A Not So Pointless Day Meeting Aflie Deyes!!

By now I’m sure you all now how utterly obsessed I am with Zoella, or Zoe Sugg. The woman with over 7 million subscribers who is my absolute role model in life (Zoe Blog Post). If you aren’t familiar with the YouTube world, (although if you clicked on this I’m guessing you know Alfie is but here is in case you don’t)

Alfie and Zoe are in a relationship and one of my Top 10 OTPs. So a few days ago I was watching one of his vlogs and saw that he announced he would be doing a book signing in Boston! Boston is about an hour from where I live and due to the fact that I would never make it to a Playlist or Vidcon, I decided that I would go to his book signing!! On May 26th I traveled to Boston with my friend Tara at 10:30am to get his book in order to guarantee that I would meet him later at 6pm. Alfie was on tour to promote his Pointless Book 2. A book full of activities and thought provoking prompts to fill in the lulls of the day.

Barnes and Noble in the Prudential Center opened at 9am and that’s when books would first be sold. I had never done one of these events before and had no clue what time I should arrive so that I could get a book and get a wristband. We went as early as we could and guaranteed our spot. The book was only $13.50 and with the inexpensiveness of the T, it was a less than $20 journey to meet Alfie! Being a fangirl I’m used to spending over $300 to meet my favorite celebrities so this experience was quite refreshing. After waiting for hours and hours and meeting some pretty cool people, it was finally time to meet Alfie! Luckily Alfie vlogged the day so I have screen grabs to talk about our interaction!

So I walk in and he immediately reaches his hands out to give me a hug. His plan was to hug everyone so it was nothing special. I hug him and I tell him that I’m so glad he is tall and he says he is glad I am tall too! So I ask for a hugging picture and this was the result. I am in LOVEEE with it!

I have learned through my meet and greet experiences, that if you start a convo with the person, you get more time with them and are less likely to be rushed. Knowing this I decided that I would ask Alfie a few questions so that I can have more time with him. I don’t just do hi and bye, especially after waiting for such a long time. So I turn to Alfie and ask him to do a favor for me, I ask him to do ‘GOOOOD MORNINGGGG GUYSSSS” like he does at the start of every vlog. To this, Alfie just kicks his head back and cackles because I caught him off guard.

I even tried to guilt him into it by pouting which prompted a second hug that he initiated. In the end he ended up doing a very toned down version of it because he didn’t want to upset me which was really sweet. He still did the hand motion and he even tried to get out of it by telling ME to do it! I told him it wouldn’t be the same without his voice.

Here is the vlog if you want to see! I come in about 8:24-8:26

25 Reasons to Love Zoella!

25 years ago on March 28th Zoe Elizabeth Sugg was born.

Now you might not know who she is, but she is the Queen of Youtube. Zoe has over 7 million subscribers and makes all sorts of videos ranging from make-up tutorials to hysterical collaborations with all her Youtube friends! I found Zoe on Youtube in 2013, I wanna say it was after the Disney Challenge she did with Tyler Oakley during his collaboration month. Well since then I have been hooked. I watch all her new videos seconds after they are posted, I make life changes to be more like her in terms of doing what makes me happy. And of course since she is gorgeous I have declared her my role model and follow all of her beauty advice. I can’t express how much I absolutely love Zoe Sugg. She feels like a best friend or older sister, and if you have ever seen footage of her meeting fans, you know she feels the same way about her viewers. So here are just 25 of the many many reasons that I love Zoella!


