he is rocking that sleeveless shirt and just total action movie leading man vibe.

I love that they show Louis for every Nobody Nobody because that is very important!

Harry’s hair blowing in the wind and his little…i don’t even know what to call it..maybe the dragging feet move??? Anyway I love it!!! The camera work on this is so great.

Dear god are they sending them into space??? Oh lord, is it gonna end like night changes and something goes wrong???

Little boys in their astronaut suits! Louis is so ready to go constantly smirking

Liam is flirting with this camera hardcore, I keep gasping Liam what are you doing to me!!!

Liam’s expression saying Drag Me Down…so adorable!

Niall and his vocals…plus actual Niall dancing along…recipe for my death


Please tell me they are gonna show the call and repeat part please please please!!!

Niall is sooooo smiley!!!

ALRIGHT I’m pausing right here because I fucking know the part that kills me is next and I am not ready at all for Harold to kill me

OMG NARRYYYYYYYY, Harry’s hair is all sorts of wild and I’m loving it!!

“Nothing left!”

Harry walking with the camera is CRACKING me up!! He’s walking with such haste!!!

Liam is killing it with the silent harmonies, so on point

Oh Jesus Christ he’s coming at the camera


****not making a comment on what is on the cup….but if I were to have an opinion about it I would say it was placed there to appease the Larry shippers because management knows it’s better to keep you all happy

FUCKING WALKING TO FUCK UP MY LIFE!!!! I’ve never had sexual fantasies about astronauts but I have a feeling that’s about to change

One little thing….there aren’t enough lights for the “all these lights they can’t blind me” line…it’s basically pitch black outside…

Harry should send this video in for a hair commercial campaign because every time that beat drops he is workingggggg itttt

Their looks of wonderment as they ascend in the elevator, I don’t know why but it makes me want to cry…it’s like a metaphor for watching them rise to the top. How they have done so much in five years, how this single broke records, it just gives me a lot of feels


OMG Harry has so much passion in this…he’s looking to win the Oscar or something because he is giving it his all!!! He literally just jumps right in front of everyone where did you come from!!


I’m terrified…this spaceship is going up

Harry’s notes are coming next, I really really need to pee…it’s 5am…I have work in 3 hours, I really need to pee,  I’m so anxious and hyped up and I don’t know if I’m going to make it

OH MY FUCKING GOD HARRY EDWARD STYLES THAT FACE, THAT VOICE, there is no way they lip synced this, they must have editors out the real audio, that face is so real it’s not even funny,


Final thoughts: thank the fucking lord they shipped them to space because I am so done with them. This video was amazing. Yes it’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea but it gave me just what I wanted. Each boy was fully displayed, it was completed split 4 ways and I love that, the song and the video feel equal. Space is so cool, and it’s such an out of the box concept that it works. I guess the real problem would be that this song makes me think of 1) the fans always being there 2) their families always being there…they already did the family thing, it would be unsafe to do a fan thing, so let’s just do the world a favor and ship these idiots off to space. My one wish for this video though is that it had a talking bit kinda like in BSE so we got more of a picture of what exactly was going on…instead of four men let lose at NASA…either way I love it, and will gladly contribute to the VEVO record .

THIS IS MY 50TH POST! LETS CELEBRATE! Let me know what you think!!! Tweet me @shelleyann1817 and tell your favorite moments and reactions! I would love to hear what you have to say!! Till next time, all the love x


Today Was a Busy Week for Us: A Breakdown of One Direction Drama

Well well well, we have made it. Give yourself a big ‘ol pat on the back for making it through the past two days. Ever since One Direction landed their cute little asses in New York city, it has been a whirlwind of news stories, media coverage, and non stop drama. Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn (former members count too) have had their fair share of headlines the past two days. Honestly, I’m just wondering when it will seems like these guys can’t catch a break. 2015 hasn’t even ended yet and if you’re a part of the One Direction fandom, you’re probably already exhausted as fuck and just want to have a smooth sail into the end of the year. I can tell you right now that won’t be the case. Just when you think its getting calm, be prepared for something else to happen. At the end of the day, everyone is just doing their job…paps are supposed to take pics, media is supposed to report, and as long as One Direction is buzzing around the internet, it will only increase their popularity, ticket sales, and future album sales.

