Last Year Was Complicated Track By Track Album Review

Last year may have been complicated for Nick Jonas, but with the release of his sophomore album it is clear that this year will be amazing.ย On June 10th Nick released his second solo album post Jonas Brothers titled Last Year … Continue reading

23 Times My Thirst For Nick Jonas Was Too Real

Today is my favorite holiday, although it shamefully isn’t nationally recognized, today is one of the biggest days of my year. Someone I have been loving and supporting for years and years, is turning a year older! September 16 1992, God gave a gift to the world known as Nicholas Jerry Jonas. As a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers and all things Nick Jonas, this post had to be absolutely amazing. I’ve unofficially become the ultimate Nick Jonas fan around all my peers. Whenever something Nick related occurs, I get texts about it. The minute he’s back on the market, just about everyone lets me know. Whenever his songs are playing in public, of course I get a drunken snapchat of the festivities. Its almost like that Taylor Swift song except “When you think Nick Jonas, I hope you think of me”


It’s been a week from hell because of stupid tax deadlines at work, but I’m so happy to finally sit down and gush about why I love Nick Jonas so much. September 16th has always been my favorite holiday because besides family and friends and the usual, I don’t think I could ever love something as much as I love Nicholas Jerry Jonas. Instead of writing a thesis on my love for Nick Jonas, I decided to treat everyone to the beauty he is and share some of the times that Nick was just too hot to handle leaving me dying of dehydration.

1. That time the boys went to Hawaii and gave us fans the first shirtless pictures we had ever seen of the Disney starlets

2. That time he wore these baseball pants and a human ass had never looked so perfect

3. Anytime he ever wore a leather jacket made me weak in the knees

4. As Bond and a babe in Burnin Up combined with the way he sings Red Dress is a recipe for my death

5. The bajillion times he wore a plaid button up shirt

6. When he looked ever so angelic in a simple white tshirt

7. Every single performance of Stay had me in tears as he caressed his microphone stand, pulled on his shirt, and just gave that song his all

8. His beauty is timeless as he easily transforms into a 19th century French soldier

9. When he was the cheekiest, funniest, character on Broadway looking like a GQ model businessman

10. When he got a role of lifetime as a UFC fighter on Kingdom, requiring him to bulk up for the job

11. When he competed in the Disney Channel Games on Team Inferno (who won) and I wish I could have been that sweatband and rest on top of his curls all day

12. The times he has done photoshoots to promote his diabetic pump and looked breathtaking while doing so

13. When he was the most adorable sleepy puppy in the Fly With Me video

14. As Nate Gray singing the most adorable song

15. That time he proved he wasn’t the shy guy anymore and posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram looking so chiseled and muscular it caused a drought

16. Anytime he wore suits, skinny ties, button down and looked so classy I could faint

17. Anytime he was lying down, giving you those bedroom eyes making you want to lay next to him more than anything

18. Acoustic or Electric, Nick playing guitar has me all worked up

19. Anytime we gained access the gun show, left speechless from those biceps

Image result for nick jonas plaid

20. When he banged those drums and I wished is that he was banging me

21. When he slowed things down and poured his emotions into playing the piano

22. Two words: Flaunt Photoshoot, When the world became thirsty for Nick Jonas while I was dying, and crying, and thinking all sorts of dirty things

23. And of course, anytime Nick was single, who wouldn’t thirst after this man?

Now give this girl some water!!


26 Times Joe Jonas Made Me Laugh So Hard I Peed

Hello everyone! Bet you all thought this was a One Direction blog!!! Little do you know, before the days of Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, the Jonas Brothers were my entire world. Well not exactly..I still went to school, had friends, went out, did ballet, and other things…but the Jonas Brothers are my main bitches. If you were to ask any of my friends about me, I can guarantee at least 99.9% of them would tell you I’m obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. My family can attest to this fact too considering the young faces of Kevin, Joe and Nick still grace my bedroom walls because I live in fear of what will happen to me emotionally when I take them down…I also really hate the paint on my walls so I’m just gonna leave them up until I’m ready. My love for them hasn’t changed, even though they broke my heart.