1. She loves Disney

Zoe is always singing Disney songs, watching Disney movies, or wearing Disney clothing

2. Zalfie (Zoe and Alfie)

Zalfie is one of my OTPs. they are such an adorable couple and I love watching them play house and spend time together. Watching Zoe’s vlog and then watching Alfie’s vlog to see more of Zoe is just part of the daily routine

3. Her friendship with other Youtubers

Basically everyone in the Youtube community loves Zoe and they are all such good friends

(Joey, Tyler, Troye, Connor, Marcus, Tanya, Sacconejolys, Joe, Caspar etc)

4. Her inspirational quotes

5. She isn’t afraid to be herself

6. She speaks up about her anxiety

7. She loves One Direction

Shes interviewed them, been to their concerts, and Harry and Niall follow her, literally perfect

In case you didn’t know…Zoe is the reason that Narry did the Chubby Bunny challenge

8. She’s just a bundle of joy

9. She has her own beauty line


10. And her own book (I read this and absolutely loved it! Such a cute story!)

11. She loves her guinea pigs

12. She has perfect ombre hair

She recently cut it but I mean come on she has the most gorgeous hair

13. Her makeup skills

( I religiously watch her make up videos because she is so good and has great ideas! She also has the best wings)

14. Her love of Emilia and Eduardo

15. Her friendship with Louise

16. Her love of Christmas and Baking

17. When she laughs until she cries

18. How she falls alseep before the end of her vlogs

19. Her love of Brighton

Zoe loves Brighton so much that I want to go there more than I want to go to London

20. Her sense of fashion

Have you seen her lookbooks?

21. She can pull off anything

22. Her love of singing

23. Her obsession with Rose Gold

Just count how many times she says Rose Gold

24. Charitable

Does she sing professionally? No

Was she asked to be a part of the Band Aid single this year? Yes

25. How much she cares for her fans

This vlog made me cry so hard because she thought out and planned a new meet and greet experience so she could talk to everyone and meet them and get to know them. What other person would spend 7 hours doing a meet greet and spending equal time with everyone? No one, and that is why Zoe is one of my absolute favorite humans

Happy 25th Birthday Zoe Elizabeth Sugg! I love you so so much and hope you have an amazing day with all your loved ones!


Give Me a New Family

I got caught up in homework and I’m really trying to post daily so I figured I would do this YouTube tag and let you know more about my love for YouTubers. Don’t worry though, I have a lot of grand ideas coming.

Mom: Sprinkle of Glitter: Louise.

I just love seeing how great of a mom she is to Darcy. I feel that she would be very nurturing and caring but loads and loads of fun! She also has great advice and a warm personality that I would feel comfortable going to her for anything.

Dad: Joey Graceffa

Haha I think this means real Dad not a ‘Daddy.’ I don’t know many older YouTubers but not considering age, I think Joey Graceffa would be a really fun dad. He is very youthful yet grown up and he would get along great with Louise.

Brother: Joe Sugg.

He’s so funny and a great brother to Zoella so I feel like he would be a great brother to me. I could see myself being able to talk to him about anything and be featured in his videos. I would hate if he pranked me like he likes to do to his roommate Caspar but we would have so much sibling fun.

Sister: Zoella

Zoe is full of so much love and girly advice. I want to be her and have her life so badly. I think she would be so amazing as an older sister who can give me guidance and what not. I feel like we would have so many fun moments and such a great bond. She loves Disney and One Direction and she is such a great role model.  UGH I JUST LOVE ZOE!!

Cousin:Ricky, Kian, JC

WHO SAYS YOU HAVE TO ONLY HAVE ONE COUSIN. Most people don’t so if I’m making my ideal Youtube family I want all of them. It would be so much fun to be cousins with Ricky, Kian, and JC because they are just balls of energy.

Aunt: Grace Helbig

Grace is so quirky and awkward and entertaining yet full of wisdom and advice that I think she would be a fun Aunt.

Uncle: Tyler Oakley


The most perfect human to be a fun uncle. Tyler seems like a great person to just talk to and hang out with and we can just blab all about pop culture and our favorites.

Twin: ThatsoJack

The video I linked below is literally me… We could just talk about one direction and hang out all the time. I find that most of the things he tweets about being lazy and what not are things I would say so he would be my twin. Also have been called the female Thatsojack

Partner: Connor Franta

I think he would be a great boyfriend because he is very caring and loving and intelligent. I really enjoy his videos and his serious/hilarious moods.

If you aren’t interested in YouTube or haven’t given it a try, I recommend watching the videos I randomly selected to get an idea of who they are. I never thought I would enjoy YouTube as much as I do but I’m so glad I have gotten into it.