Leave Niam Alone!

It’s no surprise that One Direction has an insane amount of popularity and fans. In fact, if you didn’t know that..I don’t know where you have been. Even if you don’t follow the band, most of what goes on in their lives are general knowledge, or you can at least name one band member. These boys are in demand and extremely unattainable. Unless you have crazy luck or inside scoop…its likely you will never casually just bump into one of the boys. With the danger presented in this fanbase..its likely that the boys will never have just a basic meet and greet ever again. So what does that mean for the rest of us…you gotta hunt them down while you can. Now hunt is a strong word…I’m talking more along the lines of knowing where they will be, ASSESSING THE SITUATION, and then POLITELY asking for a picture or have a fun conversation. This excludes flinging a phone in their face, blocking them in so they have no choice but to stop for you, and interrupting them when they are trying to enjoy the day with family and friends.

There is always the argument that a celebrity decides to share their lives with us therefore its fair game and if I want a picture I will do anything to get them vs. They are human beings like everyone else and despite being in the public eye everyone is entitled to privacy #letmelive. I chose to go with the latter. I don’t think that a picture, as amazing as it would be, would be worth ruining their time or forcing them into it. But anyway, EVERYONE knew that the boys would be coming to New York City for GMA so everyone knew that the boys would be out and about in the city. In the past the boys have stopped for fans in the city but more recently things have changed. When the boys were in the city for WWA NYC, they stayed at 5 different hotels, making it impossible to meet all five and hopefully breaking up the crowds that would wait at the hotels. This time around, I’m not sure what the situation was..but I know people took it too far.

How do I know this…It was bad enough that both Liam AND Niall, needed to tweet about it as a plea to get the fans to back off.

I don’t think he could have been any more clear. Liam is just a guy who wants to walk around NYC with his girlfriend and his best friend just like millions of other humans do. My heart went out to him that people who claim to be “fans” would be screaming and shouting at him to the point that he would have to tweet his frustrations. It seems like people haven’t learned anything. While Zayn leaving is still unclear, the fans reactions to the cheating rumors and other things may have played a part in his leave. One member was already fed up and “claimed” he wanted time out of the spotlight…what’s to say that if things don’t change the others may feel the same? Wouldn’t you want a fanbase that supports you, not screams at you because they don’t get what they want? I’m disclaiming here that I don’t exactly know what happened and no one does unless you were there…but from Liam’s tweets, he was obviously upset by it and I have every right to be upset when someone, “fans” no less, make him upset.

As an avid user of Twitter and a follower of many fan accounts, I would like to think I know a bit about how certain people in NYC always find the guys and will always ask for a picture, despite having at least 30 or having past bad experiences with the boys. I wasn’t shocked at all when I heard that these tweets were directed towards those fans and others. As if this wasn’t seems as if the fans stopped the chase for Liam and went after a new target…

LIKE REALLY!! I totally understand wanting to meet your favorite celebrity, its all I ever want and dream about but sometimes enough is enough…The fact that he even had to tweet about people being persistent drove me over the edge. He already asked to be left alone and obviously people weren’t listening. The worst of it all is that some fans found these tweets rude and unappreciative… I mean c’mon.. THEY ARE HUMAN! Yes they are famous but they don’t owe you anything, they don’t get paid to stop and take pictures, they don’t have to take time out of their day, their personal time, just so you can meet them.. they just gave us a new single, and they are on a tour, at this point they have given us all that they can (except a studio version of teenage dirtbag but whatevs). Why would you want a picture with an unhappy celebrity..would you feel great about that? No, but maybe you would I don’t know your life!

Bottom line is, lets treat the boys as humans, if you run into them great, but let’s use a little discretion when deciding whether or not to ask for that selfie or interrupt what they are doing.

Who’s Your Daddy?

For some unborn fetus residing in the uterus of Briana Jungwirth, the answer to that question is Louis Tomlinson

That’s right! Louis Tomlinson has FINALLY confirmed that he is going to be the father of this child. This story has been circling in the media for a few weeks now. I was on vacation when I initially found out, just enjoying my day at Busch Gardens (Yes I know it’s owned by Seaworld Harry please don’t hate me) when my friend texted me “How are you taking the news lol” Sending me into a panic..WHAT NEWS WHAT IS HAPPENING!! I quickly got on twitter and the news was everywhere. An article about Louis being a father with his close friend Briana. At first I completely did not believe it. I actually laughed at it and how empty the article was. ” A close friend” as a source never means anything to me. I chose to believe things once they are confirmed or denied by the person involved. BUT THATS THE PROBLEM! Louis never tweeted about it, even to this day he has not TWEETED a single word about it being true or not.

It’s no secret that Louis doesn’t keep his mouth shut. He has always spoke his mind on twitter. The one time when it would have been the perfect instance to use his big mouth…he stays silent. There was a show later that night on that day and again LOUIS SAID NOTHING. I don’t even know how he went for so long without saying anything about the matter. At least it gave me enough time to weigh the options. Now I just want to say, having a child is extremely personal, he doesn’t owe it to anyone to explain himself, confirm or deny. It’s his life and he can share what he wants. I will always support him, baby or not, and that will never change. If it wasn’t true, great, the band carries on the same as before…but if it is true (this was at the time when I first found out, I know it is true now and couldn’t be happier for a baby Tommo!) what could this mean for the band?

Flash back to the Jonas fandom, ahh good times. Kevin Jonas announced with his wife Danielle in 2013 that they were expecting a baby. At the time I wasn’t expecting them to break up (STILL BITTER) but it did cross my mind just how Kevin would have a baby and still be able to tour and dedicate himself to the band. Now those feelings are flooding back; Louis’ biological dad left him at a young age leading me to believe that he would never want to not support or be there for this child. Does that mean that he can’t be there for the band? That they will have to stop touring? Who knows! Having a child could create an expiration date for the band, but after all we went through with Zayn, all the teasing of the 5th album already being finished, and the constant reassurance the boys give us about our support for them and they love what they do, I truly do not think that this baby will dramatically change things.

Flash forward to yesterday when the boys performed on GMA and here is the confirmation we have been waiting for!

“From one father from another congratulations”


Of course there are still people who don’t believe its true even though he has publicly confirmed it, but they can stay in denial that’s fine, they just won’t be invited to the baby shower, oh wells! I don’t have a fan account so I don’t share my 1D opinion as much as others, but I truly am so so so happy for Louis. He is going to be a great dad, he’s the kind of person that will do anything for his kid, he is the oldest of all his siblings so he knows how to handle children, and I honestly think he will be such a fun dad. I don’t know anything about Briana, I just remember seeing her in pictures with drunk Louis, but if anyone’s life is going to change its going to be hers. Once she starts showing and Louis starts interacting with her, its going to be everywhere, she’s going to be everywhere, and in a perfect world everyone would be nice and supportive to her. I wish her the best and a pregnancy should be exciting! Imagine waking up every day carrying an egg fertilized by LOUIS TOMLINSONS sperm?! She’s living the life!!

The End of An Era: Saying Goodbye to Zerrie

Perrie is an OG..Original girlfriend, among the ranks of Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Calder, Perrie has dated her 1D man since the fetus days. Zayn and Perrie were the strongest couple, the ones first in line to tie the knot, and a darling celebrity couple. Yesterday however, the news broke that Zayn has called it off. I’ll pause right here to let you cry it out. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! THEY BROKE UP! AFTER ALL THE SHIT ZAYN HAS BEEN THROUGH THIS YEAR, HE NOW HAS A BREAK UP TO DEAL WITH.  And we can’t forget about Perrie, the poor girl so ready to marry Zayn, being so close with her family, and having her life planned out. This news is just devastating really. How strange is it that this article surfaces at the same time that the press is having a field day with the Louis baby confirmation…

Basically, the article says that Zayn dumped Perrie two weeks ago, both are devastated, and Perrie has taken off the ring as seen in Jesy’s instagram. Again, this was all third party info and there was no confirmation on either sides. It wasn’t until this E! news interview that we heard from one of them that this breakup is real.

No one knows the details except Zayn and Perrie. To me, this is part of Zayn’s Miley Cyrus transition. He may not take it all the way but he has already changed up his hair, left behind his past, and now has called off his engagement. Let’s be honest, what will help his solo career? Being single. More people will want to see single Zayn, this breakup will give him writing material, and as depressing and personal as it is..this could mean big things for his solo career. I’m just trying to see a bright side to this. I’m not trying to think about how he has a beautiful tattoo of her, how they share so many pets and a home, or how i will never ever get to hear a Zerrie duet which is something I have been waiting years for! I wish them both the best and hope the fans and their friends will be supportive and comforting.

Sophia is now the last 1D girlfriend standing

Oh Harold

Let’s be thankful that the only Harry Styles news is his GMA outfit! Finally the drama doesn’t revolve around him

Tight pants, Black boots, Curly hair flowing in the wind, and a St. Laurent jacket from the 2016 collection

Then there is Harold.* The Queen Himself. The Royal Cherub. The Crowning Flower. The Curly Princess.

Just beautiful

Let’s all just take a deep breath and be thankful that August 4th 2015 is over, just as Niall said: Today was a busy week for us

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Opinion Post: Fandom Drama

Hi guys!! Thank you all so much for reading my posts! So I’ve taken a little break basically because of school and there’s just been a lot going on. Recently whenever I log onto my One Direction fan account infested Twitter, I see nothing but drama. Things were all calm and joyous before OTRA started and now that it has shit has hit the fan. I’m not even exaggerating when I say something new pops up every single day. So in this post I am going to discuss my opinion on this drama and maybe explore a point of view you haven’t thought of before. Bare with me because its long but I really really want to know your opinions! So tweet at me @shelleyann1817 and I’d love to talk to you all about this. If you haven’t noticed I absolutely love talking about One Direction at all hours of the day and with anyone. Also these are my opinions I am only speaking for myself based off of the things I have seen on twitter and trends and just things floating around.

**this post may contain spoilers**.

OTRA vs. WWA/ Japan vs Australia

Okay so I am first going to say that I was disappointed with the setlist. I didn’t feel it made sense to tour with a brand new album and sing a majority of songs from the last album. Don’t get me wrong I completely love Midnight Memories and I am so grateful the boys are on tour again and are coming to my city because I know a lot of people can’t say that. Also its not even about paying to see the same show because I went to two of WWA last year and honestly I would pay for VIP seats to see them even if they sang me the alphabet. I understand the frustration people feel in terms of the lack of practice the boys had and how people feel they aren’t taking it as seriously. For example, last night the boys sang Stockholm Syndrome for the first time on this tour. I feel Japan was the perfect place to do so because with their rules of respect it would be easy for the boys to focus on the performance. I was not impressed really when I saw the vines and saw that Zayn had forgotten the words and there were other bumps along the way. I can only imagine that Harry scolded them for messing up the song, while Zayn said the Japanese can’t understand him anyway. Then Liam raises his hand and says he didn’t mess up and then Louis smacks him on the back of the head saying he wasn’t too hungover and Niall watches while he inhales popcorn. (Totallyyyyyyy joking don’t take that scenario seriously)

I feel that as a fan I am allowed to have opinions about this so here goes. It seems strange to me that they would not know this song or rehearse this song. Most artists go on tour to see the fans but they also go to promote themselves, and what are the boys promoting, their new album FOUR. The only new song they added that we had never heard live before was Clouds. What happened to the rest of the album? Why isn’t that a focus? I feel like its a huge mistake to call it a new tour and use the same stage in different colors and basically the same setlist as the last tour. I understand Australia didn’t have WWA but that doesn’t mean they didn’t follow it on twitter, see the movie, or know nothing about it. Seeing the boys live in concert should be a great and new experience. I have already heard them sing Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Ready to Run, and Girl Almighty for tv performances, and how many times have we heard them sing Steal My Girl and Night Changes, its something very different to hear them in person I know but it would be amazing to hear something brand new live for the first time, a song from the album never heard live before.

So then there is the whole issue of Australia versus the world, well Japan. So in Australia a lot of crap went down like people being rude to the boys if they didn’t stop for pictures, hating on the tour they were given and so forth. Now in Japan everyone is kissing their ass. The way they arrange themselves at the airport, the way they don’t attack the boys when they see them, how they don’t wait outside hotels, basically how they give them space and privacy unlike some other places. I don’t really know what to say about all this, I think it more based on people and not places. Like when people say Australia was rude and ungrateful if they only met 3/5 or whatnot or if someone didn’t stop, that could just be the people themselves, because I know for a fact the same thing happens in other areas. In response to those people, I feel they should be more grateful, or if anything more secretive, like you can’t call one of them a curse word and be mad you missed 3/5 when you post selfies with 2/5…. keep your own hate to yourself where people won’t find it. This fandom gets so jealous, and I am completely one of those people who literally hate everything and everyone when they boys meet fans or hug them and whatnot because you just get that feeling it will never happen to you ever. So for a jealous fandom I wouldn’t tweet hate to someone and then post a tweet with your fav…people see everything and at that point you’re just asking for it.

Harry and Louis on the same plane

So I am just going to get this out of the way and say I am not a Larry shipper. I do not wish or think that Harry and Louis have a romantic relationship. That being said I have no ill feelings towards Larry shippers, everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you love Larry that’s great! One day I was on Twitter and it basically exploded because Harry and Louis were on the same plane. This was big news because lately the two haven’t had the relationship they used to. In my opinion, I think they have grown apart as friends. You can tell in interviews and on stage that they aren’t as close as they used to be, whether its because of the Larry drama or just Harry and Louis not being as close anymore because they have changed I do not know. However, this event created so much drama because there are some Larry shippers who will attack people who do not ship Larry and vice versa. Personally, I stay out of the drama, as I said everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I do feel that the idea of Larry has added stress on their relationship as friends, BUT I DO NOT KNOW THEM AND NEVER WILL SO NOTHING I SAY OR ANYONE ELSE SAYS IN THE TRUTH. The most important thing we can do as fans is support them, and remember we do not know their lives, only what they decide to share with us 🙂

Niall and Melissa

Well WW3 happened as soon as the pictures of Niall and Melissa surfaced. With the rumors of Harry and Nadine (I’ll get to that later) Niall would technically be the only single member, but wait! He was seen with Melissa AND OMG THEY ARE DATING. Um no… I don’t understand why the minute the single guys are seen with anyone that they are dating. I believe in innocent until proven guilty, so basically I would say that Niall is single unless he tells us he has a girlfriend. While this may seem stupid, think about it, the 3/5 who have girlfriends have confirmed this fact many times, in various interviews. Niall is the most honest with us all, literally tweeting anything that comes to mind and always thinking about the fans, and he is the most carefree. I feel that if Niall was dating someone that he would be blunt with us and let us know because he cares. Literally a few blurry pictures surfaced and all of a sudden all the Niall girls were crying.