Well anywayyyy today is August 15th which means that 26 years ago, Denise Jonas gave birth to her second pride and joy Joseph Adam Jonas. Undoubtedly the funniest of the jobros, Joe Jonas always has me laughing, I never know what he is going to do next, and I absolutely love that.

Its been almost 10 years since Joe graced the world with his talent, which means 10 years of hysterical moments. In honor of his 26th birthday, here are 26 moments where Joe Jonas made me laugh so hard I peed a little.

1. The Dinosaur Video

Back in the day when they did nothing but post youtube videos to get you amped for the album release

2. White Girl Wasted at a Jonas Brothers Concert

3. This entire interview

I’m gonna take you in my car to the desert, casual Joe real casual

4. Nick J Show

CLASSIC, Can we just talk about how this has 19 million views!

5. Bounce

Joe’s humor truly shines in this video, I hope you all did the ham and cheese

6. I’m a Ghooosttttt

This kid is special let me tell you

7. The many costumes of Joe

8. Twitter Twatter whatever that thing is

9. When Joe makes up for Nicks lack of affection

10. His Instagram is hysterical

Seriously go follow him if you aren’t already, guaranteed to make your day

11. Creative raps

Its a shame they never made it to an album

12. School Work Baby


13. Modeling a Panda

The best photo he has ever taken

14. I Can Do That

Watching Joe sing with puppets, roller blade, dance, be apart of the blue man group and rap with snoop dog was hilarious

15. My all time favorite Jonas Brothers YouTube video

16. When he made us believe he is well behaved after Kevin started moaning in the studio

17. That time when he became a fashion police for Kevin

18. Creative Corner Joe!

19. Jokes about getting high with Demi

What even is he

20. Loving fellow teen heartthrobs

Rollin' with the homies @maisonvalentino @niazkilam โœŒ๐Ÿฝ

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Leave it to Joe

21. “Oh how the tables have turned”


22. Hey Joe, are there cars in Oklahoma?

23. Vines, just so many vines

24. He always said the funniest things in interviews…

25. Joe Jonas Responds to Shaina

That might even be better than going to formal with him, keyword MIGHT

26. You had to know this would be the grand finale, Joe Jonas dancing to Single Ladies

HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY JOE! Your humor is only one of the reasons you have my unconditional love! I will support you forever! Have an amazing 26th birthday with the whole squad!!

And Thats What You Missed This Week: Ten Standout Fandom Moments

Finally I have time to blog again! This week was my first week back from break and so much has happened in the fandom world! This usually happens where events that I think are important occur but then they aren’t substantial enough for a blog post on their own. So I decided to introduce this segment where every Saturday (hopefully) I will comment on 10 relatively important things that happened this week. This segment will also be a great way to stay up to date in case like me as a student, you don’t have as much time to really see everything that is happening.

One Direction

1. Zayn has been tweeting up a storm

In a strange twist of events, Zayn has been the member of One Direction tweeting and posting the most. From the pictures from his new haircut to just inspiration or love, Zayn has suddenly remembered he has a Twitter account. For all we know it could be his News Years Resolution to use his Twitter more. Either way its great that he is since he is the most quiet and private member of the band. So far he has tweeted 35 times since the beginning of the year which is strange considering most tweets are usually for promo and such. Here are some of the highlights so far

2. Liam has returned to Twitter as a drunk philanthropist

In 2014 we asked “Where’s Zen?” In 2015 we are asking “Where’s Leyum?” The one who is usually the most active on his Twitter has been MIA for quite some time. That was until he posted a Twitlonger this week in which he talked about how we have the power to change the world and that we should take the time to get involved in charities. My timeline was soon flooded with tweets praising Liam. being ecstatic he was back and being so proud of how he wants to change the world, and of course a hashtag about saving the world soon trended #LetsHelpLiamChangeTheWorld. You can read the Twitlonger HERE. It was soon revealed the day after, that this inspirational tweet was the result of one of Liam’s drunk nights! Drunk or Sober, it was great to have Liam back to the Twitterverse, even if it was only for a day or so

3. Harry is out and about in LA taking adorable seflies

Harry has been enjoying his break out in LA and every so often someone finds him and they take a selfie. Unlike the NYC pictures where he purposely puts on an annoyed face but takes the photo anyway…Harry has been taking some pretty cute pictures with fans, and just in general. Here are some of my favorites

Embedded image permalinkย  Embedded image permalink


Those pants!

Embedded image permalink

4. Zayn said goodbye to his long locks

Zayn surprised us all by shaving the sides of his hair and saying goodbye to his long hair that we have all been loving.

Embedded image permalink

And what was even more surprising is that he posted a selfie to share the end result

Which in turn caused the fandom to “die” trending #ZaynYourSelfieKilledUs

5. Louis and Liam fly to LA

Louis and Liam were spotted leaving Heathrow Airport in London and arriving at LAX. Both brought their girlfriends and as we later learned because of the tweet, Liam was drunk. My guess is they are going to LA to write and record but for all we know they could have just been missing their mate Harry and wanted to pay him a visit.

6. Harry and Meghan Trainor have a duet

Their song “Someday Maybe” sadly did not make it on to her album which means its up to the expert directors to find the song and leak it! In multiple articles Meghan explained that Harry wanted to write for her and she was surprised when she found out he actually had beautiful poetic lyrics. The song is about breaking up with someone and then seeing them on a date with someone else. The song has also been rumored to be called “London Lights.” Either way the song needs to be leaked immediately!

7. Niall went to watch cricket

Not much happened with Niall this week. He has been staying in Melbourne under the radar and was spotted at a cricket match.

Jonas Brothers

1. Joe is back in the studio with some old friends

Joe revealed this week on his snapchat and Instagram that he was back in the studio. In his snapchat story he also took a selfie with two other old friends, Jack Lawless (drummer) and Greg Garbowski (Bass)!!! For any Jonas Brothers fan this was huge news! We have been watching Nick’s solo success and have anxiously been waiting for Joe to release a project. What is even more special is that he is recording with his old back up band and friends!

Embedded image permalink

2. Jealous earns the number one spot in the country

Blown away. #1

A post shared by Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) on

That’s right!!! Jealous is the number one song in all of the country!!! I can’t go anywhere without hearing Jealous on the radio and they even play it at the bars! I could never describe how proud I am for Nick and his success! He deserves it all and he even threw a party to celebrate with Demi and Wilmer in attendance!

3. Nick poses for GQ

Nick Jonas is back in all his douchebaggery crotch grabbing glory!! Although he is more clothed this time, Nick still delivers in this amazing GQ photoshoot! Some photots channel the old Jobro days and bring me to tears and others just show how much he has grown up and matured. Nothing is better than waking up in the morning only to find that Nick has done another magazine photo shoot! Here are all 10 photos to wrap up this post!

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Also throwing this in here because I think its hysterical!

Hope you all had a great week! I’m going to try to post as much as I can!

The Bae is Back: A Review of Nick Jonas Self Titled CD

Today is the day!! Nick Jonas’s album has officially dropped and I have been dying to listen to it all day!!! I figured as a great segway back into daily blogging that I would do another album review song by song. I’m sure you know by now that I am a huge fan of Nick Jonas and that it has been eating me alive that I couldn’t listen to it until I got out of class for the day. I ran to my campus post office, ripped open the package and here I am. Seconds away from listening to this masterpiece for the very first time as a whole album. So here I present to you, the real, raw, first thing that pops into my head reaction, of listening to the Nick Jonas Album.

Nick Jonas (Deluxe Version), Nick Jonas

Chains-OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG. I remember when he dropped it out of nowhere this summer while I was at work and I spent all day listening to it on Tumblr and then playing it on repeat for the next week. I’m in love with this new sound and I can’t get over the “baby tell me why why you do do me wrong.” Its a total booty popping, hand clapping, earth shaking (lol camp rock) song that is just such a great jam. I can’t even tell you how many times I have listened to this song in anticipation for the album. It was a great intro into Nicks new world and image and I think it sets a great foundation for the album and his new sound. TRYNA BREAK THE CHAINS BUT THE ONLY BREAK ME

Favorite Line: Baby tell me why why you do do me wrong

Jealous-By now this should be everyone’s jam. I swear I can’t be driven anywhere without hearing my man on the radio singing this song. I find that this one is always stuck in my head and I really can’t complain about it. Only complaint is that its about Olivia and of course that makes me JEALOUS. But of course you could always pretend he is singing about you and drift off into la la land. The music video for this song is OUT OF THIS WORLD. The strangest thing I have ever seen. I really do love this song and I freak out every time I hear it when I’m out. Praying they will play it at Semi so I can go nuts with my GG.

Favorite Line: You can call me obsessed

Teacher-HOLY CRAP I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG. OH MY OH MY OH MY GOD is so right!! I dance like crazy when this comes on. I remember on his tour that he had such a cute little dance to the music break. It’s definitely a song I would never expect Nick to have. In fact, it was strange to hear so many computerized songs when I’m so used to Nick being all about the drums and piano. Everything in this album was so electronic but it works for the times. Teacher would be a great song for the club or a wedding or something. I get a very 80’s vibe from it and I’m all about that. Great song.

Favorite Line: So let me teach ya

Warning- I heard so much buzz about this song on twitter, and I haven’t heard this one before so here goes. First thoughts are that he sounds so damn sexy. Digging his voice in this. Poor baby talking about how he feels caged and trapped. You can tell he spent so much time on his vocals for these tracks. As a song there isn’t much to it lyrically but it is super catchy. A very mellow song that is perfect for easy listening. Or if you are like me and can’t do work in silence, its a total study jam.

Favorite Line: I got something inside, it keeps burning my body, till its done.

Wilderness-ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ON THIS ALBUM. I’ve been singing it and playing it for weeks now. I really love the humming parts, I think it adds a lot to the song. It has a very tribal feel which makes sense because its about the Wilderness and being prehistoric and what not. His little riffs in this are perfect, I really wish he sang it live when he came to Boston because I would have lost my shit. I just really really love this one.

Favorite Line: We can rough it, with the moon and the stars above us

Numb-WARNING WARNING: HE SAYS THE WORD FUCK. Actually its not that big of a deal but this song does have an explicit rating along with the Parental Advisory on the album itself, scandalous! I remember when I first heard the song I was so turned off by it. It just felt super ET Katy Perry and I just couldn’t get into it. I gave it a few more listens letting it grown on me, and then he sang it live and I was sold. His voice is so high pitched in this song, he really embraces the falsetto in this album. But you gotta give it to the kid cause he can hit the notes live. The rapper I think is unnecessary….I get he is trying something different and trying to collaborate but I’m just not a fan of that part. Numb itself though is a great song to dance to. To be honest these songs would make a great pregame party so far. Note to self for this weekend…

Favorite Line: Fuck with my head like it’s nothing at all

Take Over– I can tell this song is gonna build into a big beat. Ohh its about being a naughty girl and being a crazy drug and he wants her to take over. Hmmmmm oh he’s talking about dirty thoughts….OMG THE NA NA NA’s are just like in Pom Poms! (STILL BITTER I NEVER GOT V BUT WHATEVER) Oh he’s doing that monkey call thing again like he does in stay…. Welp, I don’t know how to feel about this song, I like the beat of it but not sure if the message is so great.

Favorite Line: Catch me if you can

Push-I can really feel the Frank Ocean vibe on this track. It’s much slower from the rest of the album which is perfect cause I was getting tired from all the jamming and dancing. This song is pretty beautiful. Dare I say it his voice sounds very angelic. He sings the whole thing in falsetto. This song has the most lyrics compared to the other ones that are very chorus driven. I also get a Justin Timberlake feel from this song.

Favorite Line: It doesn’t mean shit when it falls through come closer

I Want You-Well um this song starts with “Motherfucker never loved me” so I’m guessing he’s really angry. Nick is just swearing left and right and its amazing. Not that swears are amazing, but I feel like he is finally being himself and saying what he wants. I like this one a lot. I can’t remember if he sang this on tour but wow he really hits the high notes. Its a very catchy song and I was dancing alone. The lyrics are kinda scary and controlling like breaking in to her apartment and that he knows everything..kinda creepy but he just really wants her so its all good right?

Favorite Line: I want you, and nothing else girl

Avalanche ft. Demi Lovato– I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR THIS FOREVER SINCE THEY BOTH TEASED ABOUT IT. I AM SO EXCITED HERE WE GO. Woah his voice is super low, where is Demi? There she is!! Wow it has such a cute dynamic! Its very similar to Before the Storm in that they are both telling a story. I would love so much for them to sing this live. Their voices mesh so well together! Its a cute song about falling apart together and their vocals are amazing. I love Nemi (as a friendship, I know they aren’t a thing) so I’m feeling this duet.

Favorite Line: Love lost from a fight that was won

Nothing Would Be Better– THIS ONE IS ABOUT THE BREAKUP, ITS TOO SOON. I remember this one from the tour but I haven’t heard it as a track. Already get the feel that this could be in any love movie. I like when he says he will be a punching bag because I was totally ready to punch him when he broke up the band. Its almost like a love song to his brothers and the idea of the Jonas Brothers in general. Oh wow there is such an expected break down in the middle now the song is epic as he sings the final chorus. This song could totally make me cry…wow this is beautiful. Ugh when he says they were doomed from the start….I really hope he doesn’t believe that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Favorite Line: You’re the broken part of me that makes me whole.

Just like that the album is over, I have the deluxe edition but I figured its better to leave those songs out as an incentive for you to go listen to them and buy the album. Overall I am so incredibly proud of him. He released it last night and it was already 4 on iTunes. I am so happy for him and his success. Yes its heartbreaking he isn’t making music with this brothers but he ventured out and made this record. Reading the lyric book I saw he didn’t write many of them but I still think he did such an amazing job. I would recommend everyone check this out and get a taste of the New Nick Jonas. Buy it here!

The 27 Most Kevin Jonas Things to Ever Happen

Kevin Jonas Appreciation Post

On November 5th 1987 in Wycoff, NJ, Papajonas and Denise gave birth to Paul Kevin Jonas II. In honor of his 27th birthday today, here are 27 of the most memorable Kevin Jonas things: my favorite Kevin memories.

1. The SOS Dance, its not a Jobro show unless Kevin pulled out this classic move

2. The Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha during That’s Just the Way We Roll in the 3D concert movie

3. The guitar spin during Play My Music

4. When all the kid wanted was a bird house

5. Five second dance party

6. When he was awkwardly in the shower in old Jonas Brothers youtube videos

7. When he used to straighten his hair

8. When he had insane sideburns

9. When he rapped about Mufasa in old Jonas Videos

10. When he finally sang in a Jonas Song (solo in First Time)

11. When he played soccer like this

12. When he married Danielle Deleasa on December 19, 2009

13. When he had a hysterical reality show Married to Jonas

14. When he became a house contractor

15. When he invented an app called Yood and blew up my phone retweeting fans reaction

16. When he and Danielle welcomed Alena Rose Jonas

17. When he screenshots every snapchat I send him

Embedded image permalink

18. When he retweeted me about being in the Thanksgiving Day Parade

ipod photos 571

19. When he retweeted me, when I said I volunteer to be Nicks girlfriend

20. When he retweeted me about his music video

3rd times a charm, oh how I love @kevinjonas :)))) are we best friends yet?

