Happy Valentines Day!

Today is a day that about All the Love xx. One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is Valentine’s Day cards. If you have ever taken a look on tumblr for Valentine’s Day cards, you basically open a vault of hours and hours of hysteria. So to celebrate Valentine’s Day I figured I would share some of my favorite pop culture related Valentine’s Day cards!

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‘The Bachelor’ Season 20 Drinking Game 

If you follow me on twitter (@shelleyann1817) you would know how obsessed I am with this year’s season of The Bachelor. Ever since Kaitlyn’s season I fell in love with Ben Higgins and was praying he would be named the next Bachelor so I could see him more.

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23 Times My Thirst For Nick Jonas Was Too Real

Today is my favorite holiday, although it shamefully isn’t nationally recognized, today is one of the biggest days of my year. Someone I have been loving and supporting for years and years, is turning a year older! September 16 1992, God gave a gift to the world known as Nicholas Jerry Jonas. As a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers and all things Nick Jonas, this post had to be absolutely amazing. I’ve unofficially become the ultimate Nick Jonas fan around all my peers. Whenever something Nick related occurs, I get texts about it. The minute he’s back on the market, just about everyone lets me know. Whenever his songs are playing in public, of course I get a drunken snapchat of the festivities. Its almost like that Taylor Swift song except “When you think Nick Jonas, I hope you think of me”


It’s been a week from hell because of stupid tax deadlines at work, but I’m so happy to finally sit down and gush about why I love Nick Jonas so much. September 16th has always been my favorite holiday because besides family and friends and the usual, I don’t think I could ever love something as much as I love Nicholas Jerry Jonas. Instead of writing a thesis on my love for Nick Jonas, I decided to treat everyone to the beauty he is and share some of the times that Nick was just too hot to handle leaving me dying of dehydration.

1. That time the boys went to Hawaii and gave us fans the first shirtless pictures we had ever seen of the Disney starlets

2. That time he wore these baseball pants and a human ass had never looked so perfect

3. Anytime he ever wore a leather jacket made me weak in the knees

4. As Bond and a babe in Burnin Up combined with the way he sings Red Dress is a recipe for my death

5. The bajillion times he wore a plaid button up shirt

6. When he looked ever so angelic in a simple white tshirt

7. Every single performance of Stay had me in tears as he caressed his microphone stand, pulled on his shirt, and just gave that song his all

8. His beauty is timeless as he easily transforms into a 19th century French soldier

9. When he was the cheekiest, funniest, character on Broadway looking like a GQ model businessman

10. When he got a role of lifetime as a UFC fighter on Kingdom, requiring him to bulk up for the job

11. When he competed in the Disney Channel Games on Team Inferno (who won) and I wish I could have been that sweatband and rest on top of his curls all day

12. The times he has done photoshoots to promote his diabetic pump and looked breathtaking while doing so

13. When he was the most adorable sleepy puppy in the Fly With Me video

14. As Nate Gray singing the most adorable song

15. That time he proved he wasn’t the shy guy anymore and posted a shirtless selfie to Instagram looking so chiseled and muscular it caused a drought

16. Anytime he wore suits, skinny ties, button down and looked so classy I could faint

17. Anytime he was lying down, giving you those bedroom eyes making you want to lay next to him more than anything

18. Acoustic or Electric, Nick playing guitar has me all worked up

19. Anytime we gained access the gun show, left speechless from those biceps

Image result for nick jonas plaid

20. When he banged those drums and I wished is that he was banging me

21. When he slowed things down and poured his emotions into playing the piano

22. Two words: Flaunt Photoshoot, When the world became thirsty for Nick Jonas while I was dying, and crying, and thinking all sorts of dirty things

23. And of course, anytime Nick was single, who wouldn’t thirst after this man?

Now give this girl some water!!


21 Times Harry Styles Drove Me to Drink

**Hey everyone! So this week one of my most favorite people in existence turns 21! Since 21 is the biggest birthday that gets celebrated until 30 or 50, I figured why not go all out. So it is officially HARRY STYLES BIRTHDAY WEEK!! on this blog. I have 7 posts planned to celebrate the human that is Harry Edward Styles. To kick the week off I asked my friend Leah to do a guest post! Leah and I have become so close since our WWA date and I spent the summer giving her a crash course in 1D 101 and now she is caught up on the year she missed. She may be a Zayn girl but we almost always talk about this little shit. I’m so excited for this week and I hope you are too. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY HARRY!!!**

This past August I was dragged to a One Direction concert because my best friend Maddie said she’d “literally die” if she didn’t see Harry Styles in person. I didn’t get why she wanted me to spend over $100 on one of Taylor Swift’s old boyfriends, but as soon as that fucker started singing Midnight Memories I was hooked and I immediately understood why Maddie loved this guy so much. Fast-forward a few months later and I’m now officially a One Direction fan (with love for all the boys) but sometimes Harry can be too much to handle. So here are the 21 times that Harry Styles made me want to drink myself into a coma.

21) This entire photo-shoot: Nothing is better than a tan Harry in plaid with dimples galore

  Harry Styles fabulous magazine

20) When he made this face

and this one

and these

19) The day he decided to make a manbun, and managed to make it look better than any bun I have ever made in all of my 20 years of existence

18) That time he thought it would be ok to lick his fingers but thousands of people died

harry styles licking his fingers #2

17) The few times he’s worn glasses

16) When he wore a Christmas jumper and rocked it

15) When he had that James Dean daydream look in his eye

which was quite a few times

14) Whenever he looks like a model without even trying (which is a lot)

13) The day this photo came out and everything was right in the world

12) When he perfected the subtle and not-so-subtle crotch grab

“this is a family show” oh ok

22 Sexual Moments From The One Direction Tour That Will Make You Squeal

11) This scavenger hunt

10) When the godsend that is Zayn had to save his life

9) Anytime he made a weird face on stage

love animated GIF

8) Drunk Harry, who might just be the best Harry





I mean come on



Please take me with you next time

7) The fucking ice skate dance and all of Night Changes

6) When the idiot forgot what hand had the mic in it

5) When Liam did the world a favor and pantsed him

4) When he summed up all my feelings about winter in five words

3) When he was too adorable and the world couldn’t take it anymore


2) Anytime snapback fratboy Harry happened


I miss this Harry and think he should come back

1) And finally, the best song ever music video, all of it, because he is absolutely perfect in it

Happy 21st birthday Harry, see you in Boston!

All the love,

A Boston Belle

Go Patriots


And Thats What You Missed This Week: Ten Standout Fandom Moments

Finally I have time to blog again! This week was my first week back from break and so much has happened in the fandom world! This usually happens where events that I think are important occur but then they aren’t substantial enough for a blog post on their own. So I decided to introduce this segment where every Saturday (hopefully) I will comment on 10 relatively important things that happened this week. This segment will also be a great way to stay up to date in case like me as a student, you don’t have as much time to really see everything that is happening.

One Direction

1. Zayn has been tweeting up a storm

In a strange twist of events, Zayn has been the member of One Direction tweeting and posting the most. From the pictures from his new haircut to just inspiration or love, Zayn has suddenly remembered he has a Twitter account. For all we know it could be his News Years Resolution to use his Twitter more. Either way its great that he is since he is the most quiet and private member of the band. So far he has tweeted 35 times since the beginning of the year which is strange considering most tweets are usually for promo and such. Here are some of the highlights so far

2. Liam has returned to Twitter as a drunk philanthropist

In 2014 we asked “Where’s Zen?” In 2015 we are asking “Where’s Leyum?” The one who is usually the most active on his Twitter has been MIA for quite some time. That was until he posted a Twitlonger this week in which he talked about how we have the power to change the world and that we should take the time to get involved in charities. My timeline was soon flooded with tweets praising Liam. being ecstatic he was back and being so proud of how he wants to change the world, and of course a hashtag about saving the world soon trended #LetsHelpLiamChangeTheWorld. You can read the Twitlonger HERE. It was soon revealed the day after, that this inspirational tweet was the result of one of Liam’s drunk nights! Drunk or Sober, it was great to have Liam back to the Twitterverse, even if it was only for a day or so

3. Harry is out and about in LA taking adorable seflies

Harry has been enjoying his break out in LA and every so often someone finds him and they take a selfie. Unlike the NYC pictures where he purposely puts on an annoyed face but takes the photo anyway…Harry has been taking some pretty cute pictures with fans, and just in general. Here are some of my favorites

Embedded image permalink  Embedded image permalink


Those pants!

Embedded image permalink

4. Zayn said goodbye to his long locks

Zayn surprised us all by shaving the sides of his hair and saying goodbye to his long hair that we have all been loving.

Embedded image permalink

And what was even more surprising is that he posted a selfie to share the end result

Which in turn caused the fandom to “die” trending #ZaynYourSelfieKilledUs

5. Louis and Liam fly to LA

Louis and Liam were spotted leaving Heathrow Airport in London and arriving at LAX. Both brought their girlfriends and as we later learned because of the tweet, Liam was drunk. My guess is they are going to LA to write and record but for all we know they could have just been missing their mate Harry and wanted to pay him a visit.

