Celebrating Taylor Swift’s 27th Birthday With 27 of Her Must Hear Songs

I wouldn’t think it would be wrong to assume just about everyone on the planet has heard of Taylor Swift. 27 years ago, December 13th 1989, an icon was born. Since then, Taylor Swift has managed to take over the music industry for 10 years, crossing over from country to pop and excelling in each genre. This multi Grammy award winning artist has released over 3o singles and managed to top the charts with each and every evolving album. For some people, the singles are all they have heard of Taylor Swift, all they have to base their opinion of her on. As a Taylor Swift mega fan, I find this unfortunate since I know her discography is full of a multitude of fantastic songs. This year Taylor took a break and decided not to release an album in her usual every two years fashion leaving me her entire discography to binge in the meantime while I wait for the impending release of TS6. To celebrate her 27 years I decided to show you 27 of these deep cuts that I feel everyone should hear to truly appreciate the incredible musical talent that is Taylor Swift. So listen along to my YouTube playlist and enjoy some songs that may be your favorites or that you have never heard before.

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21 Times Harry Styles Drove Me to Drink

**Hey everyone! So this week one of my most favorite people in existence turns 21! Since 21 is the biggest birthday that gets celebrated until 30 or 50, I figured why not go all out. So it is officially HARRY STYLES BIRTHDAY WEEK!! on this blog. I have 7 posts planned to celebrate the human that is Harry Edward Styles. To kick the week off I asked my friend Leah to do a guest post! Leah and I have become so close since our WWA date and I spent the summer giving her a crash course in 1D 101 and now she is caught up on the year she missed. She may be a Zayn girl but we almost always talk about this little shit. I’m so excited for this week and I hope you are too. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY HARRY!!!**

This past August I was dragged to a One Direction concert because my best friend Maddie said she’d “literally die” if she didn’t see Harry Styles in person. I didn’t get why she wanted me to spend over $100 on one of Taylor Swift’s old boyfriends, but as soon as that fucker started singing Midnight Memories I was hooked and I immediately understood why Maddie loved this guy so much. Fast-forward a few months later and I’m now officially a One Direction fan (with love for all the boys) but sometimes Harry can be too much to handle. So here are the 21 times that Harry Styles made me want to drink myself into a coma.

21) This entire photo-shoot: Nothing is better than a tan Harry in plaid with dimples galore

  Harry Styles fabulous magazine

20) When he made this face

and this one

and these

19) The day he decided to make a manbun, and managed to make it look better than any bun I have ever made in all of my 20 years of existence

18) That time he thought it would be ok to lick his fingers but thousands of people died

harry styles licking his fingers #2

17) The few times he’s worn glasses

16) When he wore a Christmas jumper and rocked it

15) When he had that James Dean daydream look in his eye

which was quite a few times

14) Whenever he looks like a model without even trying (which is a lot)

13) The day this photo came out and everything was right in the world

12) When he perfected the subtle and not-so-subtle crotch grab

“this is a family show” oh ok

22 Sexual Moments From The One Direction Tour That Will Make You Squeal

11) This scavenger hunt

10) When the godsend that is Zayn had to save his life

9) Anytime he made a weird face on stage

love animated GIF

8) Drunk Harry, who might just be the best Harry





I mean come on



Please take me with you next time

7) The fucking ice skate dance and all of Night Changes

6) When the idiot forgot what hand had the mic in it

5) When Liam did the world a favor and pantsed him

4) When he summed up all my feelings about winter in five words

3) When he was too adorable and the world couldn’t take it anymore


2) Anytime snapback fratboy Harry happened


I miss this Harry and think he should come back

1) And finally, the best song ever music video, all of it, because he is absolutely perfect in it

Happy 21st birthday Harry, see you in Boston!

All the love,

A Boston Belle

Go Patriots