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21. When he retweeted me about his song on the radio

22. When I got to talk to him on Watch What Happens Live

23. When he was a successful brain surgeon

24. When he was amazed

25. When he was scared of bananas

26. When he never fails to show how much he loves his fans

27. When he laughed at me during the meet and greet because I was a hot mess


Happy Kevin Jonas!! Thank you for all the memories ๐Ÿ™‚

October Highlights

As October draws to a close, I figured I would share some of the awesome things that happened this October

Well the month started with the abstastic Flaunt magazine photo shoot where Nick showed off his body and his goods. Nick used to be so shy about showing his body that he used to wear a towel or a shirt near the pool so the paps wouldn’t capture anything. Then he kind of evolved and posted a shirtless photo on Instagram which gave me life. I was at work at the time and I took an early break because I was sobbing uncontrollably. At that time it had only been a week after I had seen them in concert and met them so it was just really emotional. Flash forward two years and now he has become this man who just grabs his dick and goes around shirtless. I would blame his douchey attitude on his girlfriend and her influence but that is another story. I woke up that morning to see one picture and then in about ten minutes all the pictures had been released. I’ve always loved Nick and still think he is the sexiest thing on the planet so this photoshoot was a gift from God. it was super annoying when everyone was like “OMG Nick is so hot” and they probably can’t name two of his new songs but none the less it was a great way to start the month.

Sadly, October also meant the end of the Where We Are Tour. I was fortunate enough to see the tour twice and be about four feet away from the lads so WWA was such a huge part of my summer. Even when I wasn’t at a show, it was so much to fun to wake up and find HQ pictures of the boys from the tour. Seeing vines and videos was also so much fun. In a way it was like the end of the era because some of the songs they probably won’t even sing on tour ever again. Midnight Memories is my favorite album so far and I think this tour was absolutely perfect. From the special Better Than Words crotch grabs, to Harry being a whale, to Zayn hitting insane high notes and just the general fun they all have onstage. Due to the wonders of technology, someone made a livestream of the show so the whole fandom jumped on Twitter to freak out and cry one last time. I was texting Leah ( the whole time and our conversation is something I never will forget. RIP WWA ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Nick Jonas went on tour in October and I was fortunate enough to see him in Boston at the Wilbur theater. I love the kid but he always mumbles so I couldn’t exactly hear any of this new songs. Regardless Leah and I had such an amazing time making fools of ourselves. The crowd wasn’t into it much and would only just record and take photos. I decided since I was basically in the middle that I would just go crazy and dance and show him I was having fun. This resulted in a ton of eye contact and laughing. Highlights were definitely when he sang Chains, Numb, and of course Jealous. It was such a fun night!

Kingdom, the show Nick Jonas has been promoting like crazy also premiered in October. Nick plays a UFC fighter who is the son of the gym owner. The gym is dealing with financial struggles and is trying its hardest to find new talent. There is an interesting love triangle and many intense dramatic scenes. I’m sure people have their opinions about Nick’s acting but I have to admit he is amazing on this show. In the past I have had trouble not seeing him as the character and only as Nick Jonas. On Kingdom he is no longer the teen heartthrob Nick but has transformed into Nate. The show is on DirectTV so I end up finding links to watch it online. If you can find it I definitely recommend watching it!

On October 11th, for one weekend only, One Direction released a Where We Are Tour concert movie. Much to my disappointment they removed some of my favorite songs from the setlist. I was heartbroken to see they had gotten rid of Moments, Kiss You, Better Than Words, Strong, and Rock Me. I think those are some of the best songs live and some of the most memorable from tour. Rumor has it that on the DVD they will be selling they will include all of the songs. I guess because of the exclusive interview they had to cut some tracks but it was still an amazing movie. The audience did this amazing fan project during the song Right Now that was breath taking. Also they boys all played up to the camera so when you were least expecting it you would get a lovely close up and some eye contact.

Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out the woods? In October, Taylor dropped this single on iTunes and it was the first taste we would get of her new album. She had previously done an interview with Rolling Stone where she revealed the song was about none other than Mr. Styles. This song brought me to tears when it released because of the beautiful love story it tells. I can’t get over the part where they move the furniture to dance and when he hit the brakes too soon and they cried all night till the sun came up and omg I just love this song.

