23 Reasons to Love Louis Tomlinson

In my opinion, Louis is one of the most underrated members of the band! So in honor of his 23rd birthday, I compiled a list of 23 reasons to love Louis. It was hard to narrow it down to 23 because I just love him so much but I tried my best. Without further adieu, here are my 23 reasons why I love Louis William Tomlinson

1. The song NO CONTROL

I feel like this doesn’t even need an explanation considering it is the most talked about song on the album and it made Rolling Stones list of top 25 songs of 2014! Louis is amazing in this taking the lead vocal making us all question why it took him up until the fourth album to really take control. Without a doubt its my favorite song on the album and I play it at least 3 times a day.

2. The classic Louis funny face

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3. His adventurous hairstyles

Louis always takes his hair to new heights and looks fabulous with each one

4. His Bromance with the boys

5. His immaturityI’m convinced he is the boy that never grew up aka Peter Pan

6. His love for football (soccer) and Doncaster

7. How British he is

From his love of tea to his use of suspenders Louis never lets anyone forget he is a brit

8. How much he loves the band

He always talks about how he met his best friends, how he hopes they will all be friends in the future, and how much fun they will have as a group of grandads. He even took the initiative to write more songs to be involved more.

9. How much he loves his mom and little siblings

Louis has the quite the family tree with 5 sisters and 1 brother, but he loves them all, especially his mum

10. How he doesn’t take anyone’s shit


He knows how to deal with the haters and the shippers despite what may or may not be true. He doesn’t back down from any rumor

11.  He is always having a laugh of making the other boys laugh

Louis constantly fools around in interviews and never takes much seriously adding to reasons why I love him

12. He is the sass-master from Doncaster


13. How we have the same favorite movie

Louis loves Grease just as much as I do

14. His math skills

According to Louis 12+12+12= 36 + 6 = 38

15. Eyes, Cheekbones, and Ass Oh My

The boy is beautiful

16. The constant pranks and how much fun he has

17. The Pelvic Thrust

He is just thrusting on my blog

18. How he perfectly performs his solos

I have never heard him sound horrible live

19. How he took a large part in writing songs for the album

Louis explained in the special last night that he wanted to get more involved. He and Liam wrote so many songs on Four and their growth and progress really show.

20. His fashion sense

Casual or dressy this boy has style

21. His tattoos

While they boys have their fair share of tatts, I really do like Louis’ random collection

22. His charity work

Hosting charity games, going to visit sick kids, and urging people to donate to causes are just a few of the ways Louis gives back


He just seems like such a great guy, an overall gentleman with a sense of humor to top it all off. I wish I had a Louis in my life


Also Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays!