23 Times Harry Styles Never Went Out of Style

February 1st, 1994 Harry Edward Styles was born into this world. It is no secret to anyone that Harry Styles is my absolute favorite human in the entire universe. Here we are now 23 years later as Harry celebrates his … Continue reading

An Open Letter to One Direction to Celebrate 6 Years

My dearest One Direction,

It’s crazy to think that we made it here, 6 years of One Direction. July 23rd 2010 at 8:22, One Direction was formed on the UK X-Factor. In those 6 years all of you, Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn managed to take the world by  storm. Your music broke records world wide, earned you some of the highest charting honors, and you now hold the title as one of the biggest groups in music history.

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I Live For You, I Long For You, Taylor Swift?

Back in 2015, One Direction released their most recent album Made In the AM. One song in particular stood out from the rest called Olivia. Now we have already heard about Diana, and Georgia Rose, but who was this Olivia the boys were singing about? Continue reading

Saying Farewell to Hairy Styles 

Whether you had been dreading it or you were anxiously awaiting it, Harry Styles has donated his long luscious locks to charity and is now sporting a short, 1940’s inspired crop for his latest project, a war movie named Dunkirk.

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Happy Birthday Harry!!!

Today is Harry Styles 22nd Birthday!!! Sadly it falls during the busiest season at work and I’ve had literally no time at all to make him a glorious blog post! I however plan to work on a great one this week but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t post anything for his birthday. So I dove into my camera roll which has over thousands of photos of Harry..and randomly chose 22!! So this post is basically just celebrating the joy that is Harry Styles!!!  Continue reading

Wow What A Week: A look at this week’s events in pop culture

Hello friends! Keeping with my New Years resolution its time for this weeks blog post! If you get a chance to look at my header, its basically a quick screen shot of all my favorite celebrities and the ones I keep up with the most.

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Man Bun Monday: Harry and His Best Friend

Some of you like me, might be sick of the whole Man Crush Monday thing… I mean just how many times can I post a picture of Nick Jonas, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik etc. So I figured its time to get back on this blog and tell you all about just how much I love the man bun! To be honest, I never thought I would enjoy the look of long hair on men, that is until this creature decided it was time to let it grow.

None of us really expected it, he was kind of hiding it behind his various headscarves (which in total probably cost more than my tuition) but then one day he just let it loose and the world was in awe. His perfect head of curls looking shinier and cleaner than ever.

Then it started to get longer and longer, interrupting his performance to the point where he just had to get it out of his face


Just look at how much it accentuates his jaw!

What we all thought was a one time thing, soon became a very common thing

He would take his bun pumpkin picking

He would take his bun on vacation

On walks of shame

On boat rides

He would jazz it up sometimes with braids

Even add little accessories that could be found at starbucks

This pair of friends would also go to interviews together

Take long walks at night

Sing together

Dance together

Sign books together

And just have an overall great time together


How does he do it we ask?

Here is the unofficial tutorial

Long live the adventures of Harry and his man bun