23 Times Niall Horan Was Actual Sunshine

23 years ago Niall James Horan was born and Ireland would never be the same again. Niall Horan is actual sunshine. On his 23rd birthday, I figured why not let him shine upon and show us just what a little ray he is. They weren’t kidding when they named Niall “Light” in Steal My Girl. Niall can brighten any day with something as simple as a tweet about sports, a shameless snapchat selfie, a random instagram, or just his life. Niall Horan lights up my world like nobody else and here’s the proof.

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An Open Letter to One Direction to Celebrate 6 Years

My dearest One Direction,

It’s crazy to think that we made it here, 6 years of One Direction. July 23rd 2010 at 8:22, One Direction was formed on the UK X-Factor. In those 6 years all of you, Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn managed to take the world by  storm. Your music broke records world wide, earned you some of the highest charting honors, and you now hold the title as one of the biggest groups in music history.

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23 Reasons I’m Ready for Zayn Malik in Z016! 

January 12th 1993 Zain Javadd Malik (don’t worry not a typo, thats his birth name) was brought into the world. The little Bradford Badboy soon grew up to become one of the most famous men in the world! With a voice like no other, and talent that is undeniable, Zayn is meant to be a performer! Not to mention he has such a sweet, sentimental, and caring side to him, and of course he’s absolutely gorgeous! Continue reading

22 Reasons Everybody Loves Niall Horan

22 years and 9 months ago.. Maura and Bobby did the dirty. The result: Niall James Horan, a literally ray of sunshine. Lets be real, even if Niall isn’t your fave…he’s basically your fave! This child is one of the most unique people ever, probably the entire pride and joy of the country of Ireland. I started this blog after Niall’s birthday last year so he has never made a full debut. I am so glad to finally write about Niall!! I seriously love this man so much, and I can call him a man now because he has chest hair that he loves to flaunt. He truly is one of those celebrities that everybody loves. You can tell through his numerous celebrity friends, his lack of hate on social media, and the fact that no one ever has anything bad to say about him except that he farts a lot and will eat your food. Without further adieu, here are just 22 of the many reasons that everybody loves Niall Horan. Feel free to add your own in the comments!!

1. His smile

Even before braces you can always find him smiling

2. He takes group selfies

Ugh bless

3. He takes individual selfies

4. He doesn’t care what you think about his hat and will wear it till the day he dies

5. He handles his mess ups like a pro

6. He is equally as lazy as you

7. He fangirls as much as you

8. He can jump so high he can high five Jesus

9. That laugh, that laugh, that laugh

10. The way he gets into his guitar

11. He is literally so non problematic you sometimes wonder if he’s okay

try to find a bad headline about Niall besides that one about Japan..which isn’t even that bad

12. He provides great quotes

13. He’s the ultimate drinking buddy

Look at that skill!

14. How he makes you question if he’s your fave from going from cute to sexy in the blink of an eye

15. He understands your love of food

16. His accent (November Twenty Turd, To Tousand and Tirteen)


17. His gorgeous hair that never looks horrible, find one bad era of Niall’s hair, its impossible

18. His love of Ireland

19. He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks

20. The crotch grab

21. He will rant about derby until you are blue in the face but you secretly enjoy it

22. He is one directions biggest fan