6. Harry and Meghan Trainor have a duet

Their song “Someday Maybe” sadly did not make it on to her album which means its up to the expert directors to find the song and leak it! In multiple articles Meghan explained that Harry wanted to write for her and she was surprised when she found out he actually had beautiful poetic lyrics. The song is about breaking up with someone and then seeing them on a date with someone else. The song has also been rumored to be called “London Lights.” Either way the song needs to be leaked immediately!

7. Niall went to watch cricket

Not much happened with Niall this week. He has been staying in Melbourne under the radar and was spotted at a cricket match.

Jonas Brothers

1. Joe is back in the studio with some old friends

Joe revealed this week on his snapchat and Instagram that he was back in the studio. In his snapchat story he also took a selfie with two other old friends, Jack Lawless (drummer) and Greg Garbowski (Bass)!!! For any Jonas Brothers fan this was huge news! We have been watching Nick’s solo success and have anxiously been waiting for Joe to release a project. What is even more special is that he is recording with his old back up band and friends!

Embedded image permalink

2. Jealous earns the number one spot in the country

Blown away. #1

A post shared by Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) on

That’s right!!! Jealous is the number one song in all of the country!!! I can’t go anywhere without hearing Jealous on the radio and they even play it at the bars! I could never describe how proud I am for Nick and his success! He deserves it all and he even threw a party to celebrate with Demi and Wilmer in attendance!

3. Nick poses for GQ

Nick Jonas is back in all his douchebaggery crotch grabbing glory!! Although he is more clothed this time, Nick still delivers in this amazing GQ photoshoot! Some photots channel the old Jobro days and bring me to tears and others just show how much he has grown up and matured. Nothing is better than waking up in the morning only to find that Nick has done another magazine photo shoot! Here are all 10 photos to wrap up this post!

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Also throwing this in here because I think its hysterical!


Hope you all had a great week! I’m going to try to post as much as I can!

22 Times The Beauty of Zayn Malik Made You Cry

HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY ZAYN JAVAAD MALIK!!! January 12th marks the second coming of the savior aka Zayn Malik! If you haven’t been paying attention, Zayn has been looking drool worthy almost 24/7 making me question if he is a human. I’ve come to the conclusion that he is a God. It’s at the point now where almost everything he does brings me to tears, from his high notes to the most simple movements, smiles, batting his eyelashes you name it. So here I have collected 22 of the many moments that Zayn has brought me to tears.

1. THE STRAND. Yup everyday new pictures come out of Zayn from this day and I return to fetal position. Zayn has never looked so gorgeous which is a lot to say considering what a beauty he is

2. Just a subtle smile that makes me want to crawl into a hole

3. When he gave smolder, a smile, and cheeky grin in a matter of seconds

4. Shirtless smiling Zayn, enough said

5. When you desperately wished you could be that bunny and make him that happy

6. When he gave you that “I know I’m sexy” look

7. When his smile made everyone happy in Ghana and around the world

8. When you wanted to cry because of how sad he looked with this pout

9. When he licked his lips and you almost fainted and cracked your head open

10. When he took you on the best date of your life

11. When he made a Youtube video dancing despite how afraid he was to dance on X-factor

12. When he was more passionate about his drawing than anything you’ve ever been passionate about

13. When he looked so heavenly being confused and you questioned your existence

14. When he turned around and showed his beauty to the world and you wanted to jump off a cliff

15. When he had this perfect bed of curls on top of his gorgeous head of hair while smizing better than any top model

16. Vein popping high notes, any high note brings me to tears

17. When he gave you this grin knowing its making your ovaries explode and there is nothing you could do about it


19. Twinkly eyes and pearly whites easily make me weep like a baby

20. Moments like these on WWA where he delivers his angelic voice and looks around at all the broken hearts

21. Being playful on stage and exuding personality that isn’t seen very often

22. And when he manages to resemble Disney Princes and you want to give up on life all together

Happy Birthday Zayn!! Thank you for being your gorgeous, sexy, self

I think you have said it best

Have the most amazing day feeling 22!!

Man Crush Monday of the Year: 20 Men Who Owned 2014

Today marks the last Monday of 2014! Soon it will be 2015 and we will welcome another year full of Monday instagram feeds full of hot men! I’ve compiled a list of twenty men who I feel have made my 2014 or killed the game this year. Ranked from 20 to 1 declaring my Man Crush of the year! Did your fave make my list? Let me know in the comments!!

