5 Years of One Direction: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Today is a very special day; the day that has ruined my life; the day that One Direction was formed. July 23, 2010 at 8:22PM, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik were put into a singing group known to the world as One Direction. It’s no surprise that these boys soon took over the world, winning countless awards, dozens of televised performances, four albums, worldwide recognition, sold out tours, millions of concert dates, four perfumes, and even a feature film! It’s crazy to think just how much these boys have accomplished, and how many lives they have changed, saved, and touched.

For this special five year anniversary, I decided to create a little fan project. I asked fans to tweet with the #allthelove1d their favorite one direction moments and memories from the past five years. I have compiled them together and threw in a few of my favorites. Shout out to Michele for helping me with the extras! Here are 100 One Direction Moments from the past 5 Years, completely random and sent in by you then fans!!!

1. Video Diaries

Who could forget the first time you went on youtube and typed in “One Direction Funny Moments” and stumbled upon these wonderful videos. So authentic and genuine truly depicting fetus one direction. Who could ever forget NO JIMMY PROTESTED! and that Louis loves girls who eat carrots! Click below to enjoy all of the video diaries and relive those first days of One Direction

2. Auditions

It was love at first sight and sound as they boys took the stage and sang the classics

3. “This isn’t the last of One Direction”

Yes I know its ironic now that Zayn said this… but when we all were bummed that they didn’t win the competition and they asked about the future of the band we had no idea that One Direction was about to take over the world and ruin our lives for the next five years

4. A Year in the Making

Who could forget when Harry was so worried what people thought of him, when they all hung out in the bungalow and sang acoustic songs. So much happened in a year and I’m so glad they captured it in a little documentary.

5. This Is Us

This movie has so many iconic moments that may be mentioned later in the post but…ONE DIRECTION MADE A MOVIE AND IT WAS IN THEATERS! One of the many times I was so so so proud of them. Who could forget the premiere. I was watching it at my desk at work and trying so hard not to cry proud tears.

6. Our Moment

What is the perfect product to make for a mainly female audience..how about perfume! Who could ever forget this commercial.

7. That Moment

Or this commercial…

8. You and I

Who could forget the non stop screaming heard at your WWA show every single time they showed this commercial

9. Between Us

Who doesn’t want to be spritzed with Niall’s tears?

10. When Harry tripped on a dog and apologized

Classic Harold

11. Harry’s manbun

The 12 Times Harry Styles' Man Bun Gave You Life

An iconic era in One Direction history, ALSO LOOK AT THAT JAWWWWW

I have an entire post about Harry’s man bun HERE

12. That time Louis hid on the roof to get away from the fans

Embedded image permalink

*insert laughing emoji here*

13. Talk Dirty Music Video

I don’t even know how to express how this video makes me feel I just love it soooooo much

14. That time Liam was really concerned about our safety

So concerned, just like a Daddy *wink*

15. This twitter exchange

Who doesn’t love Zarry?? Remember the candy thong!

16. No Fooking Way

Harry: Said I got a dirty mouth


17.” Naked” Liam

Who else remembers screaming at the top of your lungs because we finally got a 1D nude!

18. Niall blamed for farting

He who eats the most, farts the most

19. Last First Kiss Reggae Version


20.ย  Mrs. Horan aka “Liam”

When Liam changed his entire twitter into a Niall girl account

21.Nouis slap

The slap heard round the world

22. 1D Day in its entirety

On November Twenty-Turd, Two Tousand and Tirteen, the lads did a 7 hour live stream promoting Midnight Memories and doing the craziest things ever imaginable

23. Niall didn’t know how to hold Theo

Cue freakout

24. Alan Carr

The absolute best interviews the boys will ever do, I pee myself laughing every single time I watch it.

25. Harry peed on the bush

And we saw his little tush

26. Lyric changes “big brown poo”

Your Up All Night show wouldn’t be complete without some improvisation

27. Nickleodeon prank when Niall didn’t care this woman was about to give birth

28. iCarly

Still confused by they never got an Oscar nomination

29. SNL

Soooooo many great memories!

30. Four Promo

From Ellen and Jimmy Fallon all the way to James Cordon!

31. Inbetweeners Dance Go

My favorite video diaries moment

32. 1D in Orlando

The bread van, the roller coaster interviews, and the insane fan interactions, what a time to be alive

33. The boys filming You and I in the freezing cold almost killing Harry

34. Johanna’s wedding

Embedded image permalink

Men in suits, and Harry in whatever the hell he was wearing

35. Harry at the pool with Lux

Uncle Knobhead ๐Ÿ™‚

36. Narry goal at Nialls soccer match

Narry makes me sooooooo happy

37. Ball Licker?

Right at the height of Larry, who could ever forget

38. Sugarscape Interviews

My personal favorite and apparently other people’s too!

39. Spin the Harryย 

Classic fetus days

40. Liam pushing Niall off the couch

As a fucked up person who gets a strange amount of enjoyment watching people fall, this is in my Top 10

42. Tamworth interview

More Narry because why not

43. OTRA

44. Take Me Home Tour

45. Teenage Dirtbag

I think a studio version of this would solve or the worlds problems…or at least the fandom’s problems

and as requested

here is the pie fight!

