Tunesday: Song Titles Tag

Try It out! Put Your Itunes on Shuffle on see what you get!

How are you feeling today? Always be Together-Little Mix

What is your motto? Playas Gonna Play-3LW

What will be written on your tombstone? Love Slayer-Joe Jonas

How can you make yourself happy? There Are Worse Things I Could Do-Grease

What would be the best thing to do right now? We are Young Cover-Little Mix

What song describes your love life? Here Comes Trouble-Honor Society

What song would you dedicate to your beloved one? Introducing Me (Hartford)-Nick Jonas

What song would you dedicate to your worst enemy? Rose’s Turn-Glee

How do you see yourself? It;s On-Camp Rock 2

How does your family see you? We Go Together-Grease

How do your friends see you? I Wanna Hold Your Hand-Glee

How do your enemies see you? I Want-One Direction

What do you say to break the ice? Untouchable-Taylor Swift

What are your true thoughts about world peace? Take a Breath-Jonas Brothers

What is the answer to life? Amnesia-5sos

What song will be played at your wedding? Our SongTaylor Swift

What song will be played at your funeral? Let It Go-Frozen (omfg)

What song describes your year? Ireland-Legally Blonde (maybe Shannons)

What’s going through your mind right now? Stuck-Big Time Rush

What do you think of your friends? (I’ve Had) the Time of My Life-Glee

What are your crush’s thoughts on you? And I’m Telling You I’m Going-Glee

If you were to publish a book, what would it be called? Competition-Little Mix

What’s the one perfect thing to say at a job interview? Lose Control-Missy Elliot

What’s the most inspirational thing you’ve ever said? Live While We’re Young- One Direction

If you were to run for president, what would be written on your posters? 7:05- Jonas Brothers

What was that one important thing you forgot to do today? Your Song-Elton John

What do strangers think of you when they see you on the street? We’re All in This Together-High School Musical

The ultimate fight song?  Time is On our Side- Jonas TV Show

You’re a news reporter, what’s your catchphrase? Rich Girl-Gwen Stefani

How do you feel about the quiz? Me Against the Music-Glee (perfect)


Tunesday: Do the Shuffle

Title is not a typo! I’m introducing a new part of my blog!! Tuesdays will be all about music! Today I figured since we are still getting to know each other, I would show a bit of who I am through my music. 20 songs on shuffle and explain why I have them! Cause lets be honest, some of us have some weird shit in our iTunes. No hiding, no skipping, a true sample of my musical favorites. Get ready for some cringeworthy things.

1. Drive-Jonas Brothers. This song is from the Jonas LA cd. Not to be cliche but I love to play this song in the car and rock out. Its no mystery why its in my iTunes…Jobros are life

2. Before He Cheats-Carrie Underwood. This song is probably one of the 10 country songs I have, its not my favorite genre but I like this song. Also great tune for when someone pissed you off and you plot revenge you will never carry out.

3. Your Anything-Taylor Swift. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Youtube to Mp3 converters and I would get every song that any of my favorites ever did. This song was on Taylor’s demo back in the day and its pretty cute.

4. Paranoid-Jonas Brothers. Who could forget this song! The first single off LVATT when Jobros were in their prime! I can’t even tell you how many times I have listened to this song and seen it live.

5. No Good Deed Wicked the Musical. I briefly mentioned I like musicals, Wicked is one of my favorites. I love the soundtrack so much cuz Idina has such a great voice! Wizard of Oz has always been a favorite of mine so naturally I loved Wicked.

6. Party in the USA-Pitch Perfect Soundtrack. Lets be real, Pitch Perfect was the movie of 2012! I could still quote the entire thing to this day. Party in the USA is already a fav of mine so of course I have the Pitch Perfect version!

7. I Don’t Miss You At All- Selena Gomez– Selena’s first cd was pretty good. I always hated how she became more popular then Demi because Selena was a great actress and Demi has one of the best voices ever. This song is pretty cute, but today I would probably skip it when listening to music.

8. Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani–  Who could forget that girl that taught us how to spell Banana’s?? I have some throwbacks in my music selection and this one is a treasure. I loved Gwen Stefani when she went solo! Brings back great childhood memories.

9. I Want-One Direction One of my absolute favorites off Up All Night. I don’t know what it is about this song but I love all their voices in this. Zayn kills it and Liam is sexy as fuck.

10. Back to December-Taylor Swift Classic Tswift singing about her man Taylor Lautner. What ever happened to him? Tan skin sweet smile gotta be him. Great ballad from Speak Now.

11. Stacy’s Mom-Fountains of Wayne– Such a classic!! This comes on at all the parties/hockey games and everyone goes nuts screaming it at the top of their lungs! Great tune

12. Fallin Down-Selena Gomez- Lol more Selena, this song was pretty good from what I remember, gotta support the Disney stars so its in my iTunes

13. Words, Words, Words-Bo Burnham Love this comedian! He has so many great satirical songs, so clever. I think i have two of his albums.

14. Start of Something New-High School Musical Fucking love this song and this movie and Zac Efron so yeah. Did anyone ever notice that Troy is like “oh I don’t sing” then basically turns into a shining star as soon as the music starts, okay bud.

15. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You-High School Musical DOUBLE HSM, this song is so great, I loved that the whole cast sang a song together just for the soundtrack. Ryan and Zac kill it and who doesn’t love Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.

16. Rock Me (live version)-One Direction- I have this song for one reason and one reason only, the note that Zayn does after the chorus that he only does when they sing it live. This summer I was so close to them that I saw Zayn’s veins pop out when he hit the note. Literally died. The song itself is one of my favs I was so happy they played it at WWA. The tour movie DVD better have this song so I can listen to that note on repeat.

17. Sing!-Glee Cast I went through this phase the first two seasons of Glee where I would download every single song from the show. Basically the only reason this song is in my iTunes, It was the duet from the duet episode with Tina and Mike Chang.

18. I Wanna Go-Britney Spears ITS BRITNEY BITCH. Who could forget her comeback. Britney was my literal queen when I was a child. To the point that I was her for Halloween in a the red Oops I Did It Again jumpsuit so naturally I have some of her music.

19. Whip My Hair-Willow Smith Hop up out of bed turn my swag on, this song was such a jam. I think I got it cause my high school talent show did a dance to it that I had to watch everyday at rehearsals so naturally it grew on me. Also my sorority used the song in our dance for Greek Week about Disney Princesses so I guess it was good I already had it.

20. Red and Black/Do You Hear the People Sing-Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert – You can thank Nick Jonas for this one. After it was announced he would be in Les Mis in the UK, I became obsessed with the play and his version. It has become one of my favorite musicals. I love this song in particular because Nick is in it and it really brings together the plot of the show and the revolution.