20. James Marsden

I have loved James Marsden from when I first saw him in 27 Dresses and Hairspray. This year I was thrilled when he got to be the leading man in the Nicholas Sparks movie The Best of Me. With his blue eyes, cheekbones, and perfectly groomed scruff, it’s no wonder why he made my list.

19. John Stamos

Probably the oldest on my list but you have to admit he has aged so well. He still has that Uncle Jesse charm that captured the hearts of every girl in America. I had to feature him for my Little :). If you ever get a chance, follow his instagram and twitter. His use of social media this year is one of the main reasons why he owned 2014.

18. Chris Pine

Last week I was able to see Into the Woods and this guy completely stole the movie. He was the perfect choice to play the two dimensional Prince Charming everyone dreams of marrying. He brought the comedy and his blue eyes would pierce your soul. He also features in Armani commercials adding to reasons he makes girls swoon. This campaign and his dashing good looks in the movie earn him a spot on this countdown.

17. Channing Tatum

channing tatum hd wallpaper 2014 Wallpaper

Anything he touches is pure gold. 22 Jump Street made me laugh until I cried and who isn’t excited for Magic Mike 2 even if it the storyline will probably suck like the first. He manages to have the biggest biceps I have ever seen but still look polished and put together in formal clothing. If this list was about pouty lips he would be number one but he definitely earns a spot as a man who owned 2014.

16.  Dave Franco

Another great movie of 2014 was Neighbors where Dave and Zac are the leaders of a fraternity that declare war on their complaining neighbors. Dave always shines in these funny movies and you almost forget that he is acting because it is exactly how you imagine him. In my opinion he is the cuter Franco which is why he made the list.

15. Nathan Scott

2014 was the year that I finished binge watching One Tree Hill so of course I would have to include the adorable and ever sexy Nathan Scott on my list. From boyfriend, to husband to father Nathan captivated me as the snobby jock turned good guy. I loved being able to watch him grow and mature as a character and as a man. He definitely owned my 2014.

14. Lucas Scott

Go ahead say what you want but I liked Lucas more than Nathan, could be because of my childhood crush on Chad. I was absolutely devastated after Season 6. (I’m not going to spoil anything but those who have seen the show to this point will know why I was devastated). Lucas was one of the main reasons I really enjoyed the show, second to Brooke of course. Had to include both Scott brothers because they helped make my 2014.

13. Nate Archibald

2014 was a busy year for me because I also binge watched Gossip Girl. Can’t thank that show enough for bringing such beautiful men into my life. Chace Crawford, let alone his character Nate, have earned a spot on this list for their boyish charm, breath taking smile, and puppy dog eyes.

12. Chuck Bass

To top off all these television show characters it has to be Chuck Bass. Anyone who watches the show always gushes about him and his relationship with Blair. Ed made such a convincing performance I didn’t even know he was British until I saw him in an interview. There is no denying that Chuck Bass is the most suave man to ever exist. His guard may be up but that heart full of love and of course his perfect hair lands him on my list of men who made my year.

11. Joe Jonas

I mean I don’t want to be rude and say that Joe didn’t do much this year but its kinda the truth and that’s the only reason he didn’t make it to the top ten. He came back to perform with Demi basically making my life and my 2014. Regardless Joe has been looking gorgeous all year and I love keeping up with his crazy instagrams, snapchat stories and tweets. He found his passion and DJs in famous cities and has had the time of his life this year with all the free time. I’m sure he would love to still be with his brothers, and in a way he is the one I’m most sad about since I don’t know if he will do a solo project because of how Fastlife did…but I would love to see him do a project next year! I think its time he does a rom-com! Doing nothing or everything, Joe will always keep me on my toes.

*disclaimer: Kevin is not on the list because I respect his wife and family and don’t exactly see him as a Man Crush. He is very attractive but I just don’t crush over Kev.

10. Sean O’Pry

Also known as the hunk in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video. Sean definitely owned 2014 because I have seen him everywhere and nobody talks about the video without mentioning this handsome man. I hope Sean will do more in the future because I sure do love to look at him.

9. Liam Hemsworth

2014 brought us Mockingjay Part 1 which of course brought this heartthrob back to the big screen. In a much larger role than the first two movies, Liam really got to show off his acting chops and his ruggedness. In my opinion the best thing he ever did was end things with Miley. Now he has made a name for himself and I hope will continue to do more projects in the feature. Can’t wait to see what this Australian hottie will do in the future.

