23 Times Harry Styles Never Went Out of Style

February 1st, 1994 Harry Edward Styles was born into this world. It is no secret to anyone that Harry Styles is my absolute favorite human in the entire universe. Here we are now 23 years later as Harry celebrates his … Continue reading

24 Nick Jonas Performances That Forever Changed My Life 

Most people think of actual calendar holidays when they recall their favorite holiday, for me, its never been a mystery. September 16th will always be my favorite holiday. Why you may ask? On September 16th 1992 the most magical thing happened; Nick Jonas was born. It’s no secret that Nick Jonas is the absolute love of my life. I can’t even remember my life before he completely became my everything.

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23 Times Niall Horan Was Actual Sunshine

23 years ago Niall James Horan was born and Ireland would never be the same again. Niall Horan is actual sunshine. On his 23rd birthday, I figured why not let him shine upon and show us just what a little ray he is. They weren’t kidding when they named Niall “Light” in Steal My Girl. Niall can brighten any day with something as simple as a tweet about sports, a shameless snapchat selfie, a random instagram, or just his life. Niall Horan lights up my world like nobody else and here’s the proof.

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Mind of Mine Track By Track Review

March 25th. A year ago you might have said this was the saddest day of your life all because of a man named Zayn Malik. This year, you might have said that that same man, absolutely rocked your world in ways you never even imagined. March 25th 2016, Zayn Malik, formerly a member of One Direction (ouch that still hurts to say), released his first ever solo album titled Mind of Mine.

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Late Night Tumblr Finds

Hey friends! Or whoever even takes the time to read this. For my New Years Resolution I decided I would do one blog post a week. I’ve found this difficult because of tax season and how much free time I don’t have. I know this post is most likely worthless but I wanted to stay with my resolution and post something for this week. I decided I love tumblr so much and it has all the people I fangirl about, so why not make an post showing some of my favorite tumblr finds that I just happened to come across today. Continue reading

24 Times I Fell For Louis Tomlinson 

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays everyone! Since 2010 Christmas Eve has become a whole lot more special because the world now knew that its also Louis William Tomlinson’s birthday!!! Today on the 24th, Louis turns 24!! They grow up so fast! Continue reading

26 Times Taylor Swift was the Queen of 2015

December 13th, wait what year was it…oh yeah 1989! December 13th 1989 Taylor Allison Swift was welcomed to the world. The blonde haired blue-eyed beauty would grow up to be one of the most famous, inspirational, and influential women not only in the music industry, but in the world.

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Reasons Gemma Styles is Friendship Goals

You may have noticed that Gemma Styles is in my banner but I have yet to write a post about her..fear not! Today is your lucky day! Today is the lovely Gemma’s birthday and in true Daily Dose of Fangirl Fashion, I figured what better way to celebrate her birthday than with a post dedicated to her!! Continue reading

A Full Year’s Dose of Fangirl! Celebrating My One Year Blogaversary

This week marks the one year anniversary of the creation of this blog! I never in my wildest dreams thought that 1) I would stick with this or 2) that it would be as successful as it was. A year later and I cannot believe how much this blog has changed my life. Now I’m not saying I got millions of views and became super famous, but I did receive feedback and make some amazing new friends through this journey. This blog gave me an escape and allowed me to do something I have always wanted to do. In celebration of one year, I decided to make a master post of all my blog posts! If you have ever read one, or enjoyed it, please feel free to share with your friends. Don’t be shy to comment or share your opinion, I would love to know what you think!

The Start of it All

Welcome to My Blog!

The Fangirl Tag

One Direction

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22 Times the Beauty of Zayn Malik Made You Cry

23 Reasons to Love Louis Tomlinson

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Jonas Brothers

23 Times My Thirst for Nick Jonas Was Too Real

26 Times Joe Jonas Made Me Laugh So Hard I Peed

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The 27 Most Kevin Jonas Things to Ever Happen

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Taylor Swift

25 Never Looked So Good: Taylor turns 25

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1989 Reasons To Love Taylor Swift: An Album Review


Meeting Alfie Deyes

25 Reasons to Love Zoella

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Starting a New Semester as told by Disney

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Demi Lovato

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Reflection of 2014 Pop Culture

American Music Awards Review

60 Thoughts When Buying Concert Tickets

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20 Men Who Owned 2014

October Highlights

September Favorites


Its Been a While

Hopefully within this post you may find one that you enjoy! I love writing this blog and if makes just one person happy, then I have done my job! Just Doing My Job