That’s another thing, I understand the feeling of loving someone so much that it hurts to know they have a special someone, its part of being a fangirl and I hate it. At the same time though, one day these boys will be married and it probably won’t be any of us so as soon as people grasp the concept the better. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if Niall was dating someone. He has been single for so long, since the beginning of the band, and I would love to see boyfriend Niall. As much as it sucks if your fav is dating someone, doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside hearing Liam talk about how much he loves Sophia or how happy Zayn is with Perrie. DON’T YOU WANT THE BOYS HAPPY. I’ve been team happiness from day one, and seeing them loving other girls makes me love them even more because they are great boyfriends who show they are loving people. How cute would it be to see the Irish Princess on dates with someone and holding hands and being a boyfriend to someone..I think it would be too cute to handle. I just think there are bigger problems in life than who the guys are dating, and that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions when very little evidence is out there.

For those who don’t know, this girl’s name is Melissa Whitelaw and she is a 21 year old student in Austrailia. No one knows for sure how she met Niall or anything like that. The fandom has found her instagram and apparently she had a boyfriend not too long ago..this boyfriend also made a huge rant on his insta indirecting Melissa and leaves even more questions unanswered. Also on Melissa’s instagram people told her to take care of Niall and make sure he gets fed 3 times a day and while it was very funny it was accompanied by hate, hate, and more hate. Basically I don’t believe any of it, once Niall tells us he is in a relationship then I will believe it.

Also I’m curious what you guys think of Niall, do you think he’s a virgin. I feel that Harry and the boys always use Niall to escape rumors or make sex jokes so sometimes I think he is a virgin and if Melissa is fulfilling his needs then GET IT NIALL!!

Harry and Nadine

While Harry spent his whole break in LA and I will never ever believe him when he says he’s sad he doesn’t get to see his family as much BECAUSE HE TOTALLY HAD THE TIME TOO, he spent time with Nadine Leopold. Nadine is a model who Harry has recently been linked with. Now Harry’s dating life is the most mysterious of all. Is she a fuck buddy? do they hook up? ARE THEY FRIENDS OR SOMETHING MOOOOORREEEE?? The real answer is who the fuck knows. They get froyo, they hang out with Jeff, they go to dinner, but we never see much more than that. Part of me wonders if he is hiding it. If you paid attention to Taylor’s album 1989, which tells the story of Haylor, you will come to the conclusion that the media destroyed Haylor and didn’t give it enough time to really become something. Without all the media attention could Haylor have lasted longer? Without sending Taylor death threats and tons of hate would Harry have been able to keep dating her. I used to think Haylor was PR but then she wrote a whole album about it NOT SAYING ANYTHING BAD ABOUT HIM AT ALL, she was super sweet and basically said she enjoyed it until it fell apart because of the outside world.

Anyway back to Nadine, could Harry be hiding his relationship with Nadine for the sake of the fans? Think about it, the girls who love him will be beyond upset. ESPECIALLY because Harry is put on a pedestal and there are fans who like 1D only for Harry. And then if he is with Nadine, the Larry shippers claim she is a beard since some think Eleanour is one and so on and so forth. Either way, Harry letting it known he is with Nadine would cause so much chaos. Does Jeff come along as a decoy to their dates? Is she only a friend that he enjoys hanging out with in LA? My opinion on all of this is that they are hooking up. I feel with timing and whatnot Harry is in a horrible place to start a relationship. They are on tour from Feb-October and being in a relationship with Nadine would be strictly long distance. We all know, and Harry for sure knows, that he is so fucking hot and can have anyone and charm the pants off anyone so he could easily be hooking up with her, having some fun in LA, getting his fix. The honest truth though is we will never know unless either of them say something. After seeing how Harry is when he is in a relationship, I don’t see the same signs with Nadine. They do things I would do with my guy friends so I never thought much of it, but it sure brings drama in the fandom!