46. One Way or Another

47. Sad Ghana videos

48. Up All Night Tour


49. Where We Are Tour

50. Over Again in Adelaide

51. Zayn’s note in Rock Me

My fucking favorite Zayn note

52. Zayn in You and I

The literal sound of heaven

53. Zayn’s twitcam

54. Liam’s twitcams

55. Niall “shower of cunts”



57.ย  Harry peeing at the BRITS

58. Drunk Liam at the BRITS



60. Harry Twerking

61. Vas Happening boys

Did Louis ever get his boat?

62. Don’t like girls who spit

63. Telling the story about the dream

64. Numerous falls onstage

Made before Harry’s most recent fight with gravity

65. Sweet potato and Marshmallow

Could he be any cuter?


My absolute favorite music video

67. SOML to silent stadium


68. Liam pantsing Harry

Now thats how you end a movie!

69. Zayn spray painting the walls

70. You drink it you drink it

My favorite This Is Us quote

71. Liam not knowing where countries are

#OHNOLIAM but didn’t Louis’ geography teacher say he wouldn’t amount to anything…looks like he knows some stuff

72. Onesie phase

73. Up all Night dinner party

74. Weed video


Its nice to know they are normal humans

75. Harry calling out Seaworld and causing a twitter war he didn’t give a fuck about

76. Mexico interview

Could she be any more thirsty??

77. The Larry Tweet

Okay Larry Shippers..here ya go

78. Harry’s favorited tweet..

Yeah we caught you styles…keep favoriting the cute kitties and asking us about the weather

79. Louis games: have you quite finished/ replayย 

80. Niall “Today was a busy week for us”

81. Niall’s Obama statue

82. Louis and the sea urchin

We just don’t sound the same without Louis

83. Zayn buying his mom a house

84. Louis and Harry twitcam leaking Matt Cardles number

85. Think of all the pussy you’re gonna get

86. Zayn saving Harry from the fire

87. Vas happening phase

88. Cooking in the xfactor house

89. Madison Square Garden show

90. Performance at the Olympics

91. Pepsi commercial


92. Almost kicking zayn out of the band when he didn’t go to the meeting

Too soon I know

93. Nothings fine I’m TORN

94. Twitter fight with the Wanted

95. Liam beat boxingย 

96. Harry moaning when Liam massaged him

And now he moans at every OTRA show intentionally

97. WMYB video

Not sure if I ever shared my “how I became a fan story” but basically I came upon the video one day and the rest is history. I wanted to learn their names, and their story, so I spent hours and hours on youtube and now I can’t remember my life before them… actually I can and its ALLL Jonas Brothers, the 8 men that ruined my life forever

98. 1D Hangout

Everything about this is perfection

99. This is Us promo

Just watch and enjoy and relive 2013

100. The countless times they have thanked us on twitter, at concerts, told us we are the loudest, gave us a massive thank you, said we have been incredible, and truly made us understand that they do it all for us and because of us ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this blog post! I enjoyed reading your tweets!




21 Times Harry Styles Thought He Was a Good Dancer

Harry’s birthday week still continues! It wouldn’t be a One Direction tour if Harry Styles didn’t run around dancing like an idiot for two hours with his best mates. Could you imagine if he just stood there and sang? Would you still buy a ticket? HOPEFULLY YOU SAID YES BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE FOR THE MUSIC, but if not it’s totally fine. I’m sure most of you have seen all the gifs and all the vines and can even mimic some of his “choreography” from This Is Us or the Where We Are Tour. I figured why not make a post about his top 21 dance moves he loves to bust and some that he has only graced us with one or two times. Either way the little fucker just can’t stand still.

1. Lets start with whatever this one is…

I call this one “Shoo fly don’t bother me I’m fabulous”

and who knows what this is

or this

2. He also likes to punch the air

But luckily as he’s gotten older he’s gotten better at it

To the point where it’s become so sexual I don’t know what to do with myself


3. Sometimes he thinks he is cabaret singer and he caresses his microphone

4. A pro at thrusting his hips

6. The shoulder shake

which luckily he brought back

7. “Gimme Gimme Shimmy Shimmy” – an evolution of the shoulder shake

8. Of course the ice skate dance-that adorable little shit

9. His special dance with Zayn

36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees

10. The swimmah

11. The sprinklah

one direction animated GIF

12. The ballerina twirl

What a beautiful ballerina

13. Any shirtless dance from 1D Day clips

Might just be my favorite of all time

14. The “I don’t have a voice so I might as well just make an idiot of myself tonight” dance

Edinburgh has no idea how lucky they were

15. The “Let Me Pretend I’m Niall the Irish Princess” dance

harry styles animated GIF

Narry for life, they have enough dancing moments for their own post (hint hint)

16. This sexual movement

17. The old man dance

one direction animated GIF

18. The Michael Jackson power grip

19. The “Let Me Make Fun of This Girl in the Audience” dance

Featuring “Wow she has to pee”

“She shouldn’t have worn a strapless”

and this gem

20. The “Throw Your Hands in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care dance

36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees

21. And of course the Better Than Words dance, accompanied by Harry’s impression of a whale


Keep being you Styles, bad dancing and all ๐Ÿ™‚