8. Zac Efron

I feel as if this needs no explanation as to why he has made my top ten but nonetheless I will fawn over him just like all the other man candy I have featured. Zac was incredible in Neighbors, in fact I can’t name a single movie with Zac Efron that I haven’t liked. He has got the perfect body landing him the prestigious award of best shirtless scene in a movie and continues to pick the perfect projects. Zac will forever be on my Man Crush Monday list and of course the list for 2014.

7. Liam Payne

Okay so the next 2 (5, 6 and 7) were impossible to do because I love One Direction so much and I can’t exactly rank them but I tried my best and even writing this now I’m rethinking my decision. So Liam Payne, what to say about Liam Payne…how about that time he pretended he took a nude picture, or wondered what the word “daddy” meant or talked about “sweet potato and marshmellows?” Liam has such a spunky personality that he never ceased to amaze me this year by what he would say or do. Of course his rock hard abs and looks similar to David Beckham don’t hurt at all. He definitely owned 2014 along with his bandmates for the biggest reason of all: WWA Tour aka the best thing in existence.

6. Niall Horan

The word cute comes to mind usually when I think of the bundle of joy that is Niall Horan, but this year he matured so much that now he has undeniable sex apppeal. Just watching him play his guitar and work the red carpet made him a must have mcm this year. I am in love with his “IDGAF” personality and of course who doesn’t love his laugh. He owned 2014 with his silly answers to interview questions, being the number one fan, and just enjoying every moment of his life. He also killed it on the vocals on this new album sounding sexier than ever.

5. Louis Tomlinson

I don’t know what there is left to say about Louis after my last post for his birthday, but appearance wise I think 2014 was his best year. He really showed off his blue eyes and his cheekbones that could cut through metal. Of course his personality hasn’t changed and he is still one of the funniest guys always making jokes and faces at the camera. His hair has been giving me so many feels and while its hard to compare him to his band mates I think he earned the 5th spot on the man candy countdown.

4. Colin O’Donoghue

Cue the swoons! This guy has made my year but being deadly gorgeous on one of my favorite shows Once Upon a Time. Looking daddy af every single episode made me eager to tune in week after week. This season we even got to see a softer, not so pirate like side of Hook which made me swoon even more. Without a doubt this man has owned 2014.

3. Zayn Malik

I never knew such a gorgeous human being could ever exist. It literally took me an hour to find the most perfect image to use to illustrate Zayn in 2014. He delivered all the way from his insane high notes essential to every one direction song, to his fashion choices aka the Strand. He has the most gorgeous eyes, cheekbones, jawline, hair, I could go on and on. A little part of me dies inside knowing he belongs to Perrie but at least she allows him to be shared with the world. 2014 was a great year all thanks to the beauty that is Zayn Malik.

2. Nick Jonas

Okay so the only reason that Nick is second and not first is because of how he was at the meet and greet, lets just say he wasn’t exactly the friendliest. I still love him and he will always be my number one guy but he just didn’t earn number one this year because he’s gotten a bit too cocky. In 2014 Nick Jonas was the name that everyone was saying. He established himself as a sex symbol with his Flaunt magazine photoshoot, his adult role on Kingdom, and of course his brand new album. Nick worked himself so hard this year constantly promoting himself and his music. Without a doubt this year was a highlight for Nick. I was nervous at first that I wouldn’t see him as much once he broke up the band but he made sure that wasn’t the case. I hear Jealous every day on the radio, he is using social media more than he ever has, and he is constantly being interviewed or photographed for magazines making him runner up for Man Crush of the Year.

1. Harry Styles

Lets be real were any of you surprised that this cupcake would land my number one spot? I also spent so long looking for the perfect picture to post of him that I just had to pick one and move on so if that doesn’t say something I don’t know what does…Harry has completely taken over my life. He is everywhere and I mean everywhere. I always see articles of him. about 50 pictures of him on twitter each hour, constant tumblr posts, and of course his WTF tweets and black and white instagrams. 2014 was the year of Harry Styles. Everyone was talking about him and rightfully so. Yes he has history dating famous celebrities but he is so much more than that. He has a love for pregnant women and children, he visits families of sick children without the media knowing, and he just has the biggest heart. This year I was fortunate enough to see him on tour and interact with him a bit and I can honestly say my 2014 would not have been as amazing as it was without him. He owned 2014 with the new album, the new hair, the new tattoos, and his loving personality.

Did your fave make my list? Comment below!!