Louis and Eleanor cigarette thing/ Louis says he’s gay

I was on tumblr one day and came across this post about how cigarettes are not allowed in magazines and someone related it to the pictures of Louis on the beach in Australia with El and he has a cig in his mouth. This was taken two ways: He does it to protect El, and he does it to promote Larry. Okay so basically I like Louis and El. I don’t like how El kinda hides and doesn’t let us see who she is but at the same time I understand because some fans can be vicious. This of course broke out a huge fight between the Larrys and the Anti Larrys about why Louis makes this decision. I feel that Louis has given enough proof to show that he really does love El, that it’s not management, and that they are in a genuine relationship. For this reason I think he uses the cig to protect El. I feel that these boys are so much smarter than we give them credit for. They know exactly how we feel about things or how we will react to things which leads them to make these decisions. The tweets, the drama, the posters do not go unnoticed. The boys are very aware that we like them single, that some people like them in a relationship, and that no matter what they do someone usually feels hurt about it. Louis could easily be helping El live a normal life, he knows its best if she isn’t in the public eye if she doesn’t have to be, and he knows that people will have very strong opinions about El if she is seen with him. Either way he is protecting her and thats boyfriend goals. The guys don’t want to hurt anyone, whether they agree with their opinion or not.

The whole vine thing was a hot mess and a half. A vine surfaced in which people thought that Louis said he is gay and that its pretty unfortunate. I read on twitter from girls that were there that someone said they have the same birthday as him and he said that it is pretty unfortunate considering it is Christmas Eve and whatnot…

Here is the vine you can decide what he says for yourself, but I think its the birthday thing.

Either way the media jumped on this. That’s one thing I forgot to mention. The media plays a huge part in all of this drama. They make up stories, report things with little evidence, and just stir up the pot. For example, E News did a whole story on Niall dating Melissa where they knew just as much as Twitter knew which was a video where hes flirty with her and some blurry photos. There were also multiple stories about this vine and Louis “coming out”. And don’t even get me started on Harry and Nadine, every single pop culture news source talked about them “dating.” Just adding more fuel to the fire where basically everything I mentioned is complete assumption and guess work NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE, ONLY LIAM, LOUIS, NIALL, HARRY, AND ZAYN. Some people think that this fandom is completely ruining it for the boys. While I agree that most drama starts in conversation on Twitter, like when the fandom is bored and just decides to trend RIPHARRY, the media plays up on these facts. I can’t even tell you how many times a day someone comes up to me with a rumor about 1D and I shoot it down so fast. People believe almost everything they read. I think its better to take the facts, do your own research and make you own opinion. I also support EXPRESSING these opinions, as long as it is done in a respectful manner.

It would have been so easy for me to just spread so much hate and call people out and just go nuts with this topic. Instead I made an opinion and expressed it while acknowledging both sides. If you are a person who sends hate, whether it is to specific people, the boys friends and girlfriends, and other fan accounts and twitter users, just stop and think. Where is this getting you? What are you trying to accomplish? and How would you feel if someone attacked you? I don’t receive hate but I have friends that do and its disgusting. Remember that everyone, and seriously every human being, is allowed to have their own thoughts and share those thoughts, you may not agree and thats okay!! It’s okay to have difference of opinion, however it is not okay to jump to conclusions and be hateful towards eachother. I’ll end this post with this “Be Nice To Nice”

Think before you tweet, and challenge yourself to see from a different point of view, its all about respect. We wouldn’t want any of this drama to affect the boys to the point where they feel they can’t do anything anymore. I know they have thought they were being discreet by talking about how they get papped everywhere, can’t leave their hotel rooms, or its too dangerous to meet fans. They haven’t been, the message was made loud and clear how they feel and its our job to maybe make a difference. I’m not saying don’t stalk the crap out of them till you meet them, I encourage that, but be respectful, if they don’t stop remember they don’t have to. They don’t owe us anything, lets just sit back and enjoy the music and wherever this wild ride takes us.

Please please please comment or tweet me because I really want to know your opinions on all this. Also if you made it this far bless you 🙂