One Direction Announced tour!!!!! Out of the blue the boys announced a tour that goes to the UK and USA. The goal of this tour I guess is to go to stadiums that they didn’t go to on WWA. Doesn’t matter to me because they are going to Gillette Stadium September 12th and its the last day of the tour!!!! Literally had a panic attack because I need to be at the last show. Since the boys did 3 dates last summer, its hard to predict what they will announce for more dates and when they will go onsale. Stay tuned because tickets go onsale tomorrow and I’ll most likely make a post about the thought process when buying tickets. Wish me luck!!!

Aside from all the fangirl happenings, a very important life event also occurred. I became a great grand big to the best GG out there! The reveal was one for the history books. To reveal themselves to their littles the bigs were supposed to jump out of boxes. My grand little on the other hand, didn’t exactly make it out of the box and ended up on the floor which was so entertaining I almost peed my pants. She is so much fun to be around and we share an obsession for Nick Jonas making it perfect. I can’t wait to get to know her better and have an amazing year with my sorority family!

Left to right: (Me, My little, My grand little, My great grand little)

The final things that happened in October was the release of 1989 which you can read all about here, the Steal My Girl video which you can read about Here, and I started this blog!! Thank you so much to everyone who has read so fa! All I can hope is that you will be entertained. Hope you all had a great October and will have a Happy Halloween!!

Return of the Jemi

jemi-baby (2)

Wouldn’t Change a Thing could not be any more perfect to describe the past events. It’s happened again and even though I had a warning in advance this time I was still not prepared for what went down on that stage. At Demi Lovato’s show at the Barclays in Brooklyn, Joe Jonas and Demi reunited on stage to sing their famous duet. A duet they haven’t sung on stage together since 2010 (you could imagine the emotional wreck I was), Demi had tweeted to Joe about joining her for the concert and he later replied it would be a good idea.

This sent the whole fandom through a frenzy because we love seeing Joe and Demi sing together like a fat kid loves cake. They reunited on stage to sing the Camp Rock 2 duet Wouldn’t Change a Thing and hearts melted everywhere. They previously reunited on this same tour to sing This is Me which brought their friendship back on everyone’s radar. Countless tweets and tumblr posts all about what we have grown to call “Jemi.” Below is the video of the performance.

Sorry for the screaming in the video, but it still managed to bring me to tears.

Here’s the original for even more nostalgia, and if you like both Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 are on Netflix ๐Ÿ™‚

Obviously since the Jonas Breakup not much has been heard from Joe. I only get confirmation that he is still alive through his hilarious Instagram posts, his snapchat stories, and his DJ gigs here and there. More like anywhere but where I am which makes it very aggravating because who wouldn’t want to party with Joe Jonas lets be real!! Demi on the other hand, has been all over the place! I see her on my TV for drunk driving commercials, she is always changing her hair, and for the past few months she has been on tour. This tour from what I have heard and seen is very similar to the last tour she went on earlier in the year, except this time shes not inviting Nick onstage, she’s inviting Joe.

For me this was such a great thing to see because when loving the Jonas Brothersย  I also loved and still love Demi. I cried, screamed, texted and tweeted the minute I found out the duet had happened. I was flooded with all the Jemi moments and memories. Its also amazing to see Joe back on stage again. He is a born performer and I truly hope he will do some sort of solo project. Although we all have to admit the first Camp Rock isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, it was amazing to see the friendship that developed between Demi and the brothers to the point they asked her to come on tour with them twice! I will never forget how amazing the Camp Rock 2 tour was and getting to hear them sing together. Also who could forget when Joe and Demi actually dated!! Joe may have revealed in his tell all that this relationship wasn’t as real as it appeared to be., however, it was like crack for us Jonas fans. We spent so much time wishing they would date after seeing them in the two movies and seeing the chemistry they shared. Lets take a walk down Jemi memory lane

The Kids Choice Awards

Make A Wave music video and performance

When they went to Disneyland


And who could ever forget the time they graced the cover of Teen Vogue

Long Live the Friendship that is Jemi!

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